LNG Leak at Sabine Parish

Sabine is north Louisiana next to Toledo Bend Lake – MAP

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The corrective action order they got – [PDF]

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Bayou Bridge pipeline decision soon

Feb. 9 – Pipeline ruling on hold; decision expected next week

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – The builders of the Bayou Bridge pipeline and the environmentalists trying to stop them will have to wait a few more days for a court decision on whether the project can continue moving forward. . . . (more)

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Judge: Fault for Bayou Corne sinkhole lies with Texas Brine, OxyChem, Vulcan; companies had decades of warnings – The Advocate

By David Mitchell

[Jan. 12] – NAPOLEONVILLE — In a blistering new ruling, a state district judge criticized three companies for putting “economic interests over environmental and safety concerns” in operations that led to the formation of the 2012 Bayou Corne sinkhole, blaming longtime salt mining operator Texas Brine, Occidental Chemical and Vulcan Materials for the flawed underground mine that sparked the giant hole in the Louisiana swamp.


Widespread Land Loss On US Gulf Coast From BP Oil Spill

Mining Awareness +

Hurricane Katrina Gulf of Mexico 2005

Wetlands and barrier islands provide protection from the strong winds and storm surges of hurricanes. It is estimated that every 2.7 miles of wetlands reduces a storm surge by one foot. As erosion continues, and wetlands turn to open water, their ability to decrease approaching storm surges decreases and the risk of catastrophic loss of life and property from hurricanes is greatly increased.” https://www2.southeastern.edu/orgs/oilspill/wetlands.html

Study Finds Widespread Land Losses from Gulf Oil Spill
Nov. 17, 2016

2010 photo of a shoreline in Bay Jimmy, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, impacted by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Oil weakens and kills vegetation, leading to the loss of roots that help hold soil together.
Credits: Bruce A. Davis, Department of Homeland Security

Dramatic, widespread shoreline loss is revealed in new NASA/U.S. Geological Survey annual maps of the Louisiana marshlands where the coastline was most…

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Tourism big in other states opposing coastal drilling

(Reuters) – The Trump administration’s decision last week to exempt Florida from its national offshore drilling plan was based in part on the state’s argument that a spill would cripple its crucial tourism industry.

” . . .   tourism makes up about 11 percent of the economy of neighboring Georgia, 10 percent of the economies of South Carolina and Maine and nearly 7 percent of the economy of New Jersey. “

South Carolina’s Republican governor, Henry McMaster, has said he is seeking an exemption from the drilling plan, while Georgia’s Republican governor, Nathan Deal, said he was concerned about drilling in coastal Georgia. . . .” (more)

Checking Pollution Sites Near Buffalo Bayou (Houston) – About to Flood <UPDATED with NEWS

As Hurricane Harvey causes reservoirs near Houston to over-fill we took a look at the area for toxic sites using ClimateViewer.org‘s map.

KHOU news was talking about dam releases causing flooding along Buffalo Bayou.

Climate Viewer doesn’t show refineries, gas pipelines or chemical plants but even without those there seems to be lots of fracking and coal ash ponds nearby.


Buffalo Bayou LIVE DATA on water level

Addicks Reservoir MAP | Texas Rivers MAP

Google Map of Houston



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