AGL Resources “Testing” Caverns at Lake Peigneur

Time, Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, L.L.C. (JISH) will be performing an inventory verification test at each of our two caverns, scheduled to last up to 4 days total for both caverns. Continue reading

Lake Peigneur Residents Need Your Help Next FRIDAY

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources still issuing permits for Bayou Corne salt dome caverns! Continue reading

AGL Resources Handed All the Water They Want for Lake Peigneur Operations During Water Shortage

Wells going dry in the Jefferson Island and the Delcambre area and AGL Resources allowed to take what’s left Continue reading

More on Lake Peigneur Foe, AGL Resources

This is why AGL Resources is fighting so hard to expand, because they plan to export natural gas to China from the Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, which is still considered Intrastate and Interstate. Continue reading