No Reports from Texas Brine, Crosstex to DNR

Is Texas Brine disobeying the state’s Emergency Declaration?

NO Crosstex reports since February(!).

The last report shows over a quarter million barrels of butane stored way too near the unstable sinkhole!


Let’s review:

Back in the beginning the first Emergency Declaration said Texas Brine’s screw up threatens “sites and facilities under the regulatory authority of the Commissioner of Conservation”.  That would include the Crosstex butane caverns.

Texas Brine hasn’t given out info to the public since January.

In 2012, on Aug. 3rd, Texas Brine was  ordered to quit storing natural gas in their cavern at Napoleonville by Conservation Commissioner, James H. Welsh. But Crosstex got no order to stop putting butane in their cavern. They only got told to shut their endangered pipeline near the sinkhole.

On Aug. 9, 2012 Texas Brine was ordered to give Conservation DAILY reports on Oxy 3.

Texas Brine isn’t off the hook because of the passage of time. On Nov. 19, 2014 the state gave a 12th Emergency Declaration saying the emergency is still on and Texas Brine better hop to and adhere to the Blue Ribbon’s outline for action.

This week (7-16) Texas Brine says they are doing daily checks(!) at Lake FUBAR. Oh, yeah? Then they must know all about the monitors showing earthquakes and mayhem on the increase. cross_section  On page 2 of their report they claim Sinkhole Activity – GREEN <?????   On 7-15 it was YELLOW  <?????  Back in 2014 they were using Code 1, Code 2 etc., not colors. They switched to this color code thing on their reports on June 15. But who knows what the colors mean? No press release about it.

DNR hasn’t listed a daily report to Conservation from Texas Brine since 2014. Page 2 of the Sept. 14 Emergency Declaration, Third Amendment says Texas Brine has to provide DAILY reports. Is DNR lazy? Is Texas Brine defying Conservation? Will we ever know?

Additionally, DNR hasn’t posted an Inspection Report from Texas Brine since Jan. 2014. LEANsmilieDitto for subsidence info.   And DNR hasn’t put out any site photos or maps in over a year(!) – even though the last bubble site map (5-14) showed Bayou Corne looking like a bottle of champagne!





The old CODE 1, 2, 3 definitions –

Code Levels are 1-3, with Code 1 being the lowest level of alert.

Code 1: Minimal to no seismic activity around/below sinkhole; 10 or fewer of the sharp seismic signals associated with rock movement, called mini-earthquakes (MEQs) or the longer signals associated with gas or liquid movement, called Very Long Periods (VLPs) within 24-hour period; allows work on sinkhole and inside berm area to continue.

Code 2: Restricts work directly on the sinkhole, indicates some increased seismic activity around/below sinkhole but not at a level that indicates imminent threat of sloughing or movement below sinkhole (10 to 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours). 

Code 3: Restricts all work inside the containment berm, indicates seismic activity has elevated to a point similar to what has been seen in past monitoring prior to a sloughing on the shore or movement beneath sinkhole (More than 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours).

The Emergency Declarations    |    Early related documents

Iceland Watch + Wed. News

Fearing eruption, Iceland evacuates area near rumbling volcano

“It cannot be ruled out that the seismic activity in Bardarbunga could lead to a volcanic eruption.”
“. . . . Einar Einarsson, a meteorologist at Iceland’s Met Office, said earthquakes were happening practically every minute and seismic activity was constant.”

Iceland volcano: Bardarbunga warning upgraded as airlines fear repeat of 2010 ‘ash cloud crisis’

. . . The Met Office said in a statement there were “strong indications of ongoing magma movement

A huge volcano in Iceland may be getting ready to erupt  < has maps

UPDATE, Aug. 23

BBC – Code Red

Since larger earthquakes from every which way seem to set Lake FUBAR off into heavy-duty-washer-cycle mode we are watching Iceland – FC

Oklahoma frack-quakes are getting really big, besides being constant. They may affect Lake FUBAR too. 4.2 quake yesterday.

Detailed report: Bayou Corne residents get financial relief for sinkhole

NOTE: Most news lately has been from IP’s Net Vibes page – 😉

Texas Brine has a newish fact sheet out.

CrosstexHarry  ..    Crosstex hasn’t said what they are up to since Aug. 9th (!!).

Since we last complained about no updates there still aren’t any =sigh=.

What Happened at Lake FUBAR at 6 A.M. Friday???

Something BIG.  Seismos + fluid movement.


It shows on LA12


To get into the spirit of the Code 2 declaration, Crosstex is ADDING a lot more butane to the cavern next to sunken berm corner!

On July 13 it had 498,803 barrels in Well #1.


jarheads …

Code 2 at Lake FUBAR + NEWS

11:20 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

Sinkhole Activity Code 2 – indicating work is not allowed on sinkhole and within containment berms. Seismic monitoring indicates increase in levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3.”

Oxy 3 would be this almost half million BARRELS of butane at Oxy 3


(no  Crosstex “updates” in 10 days)

They  must be in reference to this grumbling at LA10-01. And pretty big at LA18.  And it all got way worse after 1 p.m.

UPDATE: After midnight many helicorders konked out for 3 hours. LA11 shows it.

Extinction Protocol – Earthquakes are rising in Oklahoma: 2,300 tremors reported since January

Real Coastal Warriors – FSU Law Professor Dan Markel, who wrote numerous articles including this one in the NY Times, stressing that BP should NOT be able to deduct punitive damages awards was found dead, shot in the head as police are looking for clues. . . .

Kean Miller targeted by lawsuit alleging divided loyalties in sinkhole litigation

Vulcan Materials, a longtime client of Baton Rouge-based Kean Miller, is suing its former law firm in Baton Rouge district court. Vulcan alleges Kean Miller breached its duties to Vulcan while working for Texas Brine, the firm blamed for the Bayou Corne sinkhole. Vulcan says Kean Miller failed to advise Vulcan of the sinkhole’s emergence or the fact that Vulcan was being accused by Texas Brine of contributing to the cause of it. . .

WAFB – Work on Bayou Corne sinkhole gets delayed again

Fluid Movement Thursday + Friday Legislation Round-Up

Lots of movement at 6 a.m.


Some big quakes today making all sorts of dings on the helicordersUSGS quake  list. Live list is on the LEFT sidebar. See also comments for more on quakes today.

After 3 p.m. (CST) there was more fluid movement at LA17-02. It may be an active day at other locations too.

Something fell in or fell over in Lake FUBAR near the collapsed cavern at LA21 at 4 a.m.. And the parish blog says they went back to CODE 1.

Crosstex “update” from June 17th



SB209 signed‏.  It adds penalties to oil drillers who have accidents. The bill.

SB 585 / signed into law

SB 585 Solution-Mined Cavern Permits – Public Notice (State Sen.)  Mills, Fred
Signed by the Governor – Act: 766 About Lake Peigneur
Effective – 8/ 1/14

" salt water content for the duration of the activity for the creation of cavern storage should a permit be granted; a geologic analysis by a qualified third party geologist that examines the integrity of the salt dome; and the results of an analysis of testing that attempts to determine the source and composition of intermittent foaming or bubbling appearing in Lake Peigneur. (3) No permit to expand or convert an existing solution-mined cavern or to drill and operate a new solution-mined cavern in Iberia Parish shall be issued prior to January 31, 2016."

Deluge Weekend! Big Mexico Quake! Cow Causes Oil Spill!

Lots of rain still coming for Saturday & Sunday

(scroll down for more from earlier posts)


WAFB River Stages  . . . Local area river stage levels

The AdvocateFlooding still a concern in parts of Ascension Parish- Damaged homes, backed-up drainage lines, threat of more rain have residents on edge  < has video

Severe threat ramps up this weekend

Ascension declares emergency due to flooding; debris removal starts Monday


Almost 8″ of rain(!) fell in Sorrento – 27 miles NE from Bayou Corne. MAP

City of Sorrento sees nearly eight inches of rain

Let’s see if they emptied out any of the butane at Lake FUBAR since the hurricane season is starting up. Here’s an “update” from May 27 –


Here comes more wet weather:


Dreaded cow threat to big oil: Cow blamed for causing spill in oil patch

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A cow is suspected of causing a spill of natural gas liquids near a tributary of the Little Missouri River, prompting North Dakota regulators to warn energy companies to ensure their facilities are bovine-proof. . . .

. . . “They just get rubbing along those valves and they open up,” Glatt said. “Sometimes they need to scratch their backs and they open those valves.” . . .


A BIG Quake in Mexico has set off helicorders in Bayou Corne.


A 6.2 quake on the Pacific side of MexicoLA10-03 sloshing at 7 a.m.!



heli_button   ..  button_LA12  is going nuts too.

NOTE: Large quakes appear on the sidebar as they happen in the USGS RSS feed.


Flaring @ Crosstex

Does that cause the helicorders to all register off-the-wall quakes??

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Crosstex has reported to us that they will be conducting flaring this morning in order to change out a pump. The flaring is necessary to remove the product from the line and is expected to only be temporary. 

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