Tropical Storm Delta is growing, aiming at Louisiana coast 🌩

Major hurricane brews in Gulf of Mexico, threatens Louisiana-Florida

“(Reuters) – Tropical Storm Delta, the 25th named Atlantic storm this year, is moving toward the Gulf of Mexico and expected to take aim at the U.S. Gulf Coast this week as a major hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said.”

” . . . The storm was expected to drop heavy rains on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and head up the Gulf of Mexico toward landfall between Louisiana and Florida.”

” . . . Delta’s winds also could bring 30-foot seas to areas off the Louisiana coast . . . “

NOAA info

Hurricane Delta Public Advisory No.7

NHC Forecast Discussion:

” . . . Some weakening is expected due to land interaction, but
conditions look ripe for re-intensification over the Gulf of Mexico.
Almost all the guidance is higher, now showing Delta reaching
category 4 status in the 2-to-3 day time frame, and the new NHC
intensity forecast reflects this likelihood. However, an increase
in southwesterly shear and cooler shelf waters near the northern
Gulf coast should promote weakening, and little change has been made
to the intensity forecast near landfall.

Delta is moving much faster this morning to the west-northwest, with
the latest estimates at about 13 kt. A strengthening mid-level
ridge across Florida should steer the hurricane to the
west-northwest or northwest during the next couple of days. . . .”




LSU Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow Shines Spotlight on American Poverty – Geaux Burreaux!

Mining Awareness +

Tonight LSU plays Clemson in the New Orleans Superdome for the 2020 College Football National Championship.

At four minutes into this video LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow (aka Joe Burreaux) talks about the poverty rate of his hometown in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Athens County Ohio We don’t hear much about Appalachian poverty anymore. The so-called War on Poverty ended, but poverty did not. His Heisman speech can be found on their youtube channel.

Athens County Ohio is 90.8% White with 30.7% in poverty. Baton Rouge, home to LSU, is 55% Black with 25.2% in poverty. East Baton Rouge Parish (surrounding county) is slightly more affluent with 16.7% in poverty. (See more Census Facts at the bottom of this post)

Geaux Burreaux! (comme on le dit en Louisiane):
On December 14, 2019, Burrow received the 2019 Heisman Trophy, winning by the largest margin in…

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Methane news

“If a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we’re f***ed.” Arctic expedition see methane “boiling” on the surface of the water and is visible to the naked eye

“Russian scientists on an Arctic expedition have discovered, for the first time, methane “boiling” on the surface of the water that is visible to the naked eye. Forget high-tech detection devices, the methane is so pronounced that it can be scooped from the water in buckets, as Newsweek reported. The research team from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) found the methane leak east of Bennett Island in the East Siberian Sea. The methane bubbles, which create a boiling appearance, spanned an area over 50 feet, as the Telegraph reported.

The concentration of atmospheric methane in that spot was 16 parts per million, more than nine times higher than the atmospheric average. While the observed area is too small to cause any problems, it does spell trouble for ships if the problem gets worse. Methane leaked into the atmosphere may cause larger swaths of water to boil more violently, which can topple oil and gas rigs in the seas and lead to spills.” (more)


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