In Other News — as the Sinkhole Implodes

Mother JonesHow a Hard-Charging General Became an Environmental Crusader
Lt. General Russel L. Honoré has declared war on Lousiana’s biggest polluters. Is a gubernatorial run next?

Booms covered up by USGS:


Texas has Quake Swarm & Booms Across the South

10 Earthquakes Rock North Texas In 25 Hours

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Ten earthquakes, three of them greater than a 3.0 in magnitude, rocked the DFW area on Tuesday afternoon and into early Wednesday, knocking items off of walls, causing cracks to appear in ceilings and generally rattling nerves across the region. . . .

Loud Booms

Lake FUBAR extra active Wed. eve – LA12 shows it


Some Seismic Activity Monday

It started a little before 5:30 a.m. – seen here on LA12.

At 9:54 CST there was a huge 6.8  quake off Fiji. It was very deep so maybe it is the shallow ones that shake up the helicorders from far away. It doesn’t show on helicorders at Bayou Corne. Then before noon all the helicorders had an outage for about an hour and a half. Looks like some tech issue.


Strange Sounds – Loud Boom: Increasing Number Of Mystery Booms Around The World – July 2014

Florida has a giant new sinkhole threatening homes – see comments.

A Strum at LA18, Then a Big Twang in the Night & Sun. & Mon. News

A strum on some of the helicorders at 4:40 a.m..  It showed best at LA18. Also on LA12 and LA19 but it didn’t register on the others.  12 & 19 are near the butane caverns.



At 10 P.M. something big happened at Lake FUBAR.

It looked like this (LA18)    LA12tenPM

– but didn’t show on all the helicorders (so it wasn’t caused by a far away earthquake). LA10-03 (bottom borehole) showed activity at 10 p.m.

How things went Saturday at the Water Festival:


Bayou Corne Residents Speak at the Water Festival:



Conservation Dept. is keeping the work status at Code 1 says the parish blogTra-La-La ♫ ♪ ♬

They are piling up extra clay for the new new south berm … or is it for a planned new new south berm?

REMINDER – Big Meeting Tomorrow (Tues.)

A community briefing:
When:  Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Assumption Parish Community Center, 4910 Hwy 308, Napoleonville


2.6 quake at Lowellville, Ohio
2.6 quake at Lowellville, Ohio near the one above
2.8 quake at Lowellville, Ohio near those

fireradiation  These are near Beaver Valley nuke plant


Booms Cover-Up! New Madrid Is Waking Up! – UPDATED

Before It’s News – Booms Cover-Up! New Madrid Is Waking Up! Video Shares What The USGS Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are all of the mysterious loud booms being heard throughout the New Madrid area and elsewhere in the vicinity the New Madrid fault line awakening? It appears that we have a cover-up in progress, with the USGS involved, as we speak. . .


When looking up “booms” also use search term “brontide event“. More is on Strange Sounds.

Strange Sounds Map: World Wide Reports From YouTube Of Unexplained noises and Mysterious Booms

South Carolina Earthquake Felt In Georgia, Considered A ‘Large Quake For That Area’

CNN – 4.1 magnitude quake strikes in South Carolina < has map

No problems at Georgia Power nuclear plant after 4.1. quake


Remember this story last Nov.? – Chicago area – Geological Survey: Tremors in western suburbs likely from quarry blast, not earthquake

(Feb. 20) Boom in Argentina chalked up to “meteorite”

Louisiana’s Bayou Corne Could Be Ancient Volcano

From Aug. item on Dublin’s Mick Breaking News

“While the MSM nearly completely ignores this entire sinkhole ‘event’, knowing for a fact that an ancient volcano inhabited this area, we have to ask what is really going on?”

More on volcanoes in the Gulf on the Methane page.

Weird Booms All Over

From Strange SoundsStrange Sounds Map: World Wide Reports From YouTube Of Unexplained noises and Mysterious Booms

Reports of unidentified events presented as loud, unusual sounds coming seemingly from the sky, or “everywhere”, have been making their way into YouTube most frequently since the late Spring, early Summer of 2011. This map reports locations of the events, and links to the applicable YouTube report.