CNN – Salt Cavern Threatens Carlsbad, New Mexico – home of rad waste


They don’t say if this salt dome was ever used to store rad waste.

“The U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office has responsibility for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and the NationalTransuranic (TRU) Program. The office’s mission is to provide safe, compliant, and efficient characterization, transportation, and disposal of defense-related TRU waste. Its vision is to enable a nuclear future for our country by providing safe and environmentally responsible waste management.” – – Dept. of Energy

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Strange Sounds – Monster Sinkhole Will Sooner or Later Swallow Parts of Carlsbad in New Mexico (VIDEO)

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The Louisiana state senate is meeting today call them up about Lake FUBAR! (see LEAN button art on the sidebar for contact info)

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The AdvocateBubbles in bayou a year ago signaled sinkhole’s birth

Ding Dong!    [resident, Dennis] Landry, who owns cabins and a boat launch where the sinkhole response is based, said 20 of 22 homes in his neighborhood south of La. 70 South remain occupied. Residents have adapted(!!!), he said, adding that each day means more gas has been removed from underground.”