Arctic Methane Explosion Craters Discovered on Seafloor

We follow this frozen methane news since there’s a huge amount of it in the Gulf of Mexico – F.C.

Massive blow-out craters formed by hydrate-controlled methane expulsion from the Arctic seafloor

Like ‘champagne bottles being opened’: Scientists document an ancient Arctic methane explosion

“Scientists generally believe that the methane leaking from these seeps never makes it to the surface of the ocean, instead dissolving in the water on its way up. But some suggest that an explosion, of the type described in Thursday’s paper, could produce enough force to send some gas straight up to the surface and into the atmosphere, with potentially climate-warming consequences. . . . “
How about the explosion risk? Page 4 of this science paper shows a Louisiana map with all the seeps.

Plus the methane at Bayou Corne was thought by some to be from the Gulf of Mexico … not from decaying vegetation like Texas Brine claims.

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Tuesday News

The helicorders have been crazy since Saturday. Scroll down for charts and the map of helicorder locations. No let up at all. The helicorder at Temporary, AR is also going off. The cause is a mystery. OK is still getting very large magnitude frack quakes that may affect the whole region.

Nanometrics should be called Micro-Nano-Teeny-Tiny-Metrics! They keep setting the helicorders on finer and finer settings to minimize big dings, dangs and slides in Lake FUBAR.
Memo to Canada: It’s NOT working!

We happen to have SUPER ZOOM!



We can show the big =DING= at LA21 … isolated and not showing anywhere else at 8:18 this morning.

Methane watch – For the first time in thousands of years, warm water is flowing into the Arctic Ocean

Methane Chex-Mix

This methane-bomb-in-the-Arctic story has a lot of updates.

We have had 2 recent posts here on it (1, 2) and today added a rebuttal to the ‘bomb’ theory to our post on the parent blog, The Flying Cuttlefish.

So it may not be the big threat they said. And we have these recent items –

Methane Data Set for Louisiana and nearby Gulf – 2013

AND – [New] Methane Bubbles Near New Orleans


Earthquakes trigger undersea methane reservoirs: study

” . . . .One of the cores has now been found to contain methane hydrates — a solid ice-like crystalline structure of methane and water — only 1.6 metres (5.2 feet) below the sea floor.
Also uncovered were tell-tale signatures from water between sediment grains, and concentrations of a mineral called barite.
Together, these suggested that methane had surged up through the sea bed in recent decades.”

Earthquakes contribute to global warming by releasing methane from ocean floor

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles

Heat Dome Wildfires, Methane Pulse Expand, Blanketing Arctic Siberia in Cloud of Dense Smoke

Methane connection to changing sea evolution and super sharks – from a reader comment from Australia


We have more on this creepy plan at the Flying Cuttlefish.


Why methane hydrate could soon become more controversial than fracking
  “Natural gas buried in Arctic permafrost could be an economic boon — but it could also drastically accelerate climate change”

If there is more in the news this week it will get put here.