Tuesday News – hardly any

From Real Coastal Warriors : Gulf oyster harvest has nose-dived since BP spill

“…Gulf Coast oyster harvests have declined dramatically in the four years since a BP PLC oil well blew wild in the nation’s worst offshore oil disaster. Even after a modest rebound last year, thousands of acres of oyster beds where oil from the well washed ashore are producing less than a third of their pre-spill harvest.”

WIPP town meeting (looks like a bosses’ meeting) live stream #1. The rest of it.

The Watchers – Red tide kills thousands of fish in Gulf of Mexico, poses a greater health threat

The helicorders at Lake FUBAR were pretty quiet until noon then they started up and then sputtered. LA18 shows it.

The AdvocateJudge tells sinkhole lawyers to settle taxpayers’ claims

The state district judge presiding over year-old lawsuits seeking reimbursement of state and parish costs from the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole urged Texas Brine Co. and its insurers Monday to turn their attention away from internal battles over coverage and focus on settling the primary legal claims seeking to recover taxpayer dollars.

Judge Guy Holdridge, of the 23rd Judicial District, told a courtroom of more than two dozen lawyers from Texas Brine Co., its insurers, and state and Assumption Parish government that he has dealt with similar cases in the past involving multiple insurers and millions of dollars in claims and that the sheriff’s and Police Jury’s claims, in particular, are worth just several hundred thousand dollars each.

“My frustration is why are we working and kneading me up as a judge over these small claims, and I’m having to deal with 1,000 New Orleans lawyers. I don’t know why we are doing this,” Holdridge said at the Assumption Parish Courthouse in Napoleonville. . . .

There has been fewer posts here than usual because news from Bayou Corne has slowed to a trickle …

There’s been almost no updates posted lately from DNR.


DEQ has a new situation update Aug. 3 but they don’t report any stats. They just say everything’s fine. They have a water quality report for 7-29. They have a July air sample report.

The  Texas Brine Action Plan was pretty recent, Aug. 3. Oxy has one too for Aug. 3. So does KDS Promix, DOW, Arcadian GasChevron and Crosstex. Chevron is reducing inventory and slowing down. They don’t say it is due to instability but we doubt it is a reduction to greed that prompts them! Arcadian is idle too.

Texas Brine’s Action Plan uses an incredibly old photo of Lake FUBAR. We wonder how they can plan anything without a current picture or map.

The last Texas Brine drilling report was for 2012 just after the collapse. They say they closed Oxy 3 with a master valve so maybe they didn’t do any more drilling and that was the last report.

Hot Springs & Volcanoes & Lake FUBAR Connection

Last week contributor, Walter gave a mention of hot springs as indicators of geophysical movement.

Ms. Reesa had this to  say-

A while back, Walter posted some links to some springs.

I looked into them and a few of my own choosing. I found a few interesting things but nothing extraordinary. About Lake Peigneur

I was reading through some studies about the volcanic past of the GOM, when I ran across a reference to Hot Wells, Louisiana. And, Hot Wells IS VERY INTERESTING!

The first thing that caught my attention was the “hot” in Hot Wells. Then, a mention in a blog piece that stated that the spring was a salt water spring…a salt spring with the exact same composition as that as the GOM…all the way up near Alexandria, Louisiana I have no idea which study I was reading when I made a note to look up this place but, I had made a note at the time that it ‘seems to be related to the Red River system and the Mississippi Canyon and their corresponding transform faults.”

And, that makes it even more interesting, since our transform faults run northwest to southeast. The Mississippi River Transform Fault (see p.8 of http://www.searchanddiscovery.com/documents/2010/30129stephens/ndx_stephens.pdf) , and several other smaller faults that run parallel to it (p.9), run up through a volcanic swath of the gulf – through Bayou Corne/Napoleonville – straight up the Red River and on into a volcanic area of Texas and an ancient rift system. I have all sorts of docs to show the volcanic area of Texas and the ancient rift system that runs across the top of Louisiana but, I wanted to hurry and put this out there.

The Apache gas well blowout in February…it was near the outskirts of Door Point volcano in the GOM and another transform fault runs through that area and parallel to the MS River fault up toward Minden…which I think is also the site of some volcanics. I have to check.


I looked into the 5.2M GOM earthquake post from the other day. By the way, I didn’t do a screen capture, but I did check the website shortly after and I saw it there. It may still be there on their ‘list’ page. No, it did not occur near the BP blowout, but it does seem to be in a line with the the faults I listed in my last post. And, if one looks at the maps in these two documents, it seems that most of the larger historical earthquakes follow the same trend and in the same fault area of the Eastern Province of the GOM. Sorry about the long sentence.

7 Quakes link: http://www.lgs.lsu.edu/deploy/uploads/7earthquakes.pdf

Title: A Geohazard Perspective of Recent Seismic Activity in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Wiki Link: http://e-book.lib.sjtu.edu.cn/otc-2007/pdfs/otc19035.pdf

[2 links above are added to the Methane page 😉 ]

On some flim-flam with Hot Wells property

These links suggest to me something even worse. I won’t state it. Maybe someone else will see what I do. But, I will say this…the bill that was passed giving the property to the state and/or parish (because it does get a little blurry and I haven’t had a chance to really research it yet) …that bill’s passage was no accident and I’ll be willing to bet the energy industry is involved!

Hot Wells Resort was once bubbling with activity, 4-26-2007
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

Hot Wells Shameful Fate, We Saw That, 2-20-2007
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

The Latest Hot Wells Scam in the News, We Saw That, 7-6-2009
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

Hot Wells sale reserved: Investor has no-bid deal on Rapides spa site
By Robert Morgan  • July 5, 2009 (pdf link works)  (ALT. LINK …just in case )
Date Retrieved: 7-11-2013 restricted access –  this snip is useful:

“McPherson said Act 264 of 2007, authored by him and co-authored by then-state Rep. Israel “Bo” Curtis of Alexandria, authorized DHH to transfer the land to Cypress Bend Investments LLC, an investment company in Boyce started in 2002 and owned by Monroe Thompson.”

Just in case there’s anyone  is not aware…the Mississippi and the Red River both overlay the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer that overlies the sinkhole…that is filling continuously with methane and hydrogen sulfide gases.


Other things to take special note of in the Hot Wells’ links:
DHH owned the Hot Wells…same folks say “all clear” at the sinkhole.
The National Guard has been using it for years…instead of it being renovated and bringing in $$$ in this depressed economy. Fishy!!
One of the wells has had to be capped….

Let’s not forget Lake Peigneur! Their dome sits right at the edge of this swath of transform faults.
Oh, and those ultra-deep under-the-salt-weld drilling operations in the gulf just below Lake Peigneur.

Something exciting going on in each of those fault belts.

MORE on the 2006 GOM big earthquake –

short link –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-2VS

Dear DNR,

This is what you put out to the public as “contents” of the failing salt dome in Napoleonville, Louisiana on Aug. 13, 2012. From your Data Sampling web page.

You KNOW there is a LAW that you must reveal to the public pollutants and toxic materials stored in state sanctioned facilities.  NONE of the 53 caverns on the list show radioactive waste. You know that is untrue. Many companies are moving products around and replacing products with other products.

Are you sure you don’t want to amend this list?

SEE – Myriad of Caverns with Explosive LPG at Bayou Corne May be WORSE than Butane
When highly toxic “NORM” and/or “TENORM” was placed into the caverns where did the transport containers and vehicles wind up?  Were they tested for radioactivity? Were the drivers?


And Dr. Ratard (at DHH)

Are you SURE you don’t want to amend this declaration that “NORM” (rad waste) doesn’t pose ANY health risk?

You are saying that in a government document you are responsible for. That  assessment  may come under review by public advocates and/or criminal investigators.

No “Daily” Updates for All Involved

Some reports came out May 13 but there are many plans, reports and assessments that have no reporting for 2013. No photos in 3 weeks. The weekly fly-overs have become rare. These oil and gas companies have a directive to produce DAILY reports. Where are they? The last “daily” report by company is from May 9th.

This is typical – Tetra Tech operations “Daily Report” is six days old. Oh, and they claim  the west berm is getting replaced because it has “settled”. They are in charge of important data sampling (no hurry on that!) and cannot say what is going on at Lake FUBAR. The collapsing cavern is CAUSING EARTHQUAKES. It is NOT “settling”.

DHH is a little mixed up.  In Situation Summaries put out by GOHSEP they claim (p.20)  they are not checking well water samples. But in not-daily reports from DOW they say they are getting samples and sending them in every time. So if DEQ and DHH don’t have the sample results where are they going? Do they have the results and they just sit on them?

Why would DHH and DEQ lie about this to the public they are tasked to protect. Maybe that isn’t their task after all.

UPDATE, May 17

An update from Texas Brine for May 15th trickled in. No one else inspired to shake a leg. The update says they are putting in geo-phones. That work is showing up on seismic charts.