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A big storm is entering the Gulf –

4 weather alerts

Tropical Storm CARLOS Public Advisory < updates


Texas gets a coastal warning – NOAA Advisory

STORM SURGE:  The combination of a storm surge and the tide will
cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising
waters.  The water could reach the following heights above ground if
the peak surge occurs at the time of high tide...

Upper Texas coast...2 to 4 feet
Western Louisiana coast...1 to 2 feet

The deepest water will occur along the immediate coast near and to
the right of the landfall location.  Surge-related flooding depends
on the relative timing of the surge and the tidal cycle, and can
vary greatly over short distances. 

WBRZ – Tropical disturbance upgrades to Tropical Storm Bill

Tropical Storm Bill has remained to our west as forecast and as a result, we will see the downturn in thunderstorm coverage, as forecast.

NOAA prediction map-

NOAA Report on TS Bill with maps, radar

WWL Radar


Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
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Texas Brine in the news for giving away other people’s things – The AdvocateTexas Brine donates to Habitat for Humanity possessions left by residents who fled sinkhole

WBRZ – LA 70 Bypass considered as sinkhole causes problems

A Brave Heart blog (April 11) – As hydraulic fracturing (fracking) increases- so do indoor levels of radon

Scary, Scary Methane

Here is a scary video about methane as the sinkhole does its own scary, scary thing.



And … also affecting the atmosphere and everything else in a not nice way at all is Fukushima. Speaking of disasters . . . Gov. Piyush  Jindal is competing with B.P. to be the biggest disaster in the state.
Meanwhile, at Camp Minden [in N.W. Louisiana] – Explo Systems Inc. owners ask state judge to toss charges“Attorney Lyn Lawrence Jr. of Bossier City represents Smith. He said Monday that Louisiana law does not classify the M6 artillery propellant as an explosive.” – that’s why they named the company “EXPLO systems:)

Yellowstone Updated

Some Science Papers on Geology, Salt Domes etc.

Of interest –

How stable is the Mississippi Delta?  – 2006

BONUS! Fault map for south Louisiana on page 2 –



Subsurface Structure and Stratigraphy of Kent Bayou-Turtle Bayou-North Turtle Bayou Complex, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana – 1964 (pay frowny to view)

Geology of Salt Dome Oil Fields – 1924

International Science Times article on Bayou Corne

The Bayou Corne Sinkhole: A massive oil and gas disaster

Peripheral Faulting at Bayou Blue Salt Dome, Iberville Parish, Louisiana – 1957- (pay frowny to view)

The Bayou Bouillon Salt Dome, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana – 1925 – (pay frowny to view)

Differential Fault-Related Early Miocene Sedimentation, Bayou Hebert Area, Southwestern Louisiana – 1988 – (pay frowny to view)

Abnormal Formation Pressures : Implications to Exploration, Drilling, and Production of Oil and Gas Resources – 1975

Geothermal and Geopressure Patterns of Bayou Carlin-Lake Sand Area, South Louisiana: Implications – 1977 – (pay frowny to view)

USGS Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources for the Oligocene Frio and Anahuac Formations, Onshore Gulf of Mexico Basin, USA – 2009 –

Geology of Iberia Parish – 1931

Lots of articles on geothermal topic for Texas and Louisiana

Info about Black Bayou salt dome storage place in Cameron Parish


Scant News Now

There have been fewer posts here of late because

  • The officials will not issue any
  • The cavern looks to be collapsing and no one wants to report about it
  • The helicorders and other info we use are on the sidebar
  • There is so much international mega-quake activity this spring it is affecting the monitors at Lake FUBAR almost daily(!)

So chat away in comments as this is the more important source for new info lately!

We found this –

Strange SoundsLarge Earth cracks terrify residents as 60 families are left homeless in Peru

Piyush Jindal isn’t a very easy name to remember.
Let’s help out the oily gov.!


Breaking: Oil Rig Fire in the Gulf

Wall St. Journal U.S. Coast Guard Responds to Oil Platform Fire in Gulf of Mexico

Production at the Miss Katherine offshore supply vessel near New Orleans has been halted

New Orleans Times Picayune Fire on Breton Sound oil platform, 28 workers evacuated, Coast Guard says

“A Coast Guard flight over the area observed a 1.4 nautical mile rainbow sheen drifting southwest of the platform.”

Thurs. News

Heli_ANI heli_button    Something woke up the dragons at 4 a.m. – LA12 chart

BP settles oil spill-related claims with Halliburton, Transocean

Gulf of BPkillspelicans Mexico dolphin deaths caused by BP – Real Coastal warriors

Ascension Parish filthy tap water report – Residents in Ascension’s Bayou Estates singing the brown water blues

Julie Dermansky (May 7) – How America’s biggest swamp could become fracking wasteland

Environmental groups, locals worry Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin might be destroyed by a proposed industrial facility

Yellowston Updated