Texas Brine Bulldozer at Work All Night?


That must all be showing up because a bulldozer is driving back and forth over the helicorders all night long! nightshift

It can’t be self-generating tremors under Lake FUBAR because Dept. of Conservation says it’s so stable and they only have teeny-tiny MICRO quakes there. Not these whoppers.

This is just as scary as a Steven King novel – Jumping Jack Flash’s pictorial December summary of crazy (methan H2S induced) events.


There was a CRAZY SPIKE on the charts at 6:08 A.M.. It was on LA10-03, 12 (real big), 18 and 17-02.



Bizarre Earthquake Lights Tied to Rifts in Earth

The AdvocateTexas Brine to build new barrier at sinkhole

[snip] . . . “It sank a foot in a week,” said John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
The latest drop left the levee of sand, clay, limestone and protective liner about 4.5 feet lower than its designed height of 6 feet above the surface, he said.
Boudreaux said the sunken section of levee likely would have gone underwater by Friday or Saturday without the interim repairs. . . .

Before It’s News – La. Quakes Make Sinkhole Rapidly Gulp Levee, New Action Started

Louisiana Sinkhole Quake Activity Uptick & South Berm Crippled!

The Watchers – Southern berm of Louisiana sinkhole sagging

Natural gas boom spurs methanol rush < they will probably just hook a pipe up to Lake FUBAR 😉

HOUSTON — The natural gas boom has turned the United States into a magnet for production of methanol, with nine major plants expected to be built, expanded or restarted in the country in the coming years. . .

Seismic chart readers: The U. of Memphis redid their CERI homepage and it is easier to use and easier to find monitor locations. CERI is on the sidebar   under ‘Seismic Monitoring’.


Proof Lake FUBAR is Leaking Past the Failing Berm & Thursday News

LINK –  http://youtu.be/miSOFa3t404

And reader, Jec sent this photo in of a useless, sunken boom:


Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet (Jan. 2) saying they have everything under control and the ikk isn’t seeping from Lake FUBAR because of they liner they put in.

Jan. 4 video –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/xiDlN2SW6cI


Story from France on Lake FUBAR < translation – see comment here…

fireradiation   Stuart Smith – Big Oil still poisoning Louisiana with radiation   

Thurs. afternoon all the helicorders shown fuzz like this:

LA17fuzz .  .   heli_button  We’ll have to wait for quittin’ time to see what’s really happening.

DNR has an Inspection Report for today.

Crosstex (butane cavern) has an update for Dec. 28


9 p.m. CST – Well past quittin’ time – – – seismos should be all calm now . . .



Berm Road Build Up and Thurs. News

The Parish has an update. I am sure they are busy putting more sand on the berm roads. But what is hitting Mexico now may well be on the way. They’ll need more than that to contain the mess Texas Brine made.

6 p.m. CST – Sunset is quittin’ time ~ so now let’s watch helicorders.

Insurance Journal – Gas in Assumption Aquifer Thought to Be from Sinkhole

DNR has a new Situation Summary (9-17). Second verse same as the first.

Blue Daze BOMBSHELL: New Report: Reckless Endangerment while Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale

Regulators evacuate from dangerous levels of pollution, residents left trapped

Keeping an eye on the weather for tropical storms – – –
Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
Click for weather forecast

Either Code 3 Work Ban is being Ignored OR – There’s about to be a big BARF soon!


Freedomrox says there are no work trucks on the berms today.

Update –  they were working near LA14 making the helicorders go crazy.

Update –

NEW video from the Parish blog:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/8hdCA_gEmjQ

They also put out a MAP with thin red line showing the tree fall area. It is about 2 o’clock on Lake FUBAR.

4 P.M. – –  LA14 goes crazy.  Barf bags ready!

LA14_Aug22_2013Thanks to Jec for news flash –  😉

It was work trucks after all.

Work at Lake FUBAR Continues in spite of Code 3 & A NEW FLY OVER + Tues. News

This isn’t 17 year locusts –



(not fact-checked) – Giant Louisiana sinkhole burps again, work ceased


1.7 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP
1.9 quake in Philadelphia, Tennessee < MAP

NEW FLY OVER from On Wings of Care


DNR Inspection Report out, May 6th

CROSSTEX is ADDING LPG mix to Well #2!!! 

Update for May 2 posted. Well#2: 100,491 barrels of the explosive stuff.  (Who knows what’s  there NOW!)

Other companies’ “updates” up to May 2ndTexas Brine’s says nothing. Their hidden daily update (May 6) hasn’t much new either. Another nothing report indicates H2S amounts as under 1.0% but doesn’t say what the amount is. DNR not asking either.

Louisiana WeeklyLSU study: Damaged minnow shows BP oil seeping into coastal food chain  And att’y. Stuart Smith writes why this isn’t trivia – 3 years later, “the canary in the coal mine” is dying in the Gulf

Something happened in the cavern about 4:30 a.m. and Sunday News

Almost all the helicorders showing this –

LA11_April28_2013    <  from LA11 

LA13 konked out yesterday


Assumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extended

Amy Wold of The Advocate writes on coast erosion in Louisiana – Washed away – Locations in Plaquemines Parish disappear from latest NOAA charts

Newspaper trivializes multiple sinkholes that opened up in Zachary, Louisiana. Golf course finds more holes than 18

“BREC Golf Director Jeff Marks, who took over the post earlier this month, said heavy rains in the first part of the year exacerbated the problem.
“Because we have had so much rain, the water pools up there,” he said.
Marks said he has seen similar problems at other courses.
“I have seen it at new courses, I have seen it at old courses,” Marks said. “With new courses, after time, the land kind of settles in.”

Crosstex has not given out a “daily” update since April 17. Why not?