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Huge fluid movement at Lake FUBAR for over 2 hours starting at 2:30 A.M. – LA12 shows it. It might be this New Guinea 7.2 quakeOR – more likely, this 4.0 quake near Dallas, Texas. MAP

Inst. of Southern Studies Looting Louisiana: How the Jindal administration is helping Big Oil rip off a cash-strapped state

Video – Weeping Willow calls up DNR –

Texas: From Fracking Boom to Water Revolution


May 3 –


NEW MADRID FAULT blog item from 2013

A bunch of stuff from 2013<- includes BP and Texas Brine

A lot of misc. items on all subjects




We found this item on South American lithium and brine and wondered if Texas Brine had an interest in the lithium craze (auto batteries) going on now. We didn’t see Louisiana on the list. Or here. Not that they can’t keep a secret.



Gulf Current Gets Yips + News + Methane Gas Global Emergency

Study: The Gulf Stream system may already be weakening. That’s not good.

“. . .  They conclude the system has weakened to its lowest level in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland’s melting ice sheet.< Don’t look at Corexit! Don’t look at Corexit! Perhaps due to an influx of Corexit!

global warming may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system ” — how about BP may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system!

New York TimesGov. Jindal’s Implosion

Jindal has made a mess of Louisiana and wrecked his reputation in the process. His odds of becoming president of the United States have shrunk to nil.”


OK and S. Kansas having a frack-quake swarm. RSOE screen shot –



(3-26) – 2.9 quake in N. IllinoisMAP

Keeping up with methane news –

Arctic Methane Emergency: Methane released by the Gigaton! (billions of tons)


Wednesday morning – booms off the chart at Lake FUBAR


Thurs. News – Lots of Seismic Fuzz Overnight

Constant seismic activity at Lake FUBAR. See helicorders. . . (except LA11 which seems broken)


9:30 p.m. CST – LA14 has a cough.

We missed this Op-Ed (Jan. 9) – The AdvocateJames Gill: Graves shows why lawsuit is needed

“Garret Graves, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s point man on coastal restoration, makes a compelling case. He should by now have convinced all doubters that the state ought to sue the oil and gas companies that have spent about a century ravaging our wetlands. That wasn’t Graves’ intention and it won’t happen. But put together all his public pronouncements, and that’s where logic leads. Graves and Jindal actually want the companies to go scot-free, leaving you and me to pick up a tab that is bound to run into the billions. That’s why they are in the process of scuttling a suit filed by the New Orleans-area levee board seeking damages for the havoc caused by the canals and pipelines that criss-cross Louisiana’s rapidly disappearing marshes. . . “

About Texas – With a Rise in Manmade Quakes, a Search for More Data

[snip] ” . . . The likely culprit behind the quakes isn’t fracking, but rather a byproduct of it — hundreds of billions of gallons of wastewater from oil and gas drilling. The disposal of that wastewater deep underground has been known to cause faults to slip, triggering earthquakes in parts of Texas. There were under a hundred recorded earthquakes (measuring 2.0 or higher) in Texas during the three decades before the current drilling boom began in earnest in 2007, according to records from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Since then, there’s been two hundred quakes recorded by the agency, along with hundreds more smaller ones. . . “

Maryland – weird event. (We don’t know where to put this)  Boom, then rumble leaves Ocean City[MD]  puzzled

Illinois –  weird event. (We don’t know where to put this)  No carbon monoxide found in Springfield school, School evacuated ater students fall ill

Wednesday News, VA Booms and Restore Louisiana Now Story

At 4:15 A.M. (CST) the helicorder at LA12 woke up and burped. Let’s see how the day plays out. In the prior post the video of trees sinking into Lake FUBAR is days old.  And officials chose to ALLOW work at the site AFTER that!

They are keeping the CODE 1 as the helicorders attest. We can only see what’s going on after dark when they quit stomping around with heavy equipment.

WBRZ VIDEO from Dec. 31 – Protection Wall Around Sinkhole Sinks

Tap water is flammable 4 miles from Bayou Corne:


2.1 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

This isn’t sinkhole related but it’s plain weird. Noise event(s) in Virginia

“Police and firefighters in Colonial Heights were called out to three different parts of the city Sunday for reports of mysterious sounds. Some call them booms while others referred to them as explosions. Some said the noises were so intense that they rattled their homes. “It’s a loud, loud boom,” Clint Lanier, who lives in Chesterfield County, told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil. “It’ ain’t no shotgun and it ain’t no kind of gun. It’s like an explosion.” Sgt. Rob Ruxer with Colonial Heights police said dispatchers received at least three calls just before 5:30 p.m. Sunday from citizens in separate areas of the city about a loud noise. “There was a large boom. I thought it was thunder,” Kelsey Barnes of Colonial Heights said. “It kind of shook the house a little bit, but I have no idea what it was.” Officials have not been able to tie the booms to one specific area, but they have been reported for the past several weeks. ….”   MAP

David vs. Goliath
In his attempt to secure funding for coastal restoration and hurricane protection, John Barry refused to back down in his fight against Big Oil and Gov. Bobby Jindal


New FLY OVER + Wed. News


It shows the evaporation tanks are almost full –


Louisiana Sinkhole Still a Danger

“. . . The sinkhole sent shockwaves through the mining industry as the collapse of this type was considered impossible, but scientist had previously warned regulators and those involved in salt mining that the geology of salt caverns made such an event a possibility. Neither Texas Brine Co. nor Occidental Petroleum admit any wrong doing in the collapse, they have however taken some of the responsibility for damage. Some of the residents who haven’t been allowed to return to their homes have received $875 per week from Texas Brine Co. Other residents have opted to remain in the area despite warnings to leave.

A policy analyst for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources went on record with reporters this month saying that the while the direct cause was a manmade action it is “natural forces” that are now at work in making the sinkhole larger. . . “

NY Daily NewsBayou Corne sinkhole could require decades of monitoring once brought under control: officials
The insatiable Louisiana sinkhole captured national attention after the YouTube video ‘8/21/13 Slough in’ showed it swallowing a set of trees. Officials also fear that gas within area may spark massive inferno.

Op-Ed – Jindal has more snakes than he can kill with coastal lawsuits against oil companies; whatcha gonna do now, Bobby? Those parishes (Jefferson and Plaquemines) got their own lawyers

“. . . .The one matter that he [Jindal] did tackle head-on, however, was that ridiculous lawsuit by the greedy SLFPA-E against those poor defenseless oil companies for the destruction of that useless Louisiana coastline that’s good for nothing but as a wildlife refuge…and oh yes, hurricane surge protection.
Jindal believes that the litigation is a crime against nature and just to prove his point, he resorted to his favorite tactic—firing those who dare disagree. . . . “

3.5 magnitude earthquake reported in SE Ohio

Weekend News with brain-eating amoeba updates

Weather news is below.   (scroll down) News about it will get put there.

Fluid movement at Lake FUBAR at 7 a.m. this morning, CST, local time.

You can see it on the LA14 helicorder. It shows up well on LA10-03 too.  About 6:15 a.m.  LA10-02 had a big sneeze:

Reader, D.H. says the seismic activty may be from a big quake in Mexico. Maybe so.


Louisiana Bucket Brigade – Lt. General Honore Inspires at Rising Tide

“Honore will now call the sinkhole in Bayou Corne the Texas Brine sinkhole for the industrial product-producing company who caused it.”

The Advocate Lawsuit seeks Jindal adviser’s correspondence with oil and gas industry
Activist sues for access to conversations between Jindal aide, energy industry
By Jeff Adelson

A New Orleans environmental activist is suing the state for copies of correspondence she says could shed light on conversations between Gov. Bobby Jindal’s top coastal-protection adviser and the energy industry about a local flood-protection board’s decision to file a massive lawsuit against dozens of oil and gas companies.

The suit comes in the wake of the state’s denial of a public-records request by Anne Rolfes, founding director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, seeking all correspondence to and from Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman Garret Graves since December. . . .

The Watchers – Violent eruption and series of major pyroclastic flows at Santa Maria, Guatemala


Napoleonville salt dome disaster health adviser, Dr. Raoult Ratard, who gave an early presentation to Assumption Parish residents seems to be in charge of water safety and the brain-eating amoeba(!).

WWLTV – Residents demand answers on brain-eating amoeba at meeting < VIDEO

Found on Real Coastal WarriorsBetter Left Alone: Flesh-eating Bacteria Thrive in Tarballs

(9-22) Another meeting in St. Bernard to address unanswered concerns

(10-9) Precautionary measures to reduce risk of ‘brain eating amoeba’ from the DHH

Alaska Aftershocks Continue & Long Weekend News

The aftershocks are showing up on the “USGS shake maps” headlines in the RSS feed on the right sidebar. Also on the sidebar, under “REF” is a time zone  page with a time zone converter. CST is GMT – 5 hours.
heli_button   Dozens of Aftershocks Expected on Alaskan Island –  Alaska volcano going off


Bayou Buzz – Will media stop whitewashing Jindal’s Bayou Corne sinkhole story?

” . . . Governor Jindal, your state has been under the threat of a environmental disaster now for over a year. I’m referring to the Bayou Corne sinkhole that appears to be expanding and expanding with no solution in sight.
Your state has filed a lawsuit against those you believe caused the damage. You made a pit stop there seven months after the hole became an issue, but , only after homeowners started to complain about your refusal to make an appearance.”

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet dated Aug. 29 about what great things they are doing. They don’t explain why they put out such low-ball home-buy offers. “Code 3 – not allowed on west berm or onto pad 3 or north pad. Added ORWs #42, 43,
46, and 48 to report.”

DNR Inspection Report for Aug. 30 has current work description at the end.


It looks like El Barfo is reloading. LA14.

2.1 quake Marston, Missouri < MAP

Crosstex put out the update for Aug. 28thThey are ADDING more butane . . .



We added a better map showing Crosstex Well #1 and Well #2 to the ‘location of the butane caverns‘ post (found on the MAP page).



Let’s hope helicorders don’t go off too much since probably everyone’s gone for the holiday.

We missed this item from April – Hurricanes May Cause Earthquakes