Getting Closer – Storm Approaching Gulf of Mexico – Heading to Alabama

Rip currents are in the news … so best to keep out of the water Dangerous rip currents build in Orange Beach, several swimmers rescued


 WAFB – Storm Alberto maintains strength as it approaches Gulf Coast

It is heading for Alabama – Alberto Latest: Intensifying and Approaching the Coast


Storm Brewing in the Gulf of Mexico – 730 AM EDT Special Tropical Weather Outlook-National Hurricane Center May 25, 2018


Mining Awareness +

Literal storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, not just Stormy Daniels vs. Trump.

Satellite images and surface observations indicate that the low pressure system located over the northwestern Caribbean Sea just east of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has become better defined overnight, and thunderstorm activity has also increased and become better organized. Environmental conditions are forecast to steadily become more conducive for development, and a subtropical or tropical depression or storm is likely to form by Saturday over the northwestern Caribbean Sea or the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. An Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the low this afternoon.” (NWS-NHC, see full text below images)

NASA-GOES-East full disk image for GeoColor – 25 May 2018 – 1015 GMT Storm Organizing Gulf of Mexico

ABNT20 KNHC 251131

Special Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
730 AM EDT Fri…

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Mining Awareness is watching heavy weather around the Gulf Coast … and nuke plants that need uninterrupted standard power to operate. If anything happens he will have details.

EPA chief Pruitt’s $43,000 soundproof booth violated law: U.S. GAO

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency violated the law when it approved a $43,000 soundproof phone booth last year for the office of embattled Administrator Scott Pruitt….”

4-18 EPA’s Pruitt under spending probe; senators urge his ouster

Mining Awareness170 Members of the US Congress Introduce Resolution Calling for Trump EPA Head Pruitt’s Resignation

The Advocate Louisiana legislators earn big money from government agencies – but some kept secret

“. . . the laws appear to be easy to circumvent because they allow public agencies to route money through third parties – including a public official’s own private firm — removing, in effect, any onus for meaningful disclosure.”

April 9 – Effort to extend time to sue insurance companies for bad faith sidelined by House panel
A Louisiana House committee narrowly defeated Monday legislation that opponents called the Texas Brine Bail Out Act.


On the giant cracks happening in Kenya –

It is because of the SOMALI PLATE.  Strange Sounds Another 2-kilometer crack opens up in Kenya swallowing up crops and farms
Crack #1 – The WatchersLarge crack in East African Rift is evidence of continent splitting in two

Even the SUN has a Sinkhole (!)

The Big Wobble

Canyon-like hole opens up in the Sun’s atmosphere ejecting high-speed solar wind: 17 of 18 major quakes hit this year during coronal hole activity

“An enormous canyon-like hole has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere which is ejecting a high-speed stream of solar wind travelling at mind-boggling speeds of around 700 to 800 km’s per second, or more than one million miles per hour which should reach Earth’s magnetosphere on Monday the 26th of Feb. . . . (more)

O.K. – it’s not really a sinkhole on the Sun but it’s a big hole . . .

Watching Southern Storms and the Nuke Plants in the Path

Very heavy weather hitting the southeast now.

Flooding can severely impact nuke plants if they should lose power to the control room. They can only rely on back-up generators for a few hours. We will add new info here as it comes in … including outside Louisiana.

ABC – At least 4 dead after reported tornadoes, flooding sweep through the South

WKRN – Severe weather gone, Flood Watch cancelled for Middle Tennessee

East Baton Rouge, LAPointe Coupee, LAWest Baton Rouge, LAWest Feliciana, LAWilkinson, MS




RIVER STAGES – more links 1/2 way down the right sidebar >

NRC MAP with clickable links to sites

Find a reactor near you by ZIPCODE – Nuclear Reactor Location Map


MICH. – Pallisades and D.C. Cook nuke plants are in a flood area – MAPREPORT

ILL.  – Braidwood and Dresden nuke plants are in flood area – MAPREPORT

On Waterford NPP – Flooding is not a meltdown risk at St. Charles nuclear plant, regulators say (Mar. 1)

Mar. 2 – flooding threat near New Orleans / Waterford NPP 

flooding threat near Baton Rogue / Riverbend NPP

River Stages map – Louisiana

Mar. 4
Philadelphia area Peachbottom NPP and Calvert Cliffs near electric outage area from storms.

NYC – power outages around Indian Point NPP area

Conn. – high storm surge causes flooding near Pilgrim NPP and Seabrook NPP

A Note to All Preppers from FC

The Bugle hasn’t has news or updates due to our getting caught in a giant hurricane and having computer trashed and having regional internet service utility trashed too.

FC is OK but The Bugle will not have regular posts for some more months as the internet goes in and out. That said, we just would like all of our prepper friends to know these watch words from sad experience.






Again – water goes away a lot faster than food. For 1 person in a house 6 cases is just not enough. 4 cases makes a nice table and you can put a table cloth over it. A storm or hurricane wrecking water tanks, infrastructure causes such a long water outage you will need every drop. And forget that out-of-date stamp. You will be fine drinking 2 year old bottled water. Boiling water uses lots of cooking gas so all is best if you have the bottled water on hand in advance of any bad event or weather.

The utility shut water down way earlier than the hurricane hit so my plan to fill lots of stored bottles went awry. They have to not let all the water go low to hold the sides of the water tanks up against storm force.

So go buy some water this week. Make tables out of it.

Texas – Chemical Plant Timebomb

We have a lot of recent headlines and news about damaged chemical plants. plant explosions and fume plume releases on this post.

Now, it looks like the system just got a lot more serious –

Arkema –
Stricken Texas Chemical Plant Erupts in Flames Again

Arkema Texas Plant Explodes, “Black Smoke Fills The Air”

Dana Durnford has been reporting on the news censorship on his YouTube channel.

We will add new items here in comments.

Nuke plant watching in Texas is here.