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This page has DOCUMENTS relating the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, other documents and abstracts are on the METHANE page.



F.A.Q. about Bayou Corne Sinkhole Incident < lots on the butane cavern (article archived here)

The Vertical Seismic Profile of Texas Brine Oxy Geismar 3

DNR Record – Hooker Chemical No. 8 Serial No. 180708   < Copy of it (PDF)

MORE on Hooker & well name changes

Find Louisiana DNR documents –


MAP with WELLS at the sinkhole

Files on the Bayou Corne area BUTANE CAVERN:


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Post called “Exact Location of the Butane Cavern” with maps.

Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle’s METHANE page. It has Butane and other sinkhole chemistry topics.



29 thoughts on “DOCUMENTS

  1. I don’t understand the sidebar? Is it because I only have a cell phone that I don’t get to see a sidebar? I’m wanting to see the info about the Alabama seismic activity and find no link? I am closely following this and spreading the word across the country. People are quite uninformed about ask this. They think out happened in October and is all over!

  2. I don’t understand the sidebar? Is it because I only have a cell phone that I don’t get to see a sidebar? I’m wanting to see the info about the Alabama seismic activity and find no link? I am closely following this and spreading the word across the country. People are quite uninformed about ask this. They think out happened in October and is all over! Btw, the yellow and light print is extremely hard to read on a white page. Thanks

    • hey – that background is supposed to be dark payne’s grey – – – what browser are you using?
      It looks fine in Firefox and Opera and IE.
      It would be awful on white BG. I use a dark template because white screen is hard on the eyes. . .

      • My computer was destroyed by a woman who tried to steal it. The only browser I have is on my Android. I don’t know if that makes a dif but suddenly, thanks for the link!

    • can you check the Bugle now? supposedly this theme is viewable on Android ….
      If it shows up white background I’m switching back . . . . ;)

  3. I’m posting these document links here in reference to an enenews comment exchange last night (? I searched in vain for the exact thread, but bleary and addlepated as I am couldn’t find it) between ibuiltthis, FREEDOMROX & rainbeaudais, about turning the Bayous into a giant algae Biomass feedstock.

    They’re on to something; here’s some backwards compatible info for future reference:

  4. I have a question to the owners of this site—-Why should public tax money be used to clean up the Assumption Parishish sinkhole when Texas Brine was the cause of this problem and they are paying as they SHOUD, Clean Harbors their contractor to clean up the sinkhole???—-your article about the use state funds paid my tax payers is nothing more than wanting flashy headlines!!!! Please give me a logical reason that you feel tax money shoud be used instead of Texas Brine having to pay for the clean up!

    • The clean up costs are recovered after by pay back by the polluters. Not a revenue loss normally for tax payers.
      The state is mandated to clean up by law.

      Often penalties get affixed to polluters exceeding clean up costs to deter repeat offenses. That’s the way enviro law works when the enforcers work for the public interest and not corp. interests.

      None of the gas or diesel soil has been cleaned up. None of the fines given to Texas Brine have been collected yet.

      You are welcome to give your view point here.

  5. I hate to differ with but the diesel that was orginally on top of the sinkhole and the crude oil that has come up since then in what TB called a Burp has been cleaned up most of the way by Clean Harbors and they are still working on the cleanup. The gases in the aquifer are being flared by both TB and the Shaw Group—please update you info and check TB updates daily Also check Assumption Parish Police Jury web site for updates.

    • so that soil sample today would read differently? Maybe … the one I quoted was from way back in Aug.
      I will add you correction!

      Texas Brine updates are read. They brazenly lie about ‘no changes in sinkhole size’ and other things. They have been called out by others too.
      But thanks for Clean Harbors info!

      • I suspect a bottle neck plug below the 450 foot mark and with the angle of the sides of the hole I would not expect any large slumps until the plug breaks—–I suspect the plug to be made of trees, limbs, stumps much like a beaver dam from the sinkhole orginal formation—-one day it will break then and only then would I expect to see large scale slumps—right now it is waiting game

    • Very little soil was affected by this due to the fact it is a water filled swamp and the floating plants and tree parts removed by Clean Harbors, they are cleaning the trees around the hole to remove crude oil from their bark and any and ALL crude oil and tree parts that came up about two weeks ago—there was NO gasoline on the hole or in any soil—–

      • oh I am sure the crud in the soil is from the general messy storage industry all around. If they had done some tests first I bet they wouldn’t even build homes there. Whole area should be industrial zoning… but they may not have zoning laws out that way.
        Texas Brine probably not the cause of that stuff unless it’s the goo they put on top of the domes.

  6. Diesel is used in salt caverns to protect the roof/ceiling of the cavern from it being leached out during the formation of the cavern and when they have go back in to wash out the salt that is trying to close in the cavern called salt creep at the rate of 3 to 12 % per year from all direction–when they go back into the cavern they call it reworking the cavern to get rid of the salt that had creep in. The salt creep happens to all caverns even filled with product or brine, it also happens in dry salt mines.

    • does it ‘creep’ into the soil in yr opinion? Maybe that’s why there are high readings for gas/diesel.
      Soil inspection sites, I think, are yards around the homes.
      They say the exact location on the DEQ page.

  7. Salt creep is a natural thing salt does in a salt dome behaving more like a super cooled liquid than a true solid——-the wetter any soil is the less the crude oil or diesel will travel/wick into the soil—remember the water table is very high there and it is a water filled swamp barely above sea level—-on TB property the pads and roads are built up, back to the sinkhole they brought in river sand and board mats—-the longer crude oil is exposed to sun light the quicker it will break down due to the ultraviolet light and evaporation of the lighter gas and some of the chemicals

  8. The best way to explain about salt creep is to use jello—-at home mix up according directions a large box of Jello in a bowl, let it jell in the refrig until set, place on table, get a small bowl and scoup out the center about the diameter of a table spoon leaving jello all around and a little at bottom—-with it still on the table walk away for 1 to 2 hours(works faster the warmer the room), come back and look at the hole—the jello is tring to close it in—-salt does the same thing but much slower—if a crack forms in the salt the creep will fill it in—-caverns are losing 3 to 12% per year of their volume due to salt creep from all directions—-reworking a cavern means getting rid of the salt that has moved into the cavern by leaching/brining

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  13. Page1 Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
    Report run on: April 12, 2013 10:33 AM
    SRCN2729 – Louisiana LUW Production 1970- 2013

    For documents about “7010 Napoleonville”

    Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
    Report run on Apr 10, 2013 7:00 PM
    Office of Conservation Scout Report

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