Sinkhole in St. Louis + NEWS

Zero Hedge“We Don’t Know What Happened” St. Louis Officials Clueless As Downtown Sinkhole Swallows Car

” ….. a sinkhole spontaneously appeared in the city’s downtown, swallowing a car that had been parked street side.

And even more concerning, city officials say they have no idea how it happened….”





70-year-old woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria while fishing off Alabama coast

“A 70-year-old woman lost parts of her hand and arm after contracting a flesh eating bacteria while fishing with her husband off of Alabama’s Gulf Coast last week.

The woman, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, first became ill after she reached into a bucket of live shrimp bait and pricked the back of her hand. . . . “

Big methane release cause sinkhole in Russia –  –  MAP

There’s  more than one . . .  The Watchers New giant craters explode on Yamal Peninsula, Russia

June 28 – OregonSinkhole opens at Wickiup Reservoir, ground ‘highly unstable’


Mercury Rising

The AdvocateNoranda plant in St. James Parish seeks permit to emit mercury

“Noranda officials told the state Department of Environmental Quality in April and May that they believe the mercury is rising from steam vents tied to plant heat exchangers, although DEQ has not permitted the release of mercury into the air from anywhere at the plant.” . . . << and DEQ is gonna do ZIP about it!

“. . . Bryan Johnston, senior environmental scientist [PR speak for shill] in DEQ’s Air Permits Division, said “there is no indication at this point that there is anything to be concerned about.””

Back at Lake FUBAR – there was a big bang at 7:05 this morning shown on LA12 monitor. Another one at 9:10 … but it could be from work crew. They are probably trying to repair their submerged berm. Another big bang at 10 p.m. suggests these bangs are not caused by work crews.

Strange Sounds – Mysterious Booms In Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Hawaii And Hampshire, UK – What’s going on?  –  Recent booms in Texas

Catching up on Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Water stories –

Caddo Bayou Contaminated by Pipeline Leak + News

Near Shreveport (NW Louisiana) – Crude oil spills into Caddo bayou, kills wildlife

MOORINGSPORT – A major crude oil spill discovered near here Monday that stopped just shy of Caddo Lake has already killed dozens of fish and some reptiles and will keep cleanup crews and regulatory agencies on site likely for months to come.

“I would call it a significant size spill,” Bill Rhotenberry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s federal on-scene coordinator said of the oil that leaked in a rural Caddo Parish bayou from a Mid-Valley Pipeline. . .


New Orleans Times-Picayune – Oct. 20 – Brain-eating amoeba inquiry yields charges that 2 St. John employees lied about water samples

Volcano News – The Watchers – Evacuations ordered amid fears of Cerro Negro de Mayasquer eruption, Ecuador-Colombia < it could show up on helicorders

New Orleans Times PicayuneSt. Tammany Parish can proceed with fracking lawsuit, judge rules

Yellowston Updated

Wed. & Thurs. News


At 1:37 a.m. there was fluid movement at Lake FUBAR. It shows on LA12‘s monitor.

We are watching the storm in the gulf.  NOAA:

Shower and thunderstorm activity associated with a weak low
pressure area located over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico has
increased during the past few hours. Some additional development is
possible before the system moves inland over southern Texas and
northern Mexico on Thursday.

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FLUID MOVEMENT AGAIN at 3:45 a.m.   heli_button .  Later some sloshing at LA10 –   might be from this this 5.2 Guatemala earthquake.

Aug. 23 – Geologists’ convention to draw 1,000 to Cajundome [Lafayette]

“Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in several one-day courses on topics ranging from reservoir fluid analysis, to advanced techniques for interpreting seismic data. There will also be field trips to locales including the Wax Lake Delta and the recently formed and expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne, as well as a chance to see how Lafayette’s population growth is impacting policies related to local land and water use. Short courses and field trips will take place the weekend before the convention, and all are led by recognized experts from academia and the petroleum and environmental industries.”

TRIP #3: The Use of Louisiana Salt Domes and Associated Geological Difficulties — Exploration, Production, and Storage

St. John Parish – Deadly, brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water system

Utah – Magnum Awards Boart Longyear Drilling Contract for Natural Gas Liquids Storage Project

BoartLongyear, the world’s leading integrated exploration drilling services, equipment and performance tooling provider, has been awarded a contract on August 1, 2014 for drilling services at the Magnum NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) Storage Projectat central Utah’s Western Energy Hub.

Magnumis building the first underground salt cavern NGLs storage facility in the Rocky Mountain region at the site, located 10 miles north of Delta.Development will include the construction of solution-mined storage caverns in a salt domeapproximately 3,000 feet below the natural surface.Initially, thefacility will featuretwo caverns each capable of storing between 1 and 2 million barrels (mmbbl) of natural gas liquids (NGLs) such as propane and butane. . . .


New Fly Over – from the Parish Blog & Friday News


Helicorders very active overnight


WAFB – Emergency Rule will increase water disinfectant levels for the state

DNR has a new Inspection Report (11-7)

WWLTV- [OK] Drilling company fined, put on probation over falsified test results

NEW ORLEANS – An Oklahoma contractor that owns oil rigs and drills in the Gulf of Mexico pleaded guilty Friday to covering up problems with one of its critical blowout preventers by falsifying the results of pressure tests on the device in 2009 and 2010. . . .


North Texas has another minor earthquake, at least 4th this week in same general area

(11-7) NBC-DFW – More Earthquakes Detected in North Texas


2.8 quake in Marston, Missouri < MAP

Show on Louisiana Corruption on Tonight!

REMINDER – FOX8 News will air “Louisiana Purchased” tonight. Trailer
Related – Lee Zurik Investigation: ‘Dirty Deeds’ cost Louisiana hundreds of millions


WWLTV – Efforts to flush amoeba from St. Bernard water system continue < with VIDEO

Feds: Safety culture ‘poor, at best’ before fatal Black Elk platform blast

4.4 quake south of the Gulf of Mexico in Nicaragua – on the Pacific side.

CO2 injections likely culprit in Texas earthquakes -study

Reuters – Carbon dioxide injected into oil and gas wells may have caused a series of minor earthquakes in Texas long before the adoption of current hydraulic fracking, according to a study published on Monday in a national science journal. . . .

More Train Derailments In Canada Due To Shifting Earth, 13 Derailments Since May

The Parish Blog has some news including this bit Oxy 3 Cavern Floor ROSE 42 feet recently.


DHH Tries to Clean Water of Brain-Eating Amoeba + POLL < Updated

WWLTV reports (with video)

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals asked 85 water systems across the state to increase their chlorine levels to 0.5 miligrams per liter as a precautionary measure to stave off a potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba.
Water systems in many metro-area parishes are affected by the increase, which the state health officer for DHH said Thursday may become permanent. . . .

DHH does some damage control – State of Louisiana’s Response to Confirmation of Rare Ameba in St. Bernard and DeSoto Parishes < they can’t even spell it!

Maybe they should try this:  New York City Opens New Ultra-Violet Drinking Water Disinfection Plant – the World’s Largest  – – found at Stuart Smith’s blog


“My son Christian Strickland died August 5th, of the deadly brain eating amoeba neaglaria fowleri. This was this was Taking about 15 hours after being admitted to the hospital, in this video he had been repeating that he had to go to the bath room but clearly he could respond to me , this is very personal as it is the last semi coherent conversation I shared with my son and is so personal I have not shared it before however with the hot summer months coming I am concerned about another child falling victim to this deadly amoeba. I want to show all of you what this looks like for your families and especially for doctors because had the doctor reported that Christian had been in fresh water and his white cell count was in the 3000 which is unusual for meningitis even for the deadliest type of meningitis, bacteria. The health dept knew it was neaglaria , a nose plug could have saved his life but sending him to a FISHING camp I had no idea he’d be in the water up to his head . As you can tell he’s in a lot of pain and it got much worse after until his brainstem herniated and he was gone and because they wouldn’t test I was unable to give another mother that miracle I prayed and pleaded so desperately for . Please protect yourselves and most of all your children”


UPDATE, Oct. 14

Clumsy epidemiologist, Dr. Ratard, thinks the right place to joke about the amoeba is at a community meeting full of frightened parents

Ratard, the state epidemiologist, demonstrated where the water has to go to find a path to the brain. He said there have been no cases involving infection from water that a person drank or inhaled into the lungs.

“You have to get water all the way up here,” Ratard said, pressing the side of his hand against the very top of his nose between his eyes. “If you do, you are going to feel it because it burns.”

He stressed that it’s not contagious, then tossed out a joke that triggered scattered laughter.

“If you don’t eat the brain of the person, you will have no problems,” he said.


Mississippi worries about it – WTVA story . . .  so does Texas.

“It’s a statistical fact you’ve drank this amoeba before,” Neilson said. “We have no idea how it got in the system, but it’s in every fresh body of water in the South.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Louisiana State Epidemiologist, Dr. Raoult Ratard is the same guy inspecting water samples from Lake FUBAR.  Because of this latest water purity crisis we made a POLL.