Did the OTHER Cavern Collapse Last Night?

Solid fuzz on LA12        LA12Jan23


Freedomrox (2013) – SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest and  QUESTIONS FOR DR. GARY HECOX and TEXAS BRINE < about Oxy wells

Recall – State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns

His MAP of the OXY Wells


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The Story So Far: New bubbles and ground cracks appeared near Louisiana sinkhole

From The Watchers

By chillymanjaro

[snip]   . . . . “A great sinkhole occurred on August 3, 2012 and since then it reached size of 8.5-acre. On August 3, the size of the sinkhole was said to be approximately the size of two football fields. Heavy rains last week caused another collapse. Several trees on the southern perimeter sloughed into the sinkhole on January 20, 2013.

Observations indicate that the current growth event is centered on the east side of the sinkhole – possibly related to shifting of salt and material within the cavern collapse zone. After a period of heightened activity, the number and strength of sharp seismic events dropped markedly following the release of debris and hydrocarbons from the sinkhole. . . . . “