Forgotten Bayou Trailer + Catching Up with Videos

Jan. 23 – WAFB – Woman documents the effects of giant sinkhole on the community < has video




This fly over footage is from last April — we want a NEW fly over!




Louisiana sinking 1 football field an hour – Henning Kemner


A summary of events

Residents with the monitors in their homes have moved away … but people just outside the declared danger zone have no compensation or relief.



Coming up: PBS show- Sinkholes—Buried Alive – The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard. Airing January 28, 2015 at 9 pm [EST] on PBS

The Advertiser “The sinkhole at Bayou Corne  smile3 will be featured in a scientific look at what causes sinkholes and the destruction they can bring when “Sinkholes — Buried Alive” premieres on NOVA and Louisiana Public Broadcasting at 9 p.m. Jan. 28.”



The Worst Case Scenario Unfolding – by Guest

“Abhorred monster! Fiend that thou art! The tortures of hell are too mild a vengeance for thy crimes. Wretched devil! You reproach me with your creation, come on, then, that I may extinguish the spark which I so negligently bestowed.”            – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, ‘Frankenstein’

Our Worst Case Scenario is Unfolding

The following comes from a fortune 50 executive level consultant who happened to employed at a Global Environmental Group. He also ended up being responsible for that group’s Oil Spill update delivered weekly via nationwide conference call during the first stage of the Macondo Well Failure.

The BP blow-out with a seafloor fissure sending methane below Bayou Corne scenario is true.
BP disaster court documents show BP had 3 wells (not one) that had a big problem resulting in what is called the Macondo blow-out. The event affected frozen methane under the Gulf of Mexico. When hot (BP) oil met frozen (solid) methane it turned it to a methane gas that became self-fracking.

THESE ARE NOT PAST EVENTS.. They are ongoing…The BP Blow-out severely damaged an already fractured site. While capped the casing was lost and as a result hot oil is meeting frozen methane and in combination they are self fracking their way along the salt formation leading up to Bayou Corne.
In other words, the BP accident leaked now hot oil and it seeped up hitting the frozen methane and it exploded. BP’s big secret is they had 3 shady well points (not one) that they got using illegal submersibles. The rule is they have to use a fixed rig to get the oil and they were cheating with the other system. They had a ‘loss of control’  well problem 2 days before the ‘big event’ and when it occurred they improperly sealed it. Also the Earth’s crust is thinnest there and BP wasn’t supposed to be drilling around that fragile spot.
They cannot stop the methane monster.
This scenario was only used to motivate staff as, at the time, it was too radical to be supported by the evidence avbailable. Recent court documents, however, change that.

During the early days of the oil spill we were shocked as we researched what had happened. Not only did it appear that the well should never have been permitted in that location (fragile geology, too close to the Gulf Salt Formation) it was a location that left NO margin of error. As we learned more we were shocked. On top of a difficult well location there were multiple signs of wellhead problems. So many that  the conboard crew called El Mocando, “El Diablo”.   On top of that there were far too many shortcuts, Alone they might have been seemingly little decisions. Collectively they eroded what margin was left and doomed Transocean. It was as if no one was looking at the big picture leading up to the “failure event”. How????
Before we had a chance to breath and dig further it became apparent that a casing failure was looming.

Failure to cap the well intact would precipitate their doomsday scenario.   Among other items this scenario included: Bubbling Bayous, exploding oil rigs. . .  all leading to: Salt dome failures. Fortunately before we could look any further the Macondo well was sealed…..or so we thought.

According to the source:

As far as we know, the Earth’s crust is thinnest in the Gulf Region. Meaning BP should have never gotten that permit. Especially so close to the Gulf Salt formation as it would amplify any well failure.

Any loss of control might lead to failure of the well casing.  It would mean even if the well were capped it would forever seep very hot oil through the fissures that existed naturally and those created by drilling and subsequent shocks during wellhead failure. The hot oil would soon meet small pockets or balls of frozen methane below the sea floor and frack its way to the surface. Not to the Gulf however…..


    • BP had 3 wells (not one).
    • The TV well was capped casing intact
    • It was the smallest “leak”
    • The other two wells both lost their casings
    • One of those was the primary source of the oil

It appears they were capped.  However, short of a nuclear device (proven by the Soviets but not an option in the Gulf. You see, this crust is…. ONE mile from magma) it cannot be stopped.

Therefore, ….. what do you think?


Part II


The giant-sized caverns for storing natural gas and other things are not allowed anywhere else in the world.  For safety, they don’t allow so much gas to be pumped into one spot.

With the BP disaster they released a large amount of highly active, genetically modified (GM) bacteria to “eat” the oil. That has been widely reported. What is not reported is this GM bacteria they released doesn’t eat all of the oil. It is a “sour component” eater and it leaves the rest. The side-effect of this is it increases pressure in low performing wells.
Except this bacteria went off on its own, ignoring the chaff and going for refined oil. It likes it and seeks it. And it is playing havoc with well pressure.
Oil rigs are punching into methane gas (not frozen methane) in substrata in the Gulf.
The methane under Lake FUBAR is coming up from the Macondo site.
There is a loss of casing at 2 of 3 wells at the BP disaster site. There is NO solution for it.
They might have used mini-nukes to blast it and fuse the rock. They have to hold off on that idea because the crust is too thin there. They cracked open “Dante’s Gate”.
The Dept. of Homeland Security and many big US agencies are addressing the problem and these same entities know all about Bayou Corne and its connection to the BP disaster.
The build up of berms around Lake FUBAR isn’t to protect the Bayou or aquifer from pollution. It is to keep fresh water out of the caverns that are now compromised.
Back at the BP disaster – the rig’s ‘A’ team wasn’t on the rig when it blew. The ‘B’ team of workers was. The ‘A’ team knew it was unsafe and wouldn’t work there. Things below were giving signals the rig was unsafe. The rig was “kicking” (moving, shuddering). Many senior rig handlers wouldn’t work on Macondo.
BP did questionable things. To stop leaking gas they use a very dense drilling fluid that is costly. BP removed it at Macondo and pumped in water with an untested cement “fill”.
Remember those rigs that blew in July in the Gulf of Mexico? Since Macondo blew the hydrolic rams don’t work on the other rigs. They can’t work because pressurized methane is coming up.
The Gulf is full of this injected GM bacteria that doesn’t eat the oil, just components of the oil and that is causing pressure spikes in the Gulf oil fields. Refined oil products are like candy for the new GM bacteria. It zooms over to them, not sticking around where the Frankensteins thought it would piddle around doing their task.  The highly active GM bacteria is making oil come up elsewhere. It is also creating pressure. Coupled with new released methane a big disaster looms.
It can set off the New Madrid Fault.
This accounts for the total media black-out surrounding larger issues around the Bayou Corne salt dome collapse.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Deepwater Horizon Study Group’s FINAL REPORT (PDF)  [alternate link]

page 33 – Halliburton’s foamed cement (that failed) – diagram p. 35

MDL-2179 Oil Spill by the Oil Rig “Deepwater Horizon”

Admiral Allen on Relief Well Intercept: “the two wells are joined”

On 3 wells, not 1: scroll to lower portion of this page, see graphic with “BP press office” e-mail. < Alternate link.

Prof. Bob Bea is a world renowned risk expert. He is Professor, UC Berkeley Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bob Bea testimony

  • BP disobeyed the  “Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act”, p.2. They drilled in the wrong place.
  • Gas “kicks” at Deepwater Horizon rig and premature off-loading of the drilling mud, p. 2

semi-submersible rigs and their mobility for re-use

A High-Resolution Survey of a Deep Hydrocarbon Plume in the Gulf of Mexico During the 2010 Macondo Blowout

Government – records

Check here later for more related material. – FC

short link –

Weekend Chex-Mix as News Blackout Continues on Lake FUBAR

Reminder – they continue berm repairs at Lake FUBAR and it is making the helicorders jump. But they are jumping by themselves overnight!

Something has happened at LA10-02 Sat. night.

Before It’s News – La. Sinkhole: Salt Dome Cavern Dropped 31 Feet

“Aside from those reports, silence of late about the status of the expanding emergency area has been as eery as Cajun bayous the energy companies have spoiled.”

First 8 min. of this video has to do with the salt dome collapse. Then it’s yadda yadda….


BP Earth Watch on the new, improved Lake FUBAR –


Strange blobs found near Chauvin, Louisiana are animals called bryozoans. (map)

The weekly SONRIS Report (p. 3) shows that DNR is letting Gulf South drill away in Napoleonville even as the berm road crumbles away.

LEAN – Community still evacuated, ground still sinking, buy-outs inadequate; will Bayou Corne residents find justice in court?

In Florida, where other non-salt-dome caused sinkholes form under hapless homeowners’ feet the insurance industry invented an ‘out’ for themselves. Is the Neutral Evaluation Process actually helping Florida homeowners? A lot more Florida sinkhole stories today are here.

Also in Florida a big sinkhole opened in Tampa. We were going to not cover all the sinkholes in Florida as they aren’t from salt domes but this spate of big home-eating sinkholes in different west Florida communities seems to indicate something is up. Probably oil and gas industry related.

HBO will show the documentary on fracking, “Gasland Part 2“, on July 8th at 9 p.m.

Fracking operation set to break ground after the state of Tennessee passes new regulation on Hydraulic Fracturing
What do you know? David DeGraw on Mental Slavery – Conditioned Consciousness


“Please sign the petition, found at

  . . . calling for an end to the use of toxic chemical dispersants, a part of the National Contingency Plan regarding oil spills in the United States.”

Crazy Ants update – they eat electronics(!). Will they eat the helicorders if they get to Louisiana? They are nearby in Louisiana.

Worry Over New Madrid Fault, Lake FUBAR & BP Disaster Site

Strange Sounds – When Will the New Madrid Fault, the Wabash Valley fault, the East Tennessee Seismic Zone Explode?


Mystery Booms and Strange Sounds Compilation: Canada, USA – May 6 to 16

Whole World Finding Out About Collapsed Salt Dome Catastrophe in Spite of Media Black-Out




Oh, and those hit counters on Google/YouTube – –  they mess with them.

Monday News + Video Chex Mix

Catastrophe Map – Assumption Parish Sinkhole Grows, Air Quality Alert Increased

Louisiana WeeklySinkhole at 300 ft. is Superdome-sized

By J. Kojo Livingston

The Bayou Corne sinkhole is grow­ing…faster.

The sinkhole that was a grave concern when it was the size of a football field is now the size of the Superdome in New Orleans.

The sinkhole that caused explosions and odors and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents had now expanded by 12 acres in the course of a weekend to the tune of rumblings, tremors and giant smelly gas bubbles coming from underground. The escaping gas is being burnt to avoid a massive explosion. . . .

. . . . You see this kind of closing down of information on the part of Texas Brine, the company responsible for creating the sinkhole. . . .

Related – This 2010 story is interesting – Human rights in ‘Cancer Alley’

Five years ago a group of residents from the rural community of Mossville in Louisiana came to Washington DC to file a human rights complaint against their own government. They alleged that the United States was not protecting their right to live in a healthy environment. . . .

. . . .”It is the first environmental case coming out of the United States to go to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

2.5 quake Plum Branch, South Carolina < MAP

A 6-minute interview podcast with Sonny Cranch on WJBO radio this morning. He discusses sinkhole depth, floor rise, failed integrity, future plans:

•Sonny Cranch – 1150 WJBO 

– thanks Guerrera Zorra for mentioning this interview and Keith  M. for finding it – 🙂

Public discussion planned about sinkhole

BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) – A special group will meet Friday to discuss public safety concerns around the growing sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Public Safety will meet on April 5th at the LSU Energy, Coast and Environment Building in the Woods Auditorium. The meeting is open to the public. . .

Strange SoundsUnderground explosion followed by fire near Lacles Landing St-Louis Missouri (VIDEO)


Idahopicker points out the floor of the cavern has risen almost 300 feet since the beginning of the disaster. It has filled in with falling rock.

Residents – he offers to help anyone with alternative home evaluation as he has the home building expertise.  He says Texas Brine may low-ball home values.


Mysterious Loud Booms; Pensacola, FL plus some on New Madrid Fault Zone quakes –


Crazy weather so far in 2013 – (note – China has same flimsy ground as Florida. A lot of limestone that causes sinkholes. )


Door Point Volcano Buried In SE Louisiana near BAYOU CORNE SINKHOLE! It has BP OIL worried. . .


Related – Door Point: A Buried Volcano In Southeast Louisiana – A Paper Written in 1976

We missed this NPR report on the sinkhole.

New Madrid Fault

Walter Coin found a lot of information on the New Madrid Fault with a lot of good photos explaining the geology of the area. Additional info with MAPS.

On the Edge blog – Sand Blows and the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Christian Chex Mix

We had a message from this fellow, Mark Brander, with his ideas about the sinkhole. Many other sites have this theme so just posting here as a courtesy.


shortlink –