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3.1 quake in west central Alabama
In Guatemala there is a big volcano going off and large earthquakes – see RSOE map


Strange Sounds says big booms historically precede big earthquakes.


What’s Going On With These Huge Earthquakes?

Weird Booms All Over

From Strange SoundsStrange Sounds Map: World Wide Reports From YouTube Of Unexplained noises and Mysterious Booms

Reports of unidentified events presented as loud, unusual sounds coming seemingly from the sky, or “everywhere”, have been making their way into YouTube most frequently since the late Spring, early Summer of 2011. This map reports locations of the events, and links to the applicable YouTube report.

Food for Thought – 2 Videos & Monday News

On radiation from Japan in the sky affecting airline passengers, including celebrities named in the title – –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/i_tRTBkul5I

Summary video on those BOOMS –

LINK – http://youtu.be/hM3szYqngq0

Another Arkansas earthquake – related to their nuke disaster?

2.1 quake Clinton, Arkansas

LA12 Going off . . . now


More on Mystery Booms & Earthquakes – On GAS RELEASES Making Booms(!)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/xEqCRtSZ96k

He mentions Brontide events. Wikpedia says:

Brontide is a type of rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity.

Science article on Brontides (“Brontides: Natural Explosive Noises”,  Science, 204:371, 1979)  – (subscription)

What is That Mysterious Booming Sound?