Gulf Coast Weather Concerns

The Big Wobble
What you need to know! Four potential tropical depressions forming in the Atlantic and the Gulf as Hurricane Dorian becomes a multi record-breaker

“Showers and thunderstorms associated with a large low pressure system located over the west-central Gulf of Mexico about 200 miles east-northeast of Tampico, Mexico, is showing signs of organization extreme left of the map above). “


Mystery burning “hole” in Ark.

Strange Sounds Is this mysterious burning hole in Midway, Arkansas a gateway to hell?

“Geologists think it wasn’t caused by a meteorite or lightning strike:

“I can’t think of any geologic situation that would allow that to happen. Not in this area. There’s not any fossil fuels, or natural gas or petroleum that occurs in the area.“”


2018 – On Flaming Holes Opening in the Ground



Arkansas River North Little Rock: Containment Berm Breached At Petroleum Facility + Nuke Plant in Flood Danger

[ Nuke  plant news is in comments]

Mining Awareness +

See link for interactive flood forecast map at the bottom of this blog post; read disclaimer at the link.
NWS Little Rock @NWSLittleRock
UPDATE: per the North Little Rock EM, the primary levee in North Little Rock is NOT in immediate danger. Rather, a containment berm was breached at a petroleum facility. The Flash Flood Warning was issued as a precaution and has since been canceled. ‪#arwx‬ ‪#ARFlood19‬ 12:02 AM CDT· Jun 1, 2019

Alert which was put out, and then later withdrawn:
Message:NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AR125CFD9A37E4.FlashFloodWarning.125CFD9C09E8AR.LZKFFWLZK.9d5bd5994b6fafeda54f051724c0ad15from Sent:22:37 CDT on 05-31-2019
Effective: 22:37 CDT on 05-31-2019Expires:10:30 CDT on 06-01-2019
Event:Flash Flood Warning
Alert:The National Weather Service in Little Rock has issued a * Flash Flood Warning for… A Levee Failure in… Central Pulaski County in central Arkansas… * Until 1030 AM CDT Saturday. *

At 1034 PM CDT, North Little Rock Emergency Management reported a levee near the 3200 block of Gribble Street in North Little…

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Mississippi River High Water Chaos 🤐

Another Mississippi rise threatens to trigger Morganza Spillway opening

“Heavy rains expected in the Midwest portion of the Mississippi River Valley during the next week have prompted Army Corps of Engineers officials to warn interests within the Morganza Floodway portion of the Atchafalaya River Basin that the Morganza Spillway structure could be opened as soon as June 2.

More than 5 inches of rain is expected to fall across parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa over the next seven days, according to the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center.” . . . (more)

The Advocate – Mississippi River breaks 92-year old flood stage record; here’s when water could go down

“As of Tuesday, the river stood around 44 feet at Baton Rouge and is forecast to keep rising, though only slightly, into the weekend. It is not projected to overtop the levees, but meteorologists have said they expect the river to remain in flood stage well into summer.

The persistent high water has prompted a pair of openings of the Bonnet Carré spillway this year — the first time it’s been used twice in one year.  . . . (more)

Escalating floods putting Mississippi River’s Old River Control Structure at risk

(5-22) Mississippi River above flood stage for 137 days

“NATCHEZ — The Mississippi River has been above the flood stage of 48 feet at Natchez for 137 days as of Tuesday, which is well longer than any time since 1927 when the previous record of 77 days above flood stage at Natchez was set.” . . . (more)

Related –  America’s Achilles’ Heel: the Mississippi River’s Old River Control Structure

“America has an Achilles’ heel. It lies on a quiet, unpopulated stretch of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, 45 miles upstream from Baton Rouge. Rising up from the flat, wooded west flood plain of the Mississippi River are four massive concrete and steel structures that would make a pharaoh envious: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ greatest work, the two billion-dollar Old River Control Structure (ORCS). “

” . . .  An extended closure of the Lower Mississippi to shipping might cost tens of billions. Since barges on the Mississippi carry 60% of U.S. grain to market, a long closure of the river to barge traffic could cause a significant spike in global food prices . . . 

And . . .
Runaway Barges Slam Into Oklahoma Dam and Sink on Arkansas River



Arkasas – Floods expected as river rises

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers twitter


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