New Drilling Next to Lake FUBAR? + NEWS

Dublinsmick has this BP related item – 2012 documentary shows Omar Mateen [Orlando guy] working security during BP oil spill-Deep Water Horizon Blow Out

Mittens sent in this Oil & Gas THREAT MAP link. It is now on the MAP page near the bottom.

(April 28 )  Meeting held to get public’s opinion of proposal for drilling salt dome near giant sinkhole

“Shintech Louisiana wants to start drilling another salt dome near the site of the sinkhole in Assumption Parish.”

If you think there have been a lot of sinkholes worldwide past few weeks you are right.

6-14 – – – – Heli_ANI

Here’s how calm things are at Lake FUBAR –
LA-18 (one of the few working helicorders left)

Yellowstone Updated

Friday News, A Seismo Symphony

LTG Russel L. Honoré has a few things to say about Fracking Waste Water Disposal In Louisiana. Twitter people see
# GreenARMY

WBRZ – Sinkhole getting national attention [from Newsweek]  frackturedfairytale

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet Dec. 19 saying all the air and bubble sites etc. are perfectly healthy  to breath. That must be why Louisiana is known as ‘good health alley’!


Here is LA12 today from Quake Watch, showing the spikes in full (without graph cropping like U. of Memphis chart).

After Midnight . . .


Elevator going down???

NOON (CST) – Many helicorders out/stopped. In the afternoon LA14 looked like this –


Other Conversations:

Godlike Productions‘ forum readers have been talking about Lake FUBAR this week. This post has interesting Matt Simmons info. And this forum has great photos and links about undersea faults etc. And we see You Tube channel, RearNakedSmoke1 has uploaded a ton of archival videos. Great Dreams’ blog has an interesting page about Lake FUBAR so far.

Tattoo’s idea about BP:


Preserve the Chicot Aquifer for safe drinking water petition

Seismic symphony continues into Saturday . . . (UPDATE: Still going on TUESDAY!)

We updated an old post “Oil & Gas Lobby Doing a Jig” about the party state officials went to hosted by the Oil & Gas Association with info from Tulane Law School.

Loose Rules for Salt Domes + Sunday News

The AdvocateProposed salt-dome regulations under fire

By David J. Mitchell
“At least a dozen salt-dome caverns in Louisiana are as close to the edge of their supporting underground formations as the one that collapsed last year and caused the yawning sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

Data collected by the state in response to the sinkhole also shows those 12 caverns, along with 15 others, would violate proposed rules mandating a buffer zone of sorts for future caverns to help ensure they are structurally sound. . . “

WAFB – Residents voice concerns over proposed salt dome regulations

The helicorders are showing static today plus work start up this morning.

Stuart Smith – BP’s digusting, dirty war on its online critics < more stories on this creepy, criminal behavior by BP is on the Real Coastal Warriors‘ face book page this weekend.

BP sends more drilling rigs to the Gulf of Mexico than ever before

Buy-Outs In Mind – Monday News

WBRZ – Video – Parish still waiting for sinkhole payments

WWLTV – Video – Some [BP] oil spill cleanup workers say exposure to chemicals left them sick

He says he asked for protection — a respiratory mask, special gloves and boots. “And they told me I’d be fired or I’d be relieved of my duties because it would be bad media attention.”

DNR Inspection Report (5-20) – They are drilling into the cap rock (p. 2 at the end). They posted recent reports too.

Strange Sounds reports Meteor with Strange Sounds in Kentucky, Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi – May 18 confused