Forgotten Bayou Trailer + Catching Up with Videos

Jan. 23 – WAFB – Woman documents the effects of giant sinkhole on the community < has video




This fly over footage is from last April — we want a NEW fly over!




Louisiana sinking 1 football field an hour – Henning Kemner


A summary of events

Residents with the monitors in their homes have moved away … but people just outside the declared danger zone have no compensation or relief.



Coming up: PBS show- Sinkholes—Buried Alive – The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard. Airing January 28, 2015 at 9 pm [EST] on PBS

The Advertiser “The sinkhole at Bayou Corne  smile3 will be featured in a scientific look at what causes sinkholes and the destruction they can bring when “Sinkholes — Buried Alive” premieres on NOVA and Louisiana Public Broadcasting at 9 p.m. Jan. 28.”



Tuesday News – hardly any

From Real Coastal Warriors : Gulf oyster harvest has nose-dived since BP spill

“…Gulf Coast oyster harvests have declined dramatically in the four years since a BP PLC oil well blew wild in the nation’s worst offshore oil disaster. Even after a modest rebound last year, thousands of acres of oyster beds where oil from the well washed ashore are producing less than a third of their pre-spill harvest.”

WIPP town meeting (looks like a bosses’ meeting) live stream #1. The rest of it.

The Watchers – Red tide kills thousands of fish in Gulf of Mexico, poses a greater health threat

The helicorders at Lake FUBAR were pretty quiet until noon then they started up and then sputtered. LA18 shows it.

The AdvocateJudge tells sinkhole lawyers to settle taxpayers’ claims

The state district judge presiding over year-old lawsuits seeking reimbursement of state and parish costs from the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole urged Texas Brine Co. and its insurers Monday to turn their attention away from internal battles over coverage and focus on settling the primary legal claims seeking to recover taxpayer dollars.

Judge Guy Holdridge, of the 23rd Judicial District, told a courtroom of more than two dozen lawyers from Texas Brine Co., its insurers, and state and Assumption Parish government that he has dealt with similar cases in the past involving multiple insurers and millions of dollars in claims and that the sheriff’s and Police Jury’s claims, in particular, are worth just several hundred thousand dollars each.

“My frustration is why are we working and kneading me up as a judge over these small claims, and I’m having to deal with 1,000 New Orleans lawyers. I don’t know why we are doing this,” Holdridge said at the Assumption Parish Courthouse in Napoleonville. . . .

There has been fewer posts here than usual because news from Bayou Corne has slowed to a trickle …

There’s been almost no updates posted lately from DNR.


DEQ has a new situation update Aug. 3 but they don’t report any stats. They just say everything’s fine. They have a water quality report for 7-29. They have a July air sample report.

The  Texas Brine Action Plan was pretty recent, Aug. 3. Oxy has one too for Aug. 3. So does KDS Promix, DOW, Arcadian GasChevron and Crosstex. Chevron is reducing inventory and slowing down. They don’t say it is due to instability but we doubt it is a reduction to greed that prompts them! Arcadian is idle too.

Texas Brine’s Action Plan uses an incredibly old photo of Lake FUBAR. We wonder how they can plan anything without a current picture or map.

The last Texas Brine drilling report was for 2012 just after the collapse. They say they closed Oxy 3 with a master valve so maybe they didn’t do any more drilling and that was the last report.

Study: Gas-charged fluids creating seismicity associated with a Louisiana sinkhole

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Expanding; Seismicity Increasing

Natural earthquakes and nuclear explosions produce seismic waves that register on seismic monitoring networks around the globe, allowing the scientific community to pinpoint the location of the events. In order to distinguish seismic waves produced by a variety of activities — from traffic to mining to explosions — scientists study the seismic waves generated by as many types of events as possible. In August 2012, the emergence of a very large sinkhole at the Napoleonville Salt Dome in Louisiana offered University of California, Berkeley scientists the opportunity to detect, locate and analyze a rich sequence of 62 seismic events that occurred one day prior to its discovery. . .  (more)

Dutchsinse has more with graphics.

And The Examiner has more – Louisiana sinkhole ‘volcanic eruptions’, ‘explosions’ explained

Bayou Corne sinkhole collapses into AQUIFER

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Expanding; Seismicity Increasing


Rare Good News Thursday

Parish assessor wins salt dome ruling – $500K more in property taxes to be collected yearly

” . . .  He [Attorney Brian Eddington, who handled the case for the parish]  said probably the biggest of these other cases is in Assumption Parish where a sinkhole, linked to another salt dome cavern, has eaten homes and threatened a major highway. That sinkhole covers more than 29 acres and is continuing to expand.Eddington said 13 salt caverns exist in Assumption Parish and locals have been largely kept in the dark about them until now. . .  “

” . . .  [St. Landry Tax Assessor Rhyn Duplechain ]  Duplechain said six taxing districts cover the area where the salt dome caverns are located. They will now share in the $1.3 million in escrow as well as the added $500,000 a year. . . “

Good. They got a pot of money. Now they can put up live cams around Lake FUBAR and make the feed available to the public.


Thanks to community input the Awful Bill was stopped, sort of. It was delayed til next week. Sent in: “This bill was put off until next week. They must have chickened out!  “

The AdvocateJudge grants preliminary OK in sinkhole settlement

Snow on the way to Lake FUBAR? UPDATED


A winter WARNING from the weather report.  COLDheron1

Who knows what will happen if it snows at Lake FUBAR. Will the helicorders freeze?

WAFB weather map showing temperature.

The APPJ blog says everything is closed Tuesday due to cold. So the helicorders should be readable without a lot of trucks making them unreadable.

fluid at LA14 at 7 p.m..


2.3 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

Kentucky has the shakes


EQ_128  ANF map today


New weather warning on the cold front. Will Lake FUBAR ice over? WAFB radar.  They started work on the berm roads this morning so we won’t get to see the helicorders today after all. frowny

Texas Brine put out a ‘fact sheet‘ on their great seismic monitor system (Jan. 23) and they illustrate it with a picture showing old helicorder layout. So old the west berm is in the original spot. Hey, Texas Brine, it’s a FACT your berm failed on the west side and your berm failed on the south side. And they didn’t FAIL because of quakes made by ‘normal’ brine operations.


Weekend News


LA11 is SLOSHING. Rhythmic fluid movement shown since Friday.

Big fluid movement every 2 hours.   .   heli_button

Now we have to wait for quittin’ time to see anything. Big truck activity obscurring everything.

Central America quake swarm updated in Friday’s post with a graphic showing them all.
10 p.m. – There was LARGE FLUID MOVEMENT way down
in LA 10-03.
It could be this giant 6.3 NZ earthquake at 9:52 p.m. CST. It showed on other helicorders too.


Fuel Fix – New tests find more methane in North Texas water



Lake FUBAR has freezing temperatures Sat. morning.  30 o at dawn. It won’t warm up til midday.

WWLTV – Marsh fire near Raceland shuts down US 90 < has video   –  It is about 45 miles from Lake FUBAR to the southeast. MAP

A DNR Inspection Report is out (Jan. 17)

Seismic activity continues at LA11 — Lots of work being done there. Did it sag?  Lots of FLUID MOVEMENT at LA17-02 at 4:45 p.m. ….


Texas Brine Contingency Plan – The Digest Version

We took a look at the plans for the berm moving and other things in Texas Brine’s Contingency Plan and made this summary

Page 5
“The TBC team responsible for hydrocarbon management at the sinkhole has reported that there has been no new release of hydrocarbons observed since late August 2013. Oil sheens have been seen since that time has been attributed to trapped oil in the floating vegetation (!!!).”

Like the “swamp gas” fairy tale we seriously DOUBT drops of oil stuck in the plants makes the sheen across Lake FUBAR.

ALSO on p. 5
“Over time, it is possible that the hydraulic connection between the sinkhole and the MRAA will cease as the portions of the MRAA [Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer] that are exposed in the sinkhole become sealed off by deposited sediments from the surface.”

SO . . . all the crud will NOT contaminate the aquifer because some mud will seal it all in!
Except for the “Non-aqueous liquid petroleum hydrocarbons” which will all go right to the surface. But they collected all that stuff already. So nice! For Texas Brine.

Page 8 – You will be relieved to know Bruce Marin is in charge of everything at Lake FUBAR and his second in charge is United Brine’s Mark Cartwright. 2 unbiased, independant actors in the drama.

Page 12 – They have all sorts of monitors (Inclinometers, Tiltmeters and Water-Level Transducers) but we know at night and on weekends and holidays there is mostly no one watching them. Sometimes in broad daylight it looks like no one at the site is noticing big movement on the helicorders.

Page 14 – Nervous residents can RELAX! Texas Brine inspects the integrity of the levees every WEEK!

Page 40 – They will sample the surface water 4 times a year.

Page 52 – They want to lift the evacuation order eventually(!). “The Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) Gas Group recommends that reducing and maintaining methane gas formation pressures in the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRAA) to equal to hydrostatic pressure across the Bayou Corne gas area as one metric necessary in order to lift the mandatory evacuation

Page 54 – They will test for Strontium in the water. We wonder if that would be naturally occurring strontium or the radioactive waste kind.

Page 56 – They can only measure the depth of Lake FUBAR using the line dropped in method to 500 feet!

Page 57 – They’re thinking about a GPS gizmo but can’t decide to buy one yet.

Page 58 – No on site helicorder monitoring is mandated. It’s just recommended. No 24/7 in-person monitoring. “A competent and knowledgeable person should monitor helicorders when personnel are working on the sinkhole.”

Page 78 – hmmmm . . . “There are no total maximum daily load limits for pollutants in the swamp where the Project site is located or in Bayou Corne downstream of the Project site. TBC is not anticipated to contribute to pollutant loadings because storm water controls are designed to prevent pollutants associated with construction activities from reaching Bayou Corne.”

Page 93 – a side view of what the berms look like.

Page 109 – How they deduce Lake FUBAR will stop spreading.

Big MAP – p. 26, p. 90 (site as of April, 2013)

p. 90 – on its own page – (copied)

siteMAP_April15_2013    < CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

On the page 26 map we saw this oddity east of the evaporation tanks –