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YellowStn_Poster  There are strange west-coast events (volcano, L.A. quake) that are on the Yellowstone blog today.
There isn’t a direct connection to Yellowstone in the stories but maybe it it is connected somehow and it will come out later. And the Mich. quake this week is very out of the ordinary. It is mentioned in comments in the next post
(Tues. News).

Check the Yellowstone blog for updates on these events.




Sinkhole Full Restoration (Video) + Wed. News – So. Berm has 5 CRACKS!

From Clean Water and Coast

LINK –  http://youtu.be/SZ7zhYRFS0w

The Parish Blog has a new item – they are making the work site a CODE 2 (!!)

WWLTV – New containment berm cracks form around Assumption sinkhole < has VIDEO
“Wednesday, WWL-TV received these pictures of cracks in the containment berm that have formed over the past few days from Assumption Parish. In just a few days, one crack became five.

Crosstex managed to put out an update from Nov. 3rd

They say they are testing a new pump.

Pathetic: BP launches website to “set the record straight” on the Gulf

LINK –  http://youtu.be/5e9MKpiq5Ww

Big news about Texas Brine being under-insured maybe . . . .

  • WWLTV – Texas Brine sued by its insurer over sinkhole site
  • The AdvocateInsurer claims Texas Brine ignored warnings
    “In a federal lawsuit, Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc. cites internal Texas Brine reports, memos and an email suggesting Texas Brine officials were warned with increasing specificity since the mid-1970s — before the cavern was even permitted and mined — that the area where the cavern was planned was close to the salt dome’s outer face.

Friends of Lake Peigneur aren’t a bit surprised. This is from one –

Texas Brine’s insurance (Liberty) claims there is no coverage for this under its policy. Texas Brine’s insurance does not want to pay!!

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC is a Limited Liability Company, that means a type of business structure that provides its owners limited liability. This would limit the amount they would pay if there was another disaster there. Does Jefferson island Storage & Hub even have liability insurance?  About Lake Peigneur

The Department of Natural Resources, Office of Coastal Management, has already issued one permit to expand and add 2 natural gas storage caverns to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub under Lake Peigneur in Vermilion/Iberia parishes in spite of no Environmental Impact Statement, Federal standard, no seismic studies, bubbling in the lake, Chicot aquifer problems and already one horrific disaster there. Already one community (Bayou Corne) has been destroyed from negligence and apathy

Seismic Tango Inside the Cavern, updated




MORE FRIDAY NEWS HERE LATER – – we doubt it! News blackout in effect.

DNR Inspection Report (Mar. 15)


Situation from Friday continues SATURDAY. Watch the heicorders.

Thursday News

ENE-News – Mysterious bubbling reported by salt dome 50 miles from giant Louisiana sinkhole — Sheriff asking motorists to stay away

WAFB – Bubbling sites on Lake Peigneur have residents worried

MsReesa says this document on faults shows one under Lake Peigneur (p. 10)

2.6 quake in Manila, Arkansas– near the Tenn. border.

We did an update on the situation with the gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Updates will go onto that post.

Severe weather is missing the salt dome collapse zone but there is a high wind advisory. Weather report. Rain and thunder storms due. More water to add to Lake FUBAR. More weight on top of the failed cavern.

Louisiana Sinking?

PONCHATOULA, LA (WAFB) –More rain this week is only going to be making a problem in Ponchatoula worse. Tombstones are sinking because of the saturated ground, and those left behind are now fighting a losing battle with Mother Nature.

New! DNR Inspection Report for today.

Over in Baton Rouge there’s a DNR PipeLine Hearing today.

NOAA satellite failure ‘would be felt all around the world’

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) –The federal government is scrambling to figure out a fix for several weather satellites that may soon stop working. The consequences could be the difference between life and death here in south Louisiana come hurricane season and beyond.
Forecasters use weather satellites to help predict where a storm might end up, everything from hurricanes to snow storms to every day weather.
A recent report from the Government Accountability Office says the system is in big trouble. . .

On BP fine spending – Lawmaker wants BP fine restrictions

Oil drilling news item – Gulf of Mexico Poised to Remain Strong in Coming Years

This story in The Comet has a great PHOTO: Legislators discuss Bayou Corne sinkhole

LEAN Reports on the Feb. 19 Senate Meeting –
Bayou Corne Residents Request Buy-outs at Senate Hearing, LEAN Makes Recommendations

From the Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s iWitness Pollution Map we find these 2 (old) items that may be related to the salt dome collapse at Bayou Corne.

Jena is in the middle of Louisiana, far from Napoleonville.

The map also shows a LOT OF SULPHER SMELLS and HYDROGEN SULPHER LEAKS in Southern Louisiana.

We can’t find news about the sinkhole status, size or the status of endangered nearby caverns. The company reports aren’t up to date  on the DNR site.

MORE here later . . . maybe . . .

Sinkhole Updates, Technology, and Theory

As the sinkhole turns …




Everything everybody thought they knew about the Louisiana Sinkhole changed with the latest ‘Belch’ event on January 19th, 2013, for the geology that existed prior, no longer exists.

This is a whole new animal we are now dealing with. With an overburden of water, the combination of the ‘thumper trucks’ performing a Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) for the five days prior, and then Friday the ‘T-Rex’ Tri-Axial set off a chain of events, that has moved around the rock structures, and allowed new migration zones for the formation gas, and even the bedded gas from the salt edge, (whatever is left of it at the top), and that the prior VSP readings are now completely useless.

If ‘Officials’ had backed off when they noticed the seismic events, and the casing pressure rising at the Oxy 3A OBW to over…

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Louisana Salt Dome Collapse

LINK –  http://youtu.be/kprEOkRsV1c

found by reader, Carol  🙂