Trump Fires TVA Board Chair for Outsourcing 200 Jobs to Foreign Consulting Firms-H1B Foreign Workers; Aims to Save Jobs

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Construction of the Douglas Hydroelectric Dam in Tennessee (TVA), 1942, A. Palmer, Farm Security Adm.

TVA was an FDR New Deal rural electrification and job creation program. It has become a cesspool of corruption. This is a national security issue, as well, since TVA includes dams and nuclear power stations, which make tritium for US nuclear weapons. See for instance: “Iranian-American VP of TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Unit 2 (During Construction): Guilty of Illegally Sending Money to Iran; Discriminating Against Nuclear Whistleblower; Watts Bar Makes Tritium for US Nuclear Weapons And: “Holtec International Tricked The TVA Nuclear Employee Who They Bribed According to OIG Report

TVA Power Stations

H1B visas have been destroying American lives for 30 years, and, H visas for decades before that:
MS. MCDONALD: I feel like my American Dream was being stolen from me and given to someone else…

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Louisville zoo closes after SINKHOLE the size of a FOOTBALL FIELD forms just after M3.4 earthquake in Tenn.


This is from Strange Sounds –

“Officials are still determining what caused a massive sinkhole that was discovered Wednesday morning at the Louisville Zoo.”


Another Quake at Watts Bar Nuke Plant in Tenn.


Watts Bar is a Pressurized Water Reactor. DETAILS

Mining Awareness just reported on recent, bigger quakes right around there DAYS AGO.