Google Hides Flood News + NEWS + Ammo Open Burn Plans

This is just plain BAD!

Shame on Google News for not putting Mississippi River news on the front page!



Corps of Engineers lowers flood-fight response level

Barge accidents rise on flood-swollen Mississippi River

Fourth Barge Incident on the Lower Mississippi

The Advocate Choppy water greets hydrologists taking Mississippi River measurements Friday, data used to determine spillway openings

Wildlife fleeing spillway flood in St. Charles Parish


Mining Awareness – Runaway Barges Endanger Nuclear Power Stations-Essential Infrastructure: Life on the Mississippi <— TIP: local residents, remember if electricy goes out gas stations cannot sell gas and cash machines don’t work. Be prepared in advance!

Jan. 19 – 4.2M Frack-Quake in OK



Colfax, Louisiana needs help!

Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC (a Massachusetts company) is conducting an Open Burn of 500,000 pounds a year near the central Louisiana town of Colfax with the approval of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The company has made application to increase the amount of hazardous waste to 2 million pounds a year in 2016. Companies from all over the country are shipping their hazardous waste explosives to Louisiana to be burned, releasing toxic chemicals and particles into our air. Federal law prohibits the open burning of hazardous waste; an exception is made only for waste explosives IF there is no alternative disposal method, but multiple alternative disposal methods that are much safer now exist.  LiveAmmo

Oppose the open burning  cry of hazardous waste materials at the Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC facility located on Highway 471, Colfax, LA.

Voice your opposition to the open burning/open detonation of explosives, propellants, warheads, airbags, expired fireworks and other materials that are releasing toxic chemicals into our air, water, and soil Please open web site and sign this petition:

Registration for the public comments begins at 4pm on February 23 at the Civic Center in Colfax LA. All who wish to speak must register on site. Public comments begin at 6pm and will be conducted by DEQ. Everything is recorded. If you want to send anything back to DEQ in Baton Rouge you may hand that in.

The civic center is located at 1290 Main Street in Colfax.


New York TimesInequality in the Air We Breathe?

For years, one of the largest employers in that area was the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, about four miles from Minden. The Environmental Protection Agency eventually listed the plant as a Superfund site because for more than 40 years “untreated explosives-laden wastewater from industrial operations was   ourlivescollected in concrete sumps at each of the various load line areas,” and emptied into “16 one-acre pink water lagoons.” It was determined that the toxic contamination in soil and sediments from the lagoons was a “major contributor” to toxic groundwater contamination.

. . . . Fifteen years ago, Robert D. Bullard published Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality. In it, he pointed out that nearly 60 percent of the nation’s hazardous-waste landfill capacity was in “five Southern states (i.e., Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas),” and that “four landfills in minority ZIP codes areas represented 63 percent of the South’s total hazardous-waste capacity” although “blacks make up only about 20 percent of the South’s total population.”


Flooding + Boone Dam Update

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WAFB – Plaquemine Ferry service suspended starting Monday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced Friday the Plaquemine Ferry service will be suspended starting Monday, Jan. 18 due to high Mississippi River stages.
DOTD will be monitoring the conditions closely over the weekend, and in the event that the river rises to a level that makes it unsafe to operate, the Department will alert the public if closure earlier than Monday, Jan. 18 becomes necessary.
On Jan. 8, DOTD crews built a higher elevation approach that allowed the ferry to remain open an additional week. It will also allow the ferry to reopen roughly one week sooner once the river levels fall.
Based on the current river stage forecast, DOTD expects to resume service by Jan. 28, but that will depend on field conditions.

Jan. 14 Situation –


Flood warning continues for the following rivers in Louisiana…Texas..
Atchafalaya River At Krotz Springs
Atchafalaya River At Morgan City
Calcasieu River Near Glenmora
Sabine River Near Bon Wier
Sabine River Near Deweyville
Pine Island Bayou Near Sour Lake


WAFB Flood warnings (cities)

Louisiana Governor Reviews Flood Fight in Vidalia

The AdvocateCorps continues to open Bonnet Carre bays to control the swollen Mississippi River

Insurance Journal – Cities Prepare for High Waters as Mississippi River Nears Flood Stage

St. Charles Parish: Mississippi River flooding  < has video

Don’t blame the recent flooding along the Mississippi River on the rain. We created this mess.

flood . . . . Not only are its levees dilapidated, but that stretch of the Mississippi is thick with hardware like wing dikes, which are rock jetties that jut perpendicularly into the river from the banks. Structures like these are designed to help barges navigate by concentrating the river’s flow. But as I wrote in this 2014 cover story for onEarth, wing dikes also make floodwaters more turbulent, slowing them down and raising them higher.

Wildlife fleeing wilderness to escape flooding

River rises as crest lowers

The Mississippi River is almost 8 feet higher than its 48-foot Greenville flood stage. The National Weather Service anticipates the water to crest at 56.2 feet Wednesday, making it almost 4 feet lower and a day earlier than originally expected.

The New YorkerThe Control of Nature (1987) Atchafalaya

” . . . The Mississippi wants to go west. Nineteen-seventy-three was a forty-year flood. The big one lies out there somewhere—when the structures can’t release all the floodwaters and the levee is going to have to give way. That is when the river’s going to jump its banks and try to break through. . . .”

Meanwhile, at Boone Dam . . . .

Nov. 23 – WJHL – EXCLUSIVE: TVA internal emails about Boone Dam safety problems revealed

SULLIVAN / WASHINGTON CO.,TN (WJHL) In the days immediately after the October 2014 discovery of a structural problem at Boone Dam, internal TVA emails show staff had grave concerns about the dam and the potential impact on the safety of people downstream.

Dec. 22 – Grout mix tests starting this week at Boone Dam

Jan. 7 – Study: No significant environmental effects at Boone Dam

Jan. 10 – Report shows Boone Dam repairs will have no long-term environmental impacts on area

Post here from May 5: Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

RadRED Nuke plants in flood path updates – scroll down 2 posts

SCRAM at River Bend Nuke Plant – Emergency Cool Down + Nuke Plant Watch

NRC Event Number: 51644 (bottom of page)

limeRAD   It is in St. Francisville, LA. INFO

Event Date: 01/09/2016
Event Time: 02:37 [CST]


On 1/9/16 at 0237 [CST], River Bend Station sustained a reactor scram during a lightning storm. An electrical transient occurred resulting in a full main steam isolation [MSIV] (Group 6) and a Division II Balance of Plant isolation signal. During the scram, level 8 occurred immediately which tripped the feed pumps. A level 3 signal occurred also during the scram. Subsequent level 3 was received three times due to isolated vessel level control. The plant was stabilized and all spurious isolation signals reset, then the MSIVs were restored. The plant is now stable in Mode 3 and plant walkdowns are occurring to assess the transient.”

During the scram, all rods inserted into the core. The plant was initially cooled down using safety relief valves. Offsite power is available and the plant is in its normal shutdown electrical lineup.

The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

Luckily offsite power was available and there wasn’t a flood or anything shutting it off!


Mining Awareness – Louisiana Nuclear Reactor Scrammed by Lightning Strike

Extra inspections ordered by NRC bosses in April didn’t seem to do much good. WAFB report.

Sept. 2015 inspection shows troubles at River Bend NPP.

Jan. 16 UPDATE

Mining Awareness – Lightening Scrammed Nuclear Reactor Still at Zero Power

“Less than one week prior:
Potential Uncontrolled Radiation Release, Secondary Containment Declared Inoperable so they appear to have vented it, presumably releasing radiation. Notification came 2 days too late to be useful to people:
“10 CFR Section:
50.72(b)(3)(v)(C) – POT UNCNTRL RAD REL

Special Inspection in 2015 Didn’t Fix a Thing at Crap Plant River Bend
I got a special inspection over reactor vessel level control during a scram in 2015  special inspection. The problem is they didn’t do any scram testing and all the corrective action didn’t take effect for many years. ( well, Christmas scram in 2014) (They need to purposely scram a few times with everyone on high alert to watch the plant’s and staffs response. Then devise a scheme to fix it fast. Just like initial plant operational testing…)
During the scram, level 8 occurred immediately
So here we go again after a special inspection effectively nothing is fixed. Vessel level is just banging around…reactor vessel goes up and down like a mad man and tripping the feed pumps.

Lightning is not suppose to trip a nuclear plant. Did something crap out in their switchyard (fail) during a lightning strike.

When do they become a Pilgrim with too many scams…enhanced inspections because they are banging the whole plant around like level?”


radOR95Mississippi River Edge Nuke Plant WatchingradOR95

Quad Cities NPP in Illinois is on the Miss. River –
Event Number: 51650
Event Date: 01/12/2016
Event Time: 13:40 [CST]


“On January 12, 2016, at 1340 CST, an alarm was received indicating secondary containment differential pressure rose unexpectedly above the Technical Specification Surveillance Requirement, SR, limit of 0.10 inch of vacuum water gauge. A reactor building supply fan was immediately secured to restore differential pressure below the Technical Specification limit. The secondary containment differential pressure returned to below the Technical Specification limit within one minute. The Standby Gas Treatment System remained in standby, and fully operable. At 1341 CST, the secured reactor building supply fan was restarted to restore the normal ventilation lineup. The secondary containment differential pressure remained below the Technical Specification limit. Troubleshooting is in progress.

“This condition represents a failure to meet Surveillance Requirement As a result, entry into Technical Specification, Condition A, was made momentarily due to secondary containment being inoperable.

“Given the temporary loss of secondary containment, this event is reportable under 50.72(b)(3)(v)(c) as an event or condition that could have prevented the fulfillment of a safety function.

Quad Cities info – has map

Louisiana’s River Bend Nuclear Station Shuts Down for Repairs
River Bend . . . shut down operations Thursday night (1-15) when water began to flow into the plant (!!!).

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Nuke ProAging Nuclear Plants Are Experiencing Multiple Mechanical, Electrical, and Control Failures All At Once cry tells about River Bend NPP

Texas Brine has a new Action Plan

Texas Brine finally issued a new Action Plan – 1-5- 2016.

It looks like they are still checking stability. . . same objectives as this Mar. 7, 2013 Fact Sheet.


The Jan. 22, 2015 Fact Sheet

“dramatic changes in the volume of the sinkhole are considered highly unlikely.”

The Mar. 7, 2013 Fact Sheet

“From the beginning, TBC’s actions have been driven by three key objectives: demonstrating sinkhole containment and determining if additional sinkholes could form; locating and mitigating the rissk posed by the presence of shallow gas; and confirming the broader stability of the Napoleonville Salt Dome.”