Dear DNR,

  • When is the helicorder at LA10-01 going to be fixed?
  • What is going on at the collapsed salt cavern at Bayou Corne? The helicorders are all screaming this weekend.
  • Why do you allow Nanometrics in Canada to adjust the helicorders at the collapsed salt cavern at Bayou Corne to an unreadable setting?
  • When are you giving the public an update about the cap rock at the cavern?
  • What are the cavern floor measurements now?
  • When are you going to do an aerial video for the public to see the status of the collapsed salt cavern at Bayou Corne?
  • What has happened at the Crosstex venue with their construction recently announced?
  • Is it wise to allow the storage of huge amounts of butane next to this unstable collapsed salt cavern at Bayou Corne?
  • What amount of butane is at the Crosstex facility now? There hasn’t been a press release from them since the middle of this month.
  • Why was the headquarters trailer moved and why was the access road to restricted?
  • How is DNR and DEQ protecting the aquifer from Bayou Corne caverns’ pollution?

New Work at Bayou Corne isn’t Near the Sinkhole

Assumption Parish just put out a new bubble-sites MAP. Comparing it to the old well-sites MAP there are some new work roads visible. But they don’t go to the sinkhole. They are nearer to the butane cavern (Crosstex Well #1).

Sept. MAP of wells

Oct. 3  Map with bubble locations


And Texas Brine said on their Oct. 3rd update they were doing all this ‘clean up’ work around the sinkhole to get better access for their  big equipment, rigs etc..  Do you see any vegetation cut or cleared? Do you see the path (white dotted line in first map) widened? Why is the big road, marked in red, there? Why are the new roads near the butane cavern? Are new vent wells there? There are no “bubble” pin marks on the map near the 2 new roads.

Compare the 2 maps for yourself:

first map

second map

More maps are  on our earlier post: Exact Location of the Butane Cavern –