Louisiana joins energy producing states to challenge Biden fossil fuel ban with major move

15 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won’t Give Equal Service To Energy Industry

“Fifteen state financial officers sent a letter to U.S. banks last week noting $600 billion in assets they pledge to take elsewhere if the financial institutions embrace corporate wokeism and prohibit financing to the fossil fuel industry.”

LINK –  https://youtu.be/uaUBNk-u-XQ




Tropical Storm Watch: TS Nicholas may bring floods to Louisiana Tuesday ☔

NOAA Reports

Texas and Houston area be get the worst of it …


LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujcIkODCZU

“Across the rest of southeast Texas into southwest Louisiana rainfall of 5 to 10 inches is expected. This rainfall may produce areas of considerable flash and urban flooding, especially in highly urbanized metropolitan areas. Additionally, there is the potential for isolated minor to moderate river flooding.”

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Genetically Modified Gulf of Mexico

Now that it looks like this pandemic is a man-made bio-weapon disaster or outright war, let’s revisit the gene “therapy” injected into the Gulf of Mexico

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  • Interview – The Gulf Blue Plague with Michael Edward
  • “Once the person who reads everything presented here connects all the dots of the picture, it will be more than obvious that BP has tried to fool Mother Nature… and she’s retaliating with a vengeance that is affecting the entire world. “



    You can find lots more searching for the term “blue plague”. – FC





    Texas declares disaster over brain-eating amoeba

    Disaster declaration issued after residents of eight cities have been alerted that a brain-eating amoeba was found in a southeast Texas water supply: 6-year-old boy dies with the amoeba: The brain-eating amoeba is commonly found in soil, warm lakes, rivers, and hot springs
    “A catastrophe has been declared in a Texan city after a brain-eating amoeba was discovered of their native water provide – examined after a six-year-old boy died. Josiah McIntyre died on September 8 after enjoying within the water in Lake Jackson. Credit News Chant “

    Laura has turned into a Hurricane and URGENT SURGE WARNING ISSUED 🔺


    A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for...
    * Mouth of the Mississippi River to Ocean Springs Mississippi
    * Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and Lake Borgne
    A Storm Surge Warning means there is a danger of life-threatening
    inundation, from rising water moving inland from the coastline in
    the indicated locations. For a depiction of areas at risk, please
    see the National Weather Service Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic,
    available at hurricanes.gov.  This is a life-threatening situation.
    Persons located within these areas should take all necessary
    actions to protect life and property from rising water and the
    potential for other dangerous conditions. Promptly follow
    evacuation and other instructions from local officials.

    Details: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT3+shtml/261742.shtml?

    Texas has to watch for a Hurricane, Louisiana has Tropical Storm warning –

    A Hurricane Warning is in effect for…
    * San Luis Pass Texas to Intracoastal City Louisiana

    A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for…
    * Sargent Texas to San Luis Pass
    * East of Intracoastal City Louisiana to the Mouth of the
    Mississippi River