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From Real Coastal Warriors : Gulf oyster harvest has nose-dived since BP spill

“…Gulf Coast oyster harvests have declined dramatically in the four years since a BP PLC oil well blew wild in the nation’s worst offshore oil disaster. Even after a modest rebound last year, thousands of acres of oyster beds where oil from the well washed ashore are producing less than a third of their pre-spill harvest.”

WIPP town meeting (looks like a bosses’ meeting) live stream #1. The rest of it.

The Watchers – Red tide kills thousands of fish in Gulf of Mexico, poses a greater health threat

The helicorders at Lake FUBAR were pretty quiet until noon then they started up and then sputtered. LA18 shows it.

The AdvocateJudge tells sinkhole lawyers to settle taxpayers’ claims

The state district judge presiding over year-old lawsuits seeking reimbursement of state and parish costs from the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole urged Texas Brine Co. and its insurers Monday to turn their attention away from internal battles over coverage and focus on settling the primary legal claims seeking to recover taxpayer dollars.

Judge Guy Holdridge, of the 23rd Judicial District, told a courtroom of more than two dozen lawyers from Texas Brine Co., its insurers, and state and Assumption Parish government that he has dealt with similar cases in the past involving multiple insurers and millions of dollars in claims and that the sheriff’s and Police Jury’s claims, in particular, are worth just several hundred thousand dollars each.

“My frustration is why are we working and kneading me up as a judge over these small claims, and I’m having to deal with 1,000 New Orleans lawyers. I don’t know why we are doing this,” Holdridge said at the Assumption Parish Courthouse in Napoleonville. . . .

There has been fewer posts here than usual because news from Bayou Corne has slowed to a trickle …

There’s been almost no updates posted lately from DNR.


DEQ has a new situation update Aug. 3 but they don’t report any stats. They just say everything’s fine. They have a water quality report for 7-29. They have a July air sample report.

The  Texas Brine Action Plan was pretty recent, Aug. 3. Oxy has one too for Aug. 3. So does KDS Promix, DOW, Arcadian GasChevron and Crosstex. Chevron is reducing inventory and slowing down. They don’t say it is due to instability but we doubt it is a reduction to greed that prompts them! Arcadian is idle too.

Texas Brine’s Action Plan uses an incredibly old photo of Lake FUBAR. We wonder how they can plan anything without a current picture or map.

The last Texas Brine drilling report was for 2012 just after the collapse. They say they closed Oxy 3 with a master valve so maybe they didn’t do any more drilling and that was the last report.

Last Night’s Public Briefing Presentation

Have at at.

And here is VIDEO

Assumption Parish Police Jury

The information presented at yesterday’s briefing is accessible at: 




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New 3-D survey + Wed. News

The Advertiser – Bayou Corne residents wonder what sinkhole means for their homes, futures

“The sinkhole itself could grow another 60 percent to 40 acres, according to the state government’s best estimate. No homes were destroyed, but fears center on the possibility that flammable gases, which have been seen bubbling on area waterways, could work their way into homes in the area.”

WAFB – DNR releases 3D seismic images of Bayou Corne Sinkhole


The Advocate – Expert: Deep gas sources feeding Assumption aquifer

NAPOLEONVILLE — A state seismic expert has found two likely existing “deep” sources continuing to feed methane gas under the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities and more than 90 bubbles sites in the area of northern Assumption Parish.

But officials working on the removal of the gas, a suspected byproduct of the formation of the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole last year, said Tuesday they are focused on cutting off or removing gas in two shallower layers first while they work on how to eliminate these two deeper sources. . .

. ,. . .Gary Hecox, CB&I hydrogeologist and  leading scientist on the sinkhole response, said [at the meeting]  drilling for the sources is certainly viable.

“The problem you’ve got, is even if we start drilling tomorrow and relieve that gas, there is so much gas in the aquifer you probably would not even notice it,” he said during the presentation to 40 to 50 residents.

Hecox added it may take years for an effect to be seen. He has said the gas in the aquifer is much greater than the 45 million cubic feet once estimated and is collected heavily under the Sportsmans Drive community south of La. 70 in Bayou Corne. . . .

LINK –  http://youtu.be/YguTb6e5f_E

Hmmm. . . King mackerel warning for the Gulf

A tale of legal corruption in Louisiana (Stop the Presses!) – from SlabbedNow for the rest of the story you’ll never see on 4 Investigates or in the Advocate as Slabbed updates Gates v Swartz

Strange Sounds – WTF is This Mysterious Sea Monster Caught by an Oil-Rig Cam?

WAFB – Boil advisory issued for French Settlement < is it from . . .   ground movement??

Open burning OK for Assumption Parish < ding dong!!

West VA – 3.1 quake on ANF



We Want to See CORRECT Diagrams of Lake FUBAR


When will the charts in the CBI public presentations get corrected?

The illustrations of shape, depth and contents of Lake FUBAR don’t match what is playing out before our eyes. You have essentially been exposed as giving out misleading information to the public about the collapsed salt dome at Napoleonville. Was this by error?

Is it a deliberate disinfo campaign because all he11 has broken loose down below and you gotta show something ‘different’ to calm down angry residents?

Did you take over a year (instead of 2 weeks) to do a 3-D survey as a stall for litigation reasons?
Is pressure below being affected by the oil-eating, untested, genetically-modified bacteria  put in the Gulf and underground to bring more profits to oil and gas companies? Is there a way to “recall” the oil-eating, untested, gentically-modified bacteria?

Does Texas Brine pay management level oil industry careerists to troll Face Book, blogs and social media to keep “their” version of events at Bayou Corne repeated?

Does Texas Brine, Occidental Petroleum or other big oil and gas entity pressure the local business-friendly media not to question Texas Brine’s version of events at Bayou Corne?

Did the  USGS and other agencies obscure or omit important information about faults in the Gulf coast states and offshore near oil field areas to ease the drilling permit process? Did they do the same for information about dead volcanoes?

Which caverns in Assumption Parish are fully intact and which ones are compromised or failing? Are there new M.I.T. results on all of them? Did DNR tell anyone to do them?

Texas Brine brags they have “world experts” helping solve the problem at Bayou Corne. Why do these “world experts” all have career ties to Texas Brine?  And isn’t it true these are not the ‘top’ experts in the field? And isn’t it true there has been no international outreach in the science community for opinions about a solutution for the disaster? And why are only brine and oil men involved? Wouldn’t it help to bring in expertise from other fields?

If Texas Brine has confidence in their science team and the Blue Ribbons why isn’t the live cam public?

Has there been a test using dye or smoke etc. to find the source of any leaks from caverns?

If the methane is being flared off and/or vented from Bayou Corne what happened at Crawfish Stew location yesterday? Did the pressure increase or are there more methane spots appearing?

Why hasn’t anyone tested the bubbling at Lake Peigneur  to see if it has the same trouble as Bayou Corne? Ditto New Orleans area.

If that bubbling is related doesn’t this disaster need better management than Texas Brine can provide?

Why do NASA, Google Earth and Digital Globe refuse requests to show satellite imagry of the disaster? Were they told not to show it?

Dear Blue Ribbons,


LINK –  http://youtu.be/8hdCA_gEmjQ
Remember this Blue Ribbon report from April 5, 2013 and the drawings of the “witches hat”?


Pomkiwi commented that is “hat” could not have allowed those trees to fall STRAIGHT DOWN. 
If this  CBI art were a real representation of the shape of Lake FUBAR the trees would simply have fallen over sideways. These trees were sucked STRAIGHT DOWN!



Blue Ribbon in NRC Document – Bonus: NRC doc for Ohio residents

Looking around at the NRC documents search page  we decided to see if we could find anything on that NORM (rad waste) stored at those caverns in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. We didn’t find that but we got this interesting item on one of the Blue Ribbon Panel members and his energy ties.

ML13199A455 –     Notice of Disclosure (NRC)

Document on disclosure by Blue Ribbon Panel guy, Judge Randall J. Charbeneau, to the NRC about NUCLEAR INNOVATION NORTH AMERICA LLC.

p. 2-3

 “Applicant Nuclear Innovation North America (NINA) has applied to the NRC for two combined operating licenses (COL) under 10 C.F.R. Part 52 that would authorize NINA to construct and operate two new reactors at the South Texas Project located in Matagorda County, Texas.
Section 1.2 of Part 1 of NINA’s COL application acknowledges that NINA has entered into certain agreements with Stone & Webster, Inc. (S&W) whereby S&W has the right to acquire an ownership interest in NINA from NRG Energy.4 S&W is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Shaw Group, Inc., which has recently been acquired by CB&I.5 Thus CB&I now owns the right to acquire an ownership interest in NINA from NRG Energy.”

ML003754826  –  Utah DEP document


p. 238

“The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board left no doubt in Louisiana Energy Services, L.P. (Claiborne Enrichment Center), LBP-97-9, 45 NRC 367
(1997) (hereafter “Claiborne”) that the NRC is obligated to carry out,in good faith, the President’s Executive Order on Environmental Justice in its activities that substantially affect human health and the environment. The Board found the President’s Executive Order applicable to NRC licensing actions because those actions substantially affect human health and the environment.
As in the Claiborne case, where progression of the site selection process and narrowing of the search raised, dramatically, the level of minority representation in the population, the Applicant’s search had been focused disproportionately on areas of high minority populations. As discussed above, the Applicant started its site selection with 38 sites, over 20 of which were located on Indian  reservations and ended up with two closely located sites on the Skull Valley reservation.”

In section 2.2 of the Executive Order, the President orders that [e]ach Federal agency shall conduct its programs, policies, and activities that substantially affect human health or the environment, in a manner that ensures such programs, policies, and activities do not have the effect of excluding persons (including populations) from participation in, denying persons (including populations) the benefits of, or subjecting persons (including populations) to discrimination under, such programs, policies, and activities, because of their race, color, or national  origin.

p. 281– Has lots about Louisiana Energy Services (Claiborne Enrichment Center).


ML051650044 –   USEC doc   featuring advanced uranium enrichment and Louisiana Energy Services.
Mostly of interest to Ohio residents.
PORTS is Depleted Uranium Hexafluride Conversion Facility at the Portsmouth, Ohio site (???)


” . . . it should also be noted that most recently the site selection process for Louisiana Energy Services*proposed National Enrichment Facility included PORTS as one of six sites that passed their screening process and was considered in detail in choosing their preferred site. (NEF 2004)”


SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest

Another great piece of investigation work!!   blueribbon_boy_small




SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest.

 by: Freedomrox

As much as the Corporate Program known as “Responsible Care” is plastered on the Water Tower near Bayou Corne, and is a global initiative for every Corporate Member at the Napoleonville Salt Dome, but is not associated with Texas Brine in any way, except for the fact they are members along with every Company that does business on the Dome, yet is often misunderstood as being Texas Brine’s motto. Of course, as we’ve seen responsible care is the last thing to be associated with Texas Brine, LLC.

That is not the case with the Solution Mining Research Institute, which was actually Co-Founded by Texas Brine.  

Yet again, almost every single Company at the Dome is a Member, as is many of the Service Companies, and Support Services are shown to be Members of the Solution Mining Research Institute. It seems to be…

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