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WAFB – Plaquemine Ferry service suspended starting Monday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced Friday the Plaquemine Ferry service will be suspended starting Monday, Jan. 18 due to high Mississippi River stages.
DOTD will be monitoring the conditions closely over the weekend, and in the event that the river rises to a level that makes it unsafe to operate, the Department will alert the public if closure earlier than Monday, Jan. 18 becomes necessary.
On Jan. 8, DOTD crews built a higher elevation approach that allowed the ferry to remain open an additional week. It will also allow the ferry to reopen roughly one week sooner once the river levels fall.
Based on the current river stage forecast, DOTD expects to resume service by Jan. 28, but that will depend on field conditions.

Jan. 14 Situation –


Flood warning continues for the following rivers in Louisiana…Texas..
Atchafalaya River At Krotz Springs
Atchafalaya River At Morgan City
Calcasieu River Near Glenmora
Sabine River Near Bon Wier
Sabine River Near Deweyville
Pine Island Bayou Near Sour Lake


WAFB Flood warnings (cities)

Louisiana Governor Reviews Flood Fight in Vidalia

The AdvocateCorps continues to open Bonnet Carre bays to control the swollen Mississippi River

Insurance Journal – Cities Prepare for High Waters as Mississippi River Nears Flood Stage

St. Charles Parish: Mississippi River flooding  < has video

Don’t blame the recent flooding along the Mississippi River on the rain. We created this mess.

flood . . . . Not only are its levees dilapidated, but that stretch of the Mississippi is thick with hardware like wing dikes, which are rock jetties that jut perpendicularly into the river from the banks. Structures like these are designed to help barges navigate by concentrating the river’s flow. But as I wrote in this 2014 cover story for onEarth, wing dikes also make floodwaters more turbulent, slowing them down and raising them higher.

Wildlife fleeing wilderness to escape flooding

River rises as crest lowers

The Mississippi River is almost 8 feet higher than its 48-foot Greenville flood stage. The National Weather Service anticipates the water to crest at 56.2 feet Wednesday, making it almost 4 feet lower and a day earlier than originally expected.

The New YorkerThe Control of Nature (1987) Atchafalaya

” . . . The Mississippi wants to go west. Nineteen-seventy-three was a forty-year flood. The big one lies out there somewhere—when the structures can’t release all the floodwaters and the levee is going to have to give way. That is when the river’s going to jump its banks and try to break through. . . .”

Meanwhile, at Boone Dam . . . .

Nov. 23 – WJHL – EXCLUSIVE: TVA internal emails about Boone Dam safety problems revealed

SULLIVAN / WASHINGTON CO.,TN (WJHL) In the days immediately after the October 2014 discovery of a structural problem at Boone Dam, internal TVA emails show staff had grave concerns about the dam and the potential impact on the safety of people downstream.

Dec. 22 – Grout mix tests starting this week at Boone Dam

Jan. 7 – Study: No significant environmental effects at Boone Dam

Jan. 10 – Report shows Boone Dam repairs will have no long-term environmental impacts on area

Post here from May 5: Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

RadRED Nuke plants in flood path updates – scroll down 2 posts


Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

ENE-News – Top Official: “Sinkhole has sunk further… we have water coming through dam” upstream of nuclear plants; “Now agency’s top priority”; “Continued flow…could destabilize dam” — Section caved in at base — Gov’t not disclosing inundation maps over security concerns; Private meeting with facility in path (VIDEO)

sinkhole in the parking lot (!!!!!)

Lots of info – BooneDoggle

LINK – http://youtu.be/qvOIz3Eo6DI

The TVA must be copying Texas Brine. They have a “timetable” too! News report with video (Ap. 28)

Boone dam has been crumbling for a long time – 2004 photos

The Boone Dam Sinkhole after the Panama Canal Quake of 29 October 2014

TVA energy plant map page    |    zoomable area map


Boone Lake water elevation live data

This guy says the threat is overblown and there’s lots of space in lakes to absorb any escaping water –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/EjDzCBR5kLo

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Tues. & Wed. News


The AdvocateHonoré: Environmental agencies using 1950s technology to monitor 21st-century industries

Tenn. – Boone Dam “update” (there is a media blockade on the failed dam topic)
Technological Hazard/Engineering Disaster Alert: Boone Dam, Tennessee

ENE-News (2012) – NRC Engineers Charge Gov’t Coverup — Reactor melt down an “absolute certainty” if dam fails — 100s of times more likely than tsunami that hit Fukushima

Texas Brine has responded to the Blue Ribbons’ report by digging in their heels claiming there are no changes at Lake FUBAR. And we’re a bunch of nervous Nellie’s for watching the helicorders. We’re just seeing “routine industrial activity(!).  Additionally they say they have set out new monitors (that we can’t find) around Oxy 3. Comment here if you can find the new helis.


Minden – DEQ Senate Committee Meeting Feb 9, 2015‏

Support our fellow citizens    #StopTheBurn
February 9, 2015 1:00 PM REF: Camp Minden
(In case the venue or time changes call PULS LINE 342-2456 for updates.)

You can contact groups going etc. by checking our earlier post for links.

Oddness at Lake FUBAR Sunday + New Madrid Shakes


What the heck are THESE???


 Sunday eve –  LA14 goes nuts

Monday it is even worseheli_button

fluid  On Wed. at 3:30 p.m. – it shows well at LA12 and at the bottom borehole, LA10-03. The surface one there is broken. The middle one (10-02) didn’t show the fluid movement.

SCROLL DOWN for more craziness at Lake FUBAR all weekend




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Boone dam (Tenn.) updateENE-News –  Official: Urgent, worrisome situation at major dam with nuclear plants downstream — We don’t know what’s going on

Friday News

Lots of it …. see NEXT post …


ENE-News has an update on Boone Dam in Tenn. –
Official: Fissures in earth now suspected under dam upstream of nuke plants — “There’s plenty of rumors… We’re considering all possibilities… Leak is actually in embankment, that’s where all the focus is” — Speculation that problem to go on for years — New drone footage shows excavation in progress (VIDEO)




Tenn. – Sinkhole Under Dam Emergency

It is not salt dome related – but bad enough!

ENE-News – Sinkhole develops under dam in US — 7 nuclear reactors downstream — Water now seeping out — Gov’t notified of ‘stability issues’, plants begin evaluating potential flood impacts — Official: An ‘uncommon’ occurrence, we’re monitoring it continuously and working around clock — Structure same height as Niagra Falls


MAP shows distance from dam to Browns Ferry NPP