Current Conditions at Lake FUBAR – Rotten

Heli_ANIBig seismic activity + fuzz.


MONDAY – something happened from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – and it isn’t pretty – LA14 shows it.

Mar. 10 – The Louisiana Record Legal watchdog accuses attorneys representing class in Bayou Corne Sinkhole case of charging exorbitant legal fees

“NEW ORLEANS – Attorneys representing residents of Bayou Corne in class action litigation over environmental damage caused by a massive sinkhole in Ascenion Parish are under fire from a local legal watchdog group that alleges they racked up unrealistic and excessive legal fees.

. . . .Court documents show that attorneys representing class counsel in the case documented 8,256 hours of work on the settlement while their assistants and paralegals logged 709 hours. Together, that is a total cost of roughly $1,300 an hour.

The legal fees were granted by the court-appointed special master in the case, A. Shelby Easterly, of Denham Springs-based Easterly Law Office APLC. Easterly lauded the efforts of class counsel claiming they had squeezed over four years of effort into just two years and deserved the fee rate requested.”

NoteThe Louisiana Record has more stories on this racketeering, also see comments above (Wed.).


3.5 quake in south Kansas



Strange SoundsWell that’s really a freeky fallstreak hole floating in San Antonio’s sky in Texas!
A snake cloud? A sign of the nearby apocalypse?And they will tell us it is all natural! Lol!

Jan. video on HAARP melting Arctic methane


Conn. Gets the Shakes + Weekend News + Blue Ribbons’ Report (from Oct.)

Not related to Louisiana … but …. Holy Cow!!

Connecticut Rocked By 11 Earthquakes In One Week

“Daily earthquakes in Connecticut in the last week have officials scratching their heads and discussing ways the state can prepare for and respond to the next seismic event. In the past seven days, 11 small tremors have been recorded in the Plainfield area. . . “

Many more news stories on it (still happening) if you use search words “Connecticut earthquake”.

WWL – Bayou Corne residents move out after sinkhole settlement

” . . . The Romeros and other plaintiffs in a federal class-action lawsuit against Texas Brine reached a $48.1 million settlement in April. U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey ordered all property closings scheduled by Jan. 19 and completed “as soon as practicable.” Plaintiffs’ attorneys and Texas Brine officials said they want them finished by Jan. 30.
Attorneys said they hope to have separate mental anguish claim checks out by January’s end, too.

” . . . Sediment has completely filled the failed cavern that scientists think breached deep underground and started sucking in surrounding sediment, creating the sinkhole.
However, muck and rock will continue to compress, possibly for many years, making room for more sediment, according to an Oct. 9 report from the state’s special commission on the sinkhole. That could lead to further surface instability but probably not at former levels, experts say.
Micro-earthquakes pointing to breaking rock or salt began to pick up Dec. 22 and have continued for weeks, halting work on the sinkhole and causing cracks in an abandoned sinkhole containment levee, parish officials said.”

 NOTE – we gotta find that Oct. 9 report! – FC

It must be this – Blue Ribbon Commission Summary of Current Ground Stability Understanding and Recommendations [PDF] – sorry we missed it when it came out!

From p.3: “It is clear to the BRC [Blue Ribbon panel]  that there are ongoing stability dynamics in the pillars between Oxy caverns 1, 2, 3 and 9, inducing stress changes and salt disturbance that generate micro ‐ earthquakes (MEQs) in that salt volume and pressure changes connected between caverns.

Page 6 has this interesting point –
“MEQ locations suggest that fracturing is occurring around the Oxy 3 cavern and between the Oxy 1, 2, and 3 caverns. The MEQ magnitudes suggest the scale of this fracturing is on the order of feet to 10s of feet in dimension. The normal, or expected, background level of MEQs for mining and storage operations in this cavern field has not been established and therefore the significance of this activity cannot yet be concluded.
Translation: They have no clue what all the shaking means.

SEE ALSO COMMENTS for info on upcoming hearings on this – – –


US EPA proposes amendments to oil dispersant use as health issues in Gulf worsen

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 – besides missing this Blue Ribbon report when it came out … we missed this 12th Emergency Declaration (Louisiana vs Texas Brine).

Texas Brine Upbeat about Salt Dome Disaster + Sunday News

WAFB – [Louisiana] Residents urged to pre-apply for disaster food aid – For Hurricane Season

The AdvocateBayou Corne camp occupants bring sinkhole lawsuit

East Baton Rouge and Livingston parish residents who own or lease camps in the Bayou Corne-area have joined the growing list of businesses, residents and landowners headed to court over the Assumption Parish sinkhole..
. . .Attorney Mark Brown said Friday his clients are seeking damages for lost property value and loss of use of their camps since an evacuation order was issued Aug. 3, hours after the swampland sinkhole was found.
Brown said if the problems linger, the plaintiffs’ claims for monetary damages could mount for the defendants.“Right now it is loss of use,” Brown said. “
If Texas Brine does not get their act together and resolve the problem, it may be for permanent deprivation.”

Whistling in the Dark- Stability indicators show near sinkhole

[John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security ] said that cavern depth measurements going back to last fall have shown the rock had risen inside the cavern, on average, about 3 feet per day.
But, on Friday, Texas Brine measured a 29-foot drop during one week. Boudreaux added that never before had the level of rock slumped inside the cavern since the sinkhole emerged. . .
. . .  Texas Brine officials speculated Friday the drop could be an early sign that an awaited point of equilibrium is happening.” <Dream on!

The Watchers – Landsat 8 high resolution satellite imagery now available free of charge –  The viewer – You can zoom in on Assumption Parish and get an image from April 29 of Lake FUBAR. But it didn’t go close enough to see the berm roads on our try.

Rotten Egg Smell Reported Near Baton Rouge

Louisiana Bucket Brigade – “Chemical Odor That’s Causing Headache” in Standard Heights < see third report – “I smelled something yesterday, more of a rotten egg type smell and I really didn’t see anything.  And I’m currently smelling gas in my house and I had it checked and I have yet to get reported that I have a gas leak.”

DEQ has water data for May 2nd. < xls file

They’re a little slow to put out salinity reports etc. They have nothing for June yet.