Forgotten Bayou Trailer + Catching Up with Videos

Jan. 23 – WAFB – Woman documents the effects of giant sinkhole on the community < has video




This fly over footage is from last April — we want a NEW fly over!




Louisiana sinking 1 football field an hour – Henning Kemner


A summary of events

Residents with the monitors in their homes have moved away … but people just outside the declared danger zone have no compensation or relief.



Coming up: PBS show- Sinkholes—Buried Alive – The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard. Airing January 28, 2015 at 9 pm [EST] on PBS

The Advertiser “The sinkhole at Bayou Corne  smile3 will be featured in a scientific look at what causes sinkholes and the destruction they can bring when “Sinkholes — Buried Alive” premieres on NOVA and Louisiana Public Broadcasting at 9 p.m. Jan. 28.”



Old Info

We found some links to older compilation stories about Lake FUBAR and the salt dome collapse story.

Also this white paper from Geology Bayou Corne, Louisiana, sinkhole: Precursory deformation measured by radar interferometry
It costs $25.00 to get the PDF. UPDATE (Dec. 19) – The journal, Geology has kindly given permission to post this paper here. It has been added to the Salt Dome page, in the Louisiana section.

↑  Are they worried about a volcano there?? < paragraphs 1-2

 “Intrusions of magma beneath volcanoes deform the surrounding rock and, if the intrusion is large enough, the overlying ground surface. Numerical models generally agree that, for most eruptions, subsurface volume changes are sufficient to produce measurable deformation at the surface. Studying this deformation can help to determine the location, volume, and shape of a subsurface magma body and thus to anticipate the onset and course of an eruption. This approach has been successfully applied at many restless volcanoes, especially basaltic shields and silicic calderas, using various geodetic techniques and sensors. However, its success at many intermediate-composition strato-volcanoes has been limited by generally long repose intervals, steep terrain, and structural influences that complicate the history and shape of surface deformation. These factors have made it difficult to adequately characterize deformation in space and time at many of the world’s dangerous volcanoes. Recent technological advances promise to make this task casier by enabling the acquisition of geodetic data of high spatial and temporal resolution from Earth-orbiting satellites. Synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) can image ground deformation over large areas at metre-scale resolution over time-scales of a month to a few years.”

Louisiana’s Bayou Corne Could Be Ancient Volcano

From Aug. item on Dublin’s Mick Breaking News

“While the MSM nearly completely ignores this entire sinkhole ‘event’, knowing for a fact that an ancient volcano inhabited this area, we have to ask what is really going on?”

More on volcanoes in the Gulf on the Methane page.


They knew! They knew all of this!


* * *   ADDITIONAL   * * *

Door Point: A Buried Volcano in Southeast Louisiana – AAPG … › … › GCAGS Transactions › Year 1976
Mar 30, 2008 – 1, Offshore St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, was completed in 1963 at a total depth of 8538 feet. The last 1300 feet of hole was cored and drilled through volcanic

V – techplace

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by BE Hunter – Cited by 32 – Related articles
Apr 2, 2008 – p. 156-163. Braunstein, J., and C.E. McMichael, 1976, Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs. Trans., v. 26, p. 79-80.

Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Coastal Geomorphology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Subsidence Studies and Coastal Restoration
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
Aug 12, 2010 – Braunstein, J., and C.E. McMichael, 1976, Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Association of Geological. Societies Transactions,
(link dead)

K-Ar dates from Upper Cretaceous volcanic rocks in the subsurface of west-central Mississippi
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by DA SUNDEEN – 1977 – Cited by 17 – Related articles
Aug 15, 1977 – Braunstein, J., and McMichael, C. E., 1976, Door Point: Buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs. Trans., v. 26, p. 79-80. Cook, P.

Basalt from Louisiana continental shelf – Springer
by R Rezak – 1984 – Cited by 10 – Related articles
Jun 16, 2008 – A basalt outcrop was discovered on Alderdice Bank on the outer Louisiana continental shelf. The basalt shows an age of 76.8 ± 3.3 × 10 6 years. Textural

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