Dire Warning for Louisiana! Gulf of Mexico Collapse Scenario.

Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico. Doomsday?

By Freedomrox

[snip] . . . The Oil layer nearby known as “Big Hum” cannot account for all of the methane pressures Bayou Corne is expressing. If the drilling keeps up next to the Eastern walls by the Australian Drilling Operations….then a total collapse of the Eastern wall is a very high probability. Pressurized Methane Gas is the precursor of liquid oil migrating through the Yellow Seep Zone. I personally see no way to stem or stop this. This is an environmental disaster that will in one way or the other impact and empty all of the surrounding areas in the years to come. Most of the Gulf is in extreme danger!

The mouth of the Gulf of Mexico is collapsing at the gullet of the Mississippi River. When you take out heavy fluids from cracks, fissures, and reservoirs, and do not replace something of equal density, then logic tells you it will fail. This has been the oil industry’s dirtiest secret, and one you have been lied to about since you were a child. The oil industry would have you believe that you can get something for nothing, and never have to put anything back. . .

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[snip] “. . . .what is not listed here is Texas Brine’s expertise as the provider of the major component for hydraulic fracturing fluids, nor it’s expertise in storing ‘Fracking’ fluids within these caverns, nor does it list expertise in determining whether there are pre-existing hydrocarbons underneath the cavities they create. This is what the authorities claim is the case at the Napoleonville facility. Natural gas and oil just so happened to be BESIDE the Salt Diapir, and tapped into by coincedence when a known salt cavern was not within the Salt, and laying upon Shale, next to several abandoned Oil Wells, especially the Hooker Oil Well # 1. Watch them pin it all on this one.


On Oddities

The larger issues many outside Louisiana have with the Bayou Corne sinkhole is that it may be a piece of a larger puzzle.

Those issues are –

  • The instability in Louisiana is part of a deep plate fracturing event out in the Gulf of Mexico that goes undersea/underground to Bayou Corne.
  • The sinkhole is one of many stretching across North America from Florida to California and they are connected.
  • The New Madrid Fault is unstable and causing many events including the Louisiana sinkhole.
  • The methane mass near BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was impacted by BP’s super deep drilling and/or drilling where they knew they shouldn’t.

The item just posted on Methane in the Gulf of Mexico  has a category listing as ‘oddity’.

Items that are little in the outfield get that category to make them easier to find and easy to ignore if you only want local Louisiana-related information. Most far-flung topics about bible prophesy & the sinkhole, sunspots & the sinkhole etc. can be seen easily on other websites. However, the methane story may turn out to be a factor in the Bayou Corne instability.

Immediately after the WTC demolition in NY the major media pooh-poohed New Yorkers worried about the toxic air. The EPA hid vital data about air quality and that action has lead to deaths and fatal diseases for tens of thousands of rescue workers and residents.
New Yorkers know they lied so they could open Wall Street trading the next Monday.  At the time anyone saying so were called all sorts of tin-foil-hat type names.

Let’s hope the methane is not all released by BP and is tucked safely away in its undersea cavern forever.

When Louisiana officials get grilled about methane bubbles miles around the sinkhole it is understandable that they miss the urgency of the questions. The officials seem to disconnect from the memory of the BP oil spill.

Big methane mass near BP oil rig isn’t an internet rumor. It goes back to the British Columbia Institute of Social Ecology.

This refutes the above

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