New Sea Floor Maps

On the Gulf of Mexico

New seafloor map reveals thousands of seamounts

 Vast unexplored areas of the ocean have now been mapped with new satellite data and scientists have discovered thousands of previously uncharted seamounts in addition to an extinct spreading ridge in the Gulf of Mexico.

Seamounts, which are at least 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) in height, were also prominent (not in the Gulf)  features in the new map,

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Map Tools (many).

Here are just a few:

Computer-enhanced multibeam bathymetry map of the northwestern and northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and slope.

West Flower Garden Bank in GOM

Bright Bank, and underwater salt dome on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico


On the Seafloor, Global

New maps from Scripps Institution of Oceanography: New Map Exposes Previously Unseen Details of Seafloor

This map shows the spreading rift (Africa to South Asia)

3 plates merge at the Indian Ocean

The map set

Hoping High Winds in Louisiana Don’t Knock Out Power to Nuke Plants!

Bignext windy day today from Louisiana to the Florida coast. Let’s hope the power doesn’t get knock out to the nuke plants!

[ image from RSOE Map ]

WAFB weather page
Detailed aviation forecast page from NOAA

WBRZ – All warnings have expired, thunderstorm watch in effect for eastern part of WBRZ viewing area

WWL LIVE RADAR — Use LAYERS in upper right corner to add wind speed info

NOAA satellite

Cruddy Breakers at Riverbend Nuke Plant put Everyone at Risk

Big design FLAW!!



Mining Awareness +

The US NRC states that defective breakers may keep the Standby Gas Treatment System, which “limits release to the environment of radioisotopes…under accident conditions” from doing its job.

However, there are so many of these breakers that they might also keep the routine radiation filtration from working, which while incomplete is still more protective than no filtration. And, defective breakers may create conditions leading to a nuclear disaster. With so many potentially defective breakers, almost anything could happen.
NASA lightening
Most likely these defective breakers allowed the outage during an electrical storm earlier this year, and a loss of coolant which could have led to a meltdown. “A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent or overload or short circuit. In the context of a power station, however, breakers can also act as parts…

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Fluid Movement and Banging at Lake FUBAR started Wed.

Starting on Wednesday there’s been lots going on under the murky waters of Lake FUBAR, the ever-expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne.





More here later if needed ….


2.8 quake in Tenn. – near Ridgely, TN

Request for Information:
Anyone in South Louisiana with a Geiger counter please comment here if you see anything ticking up.
OR – send e-mail (contact info is on the ‘About Us’ page, top tabs).

Gulf of Mexico Methane, Dead Pool and oddities

More on the Gulf of Mexico –

Murderous Deadpool Lurks At The Bottom Of The Gulf Of Mexico


This is official info from Univ. of Georgia –
GoMRI RFP-V: Vertical upwelling & bottom-boundary layer dispersal at a natural seep site (Di Iorio) caution50 < they are run by BP cry


LINK –  ◄– we cannot find this patent on the patent search page. If anyone finds it please post the link in a comment here.



The NOAA has its own air force in Tampa Florida for “airborne environmental data gathering missions” … why don’t they fly to Louisiana and check out the sinkhole?? They are almost next door and funded in advance!

NOAA – The Integrated Ocean Observing System

Gulf of Mexico data ◄–   better data page

Gas monitoring data (MAP – all land based frowny locations)

NOAA carbon tracker map, smile1[Figure 4. CarbonTracker Observational Network]
has NO trackers shown  for the Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA – Bathymetry has good sea floor maps of the Gulf. If you have GoogleEarth installed you can get a map from this page.

Hydrocarbons in N. Gulf of Mexico Migration Pathways – [PDF] … more on the METHANE page.

Rotten CDC paper on pfiesteria Most of the articles we can find on this topic are written by BP shills.


SEE ALSO earlier post from May 12….

Nearby Communities Sunk Deeper into Poverty Since the Arrival of Grand Gulf Nuclear; Lack Emergency Resources; Nearby Jefferson Co. Need to Participate in Evacuation Planning Ignored


Mining Awareness +

Today, in Washington DC, is a relicensing hearing for Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station in Claiborne County Mississippi, 1000 miles away.
Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins, now located at Alcorn State University
Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins. The staircase is now at Alcorn State University, the first black land grant college in the USA. Both are near Grand Gulf Nuclear Reactor. Clearly the Grand Gulf Nuclear Reactor is a blight on the landscape in every sense of the word.
Grand Gulf Steam
Hurricane Evacuation map MS DOT- US DOT and Fed Hwy Adm
Hurricane Evacuation map shows Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Alcorn (ASU), Fayette, etc. and County Names: While a hurricane would require evacuation to the north, a nuclear accident may require evacuation through Jefferson Co. Below is the size of the Chernobyl exclusion zone overlaid with Port Gibson in Claiborne County and Fayette in Jefferson County. Jefferson Co. clearly may be seriously impacted by a nuclear accident.
Greenpeace Chernobyl overlay of Port Gibson Grand Gulf Chernobyl
Greenpeace interactive map found here:

Things appear to only have gotten worse since 2004…

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