No Reports from Texas Brine, Crosstex to DNR

Is Texas Brine disobeying the state’s Emergency Declaration?

NO Crosstex reports since February(!).

The last report shows over a quarter million barrels of butane stored way too near the unstable sinkhole!


Let’s review:

Back in the beginning the first Emergency Declaration said Texas Brine’s screw up threatens “sites and facilities under the regulatory authority of the Commissioner of Conservation”.  That would include the Crosstex butane caverns.

Texas Brine hasn’t given out info to the public since January.

In 2012, on Aug. 3rd, Texas Brine was  ordered to quit storing natural gas in their cavern at Napoleonville by Conservation Commissioner, James H. Welsh. But Crosstex got no order to stop putting butane in their cavern. They only got told to shut their endangered pipeline near the sinkhole.

On Aug. 9, 2012 Texas Brine was ordered to give Conservation DAILY reports on Oxy 3.

Texas Brine isn’t off the hook because of the passage of time. On Nov. 19, 2014 the state gave a 12th Emergency Declaration saying the emergency is still on and Texas Brine better hop to and adhere to the Blue Ribbon’s outline for action.

This week (7-16) Texas Brine says they are doing daily checks(!) at Lake FUBAR. Oh, yeah? Then they must know all about the monitors showing earthquakes and mayhem on the increase. cross_section  On page 2 of their report they claim Sinkhole Activity – GREEN <?????   On 7-15 it was YELLOW  <?????  Back in 2014 they were using Code 1, Code 2 etc., not colors. They switched to this color code thing on their reports on June 15. But who knows what the colors mean? No press release about it.

DNR hasn’t listed a daily report to Conservation from Texas Brine since 2014. Page 2 of the Sept. 14 Emergency Declaration, Third Amendment says Texas Brine has to provide DAILY reports. Is DNR lazy? Is Texas Brine defying Conservation? Will we ever know?

Additionally, DNR hasn’t posted an Inspection Report from Texas Brine since Jan. 2014. LEANsmilieDitto for subsidence info.   And DNR hasn’t put out any site photos or maps in over a year(!) – even though the last bubble site map (5-14) showed Bayou Corne looking like a bottle of champagne!





The old CODE 1, 2, 3 definitions –

Code Levels are 1-3, with Code 1 being the lowest level of alert.

Code 1: Minimal to no seismic activity around/below sinkhole; 10 or fewer of the sharp seismic signals associated with rock movement, called mini-earthquakes (MEQs) or the longer signals associated with gas or liquid movement, called Very Long Periods (VLPs) within 24-hour period; allows work on sinkhole and inside berm area to continue.

Code 2: Restricts work directly on the sinkhole, indicates some increased seismic activity around/below sinkhole but not at a level that indicates imminent threat of sloughing or movement below sinkhole (10 to 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours). 

Code 3: Restricts all work inside the containment berm, indicates seismic activity has elevated to a point similar to what has been seen in past monitoring prior to a sloughing on the shore or movement beneath sinkhole (More than 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours).

The Emergency Declarations    |    Early related documents



SF ChronicleAnswers on link between injection wells and quakes

[internet problem seems fixed for now 🙂 ]


Helicorders grmubling at 5 a.m. – It isn’t workers. July 10 story (we missed) from WAFB – has video. Oh, but they went back to Code 1. Still work doesn’t usually start til about 7 or 8 a.m. at Lake FUBAR.

UPDATE: At 6:49 a.m. CST there was a giant 6.0 quake up in Alaska. It may affect helicorders. At 7:12 LA14 had major fluid movement but not all the helicorders showing that. LA12 had the same starting a few minutes earlier. But LA12 was already grumpy before the Alaska quake.

Real Coastal WarriorsFlesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf, more. BP screwed up all the lifeforms in the Gulf.

The DNR hasn’t put out a subsidence report since January(!). Did they not bother to do one or are they just keeping it secret? And the last bubble site map was from May. It shows lots of sites north of LA70. What’s a “seismic shothole”??

France weighs in on Bayou Corne disasterEnglish translation, original: Quelque chose d’énorme qu’ils ne veulent pas que vous voyez : Update sur le Sinkhole de la Louisiane

Unexplained: Temporary, Ark. helicorders are doing skiing moguls. What the heck??



Unsettled Lake FUBAR – Thursday News – BONUS! Fly Over Video

A whole lot of parish blog ‘news’ put out in the last few days including a water pipeline break. Now they say a gas pipeline is being attended to.  Keep an eye out for the next shoe to drop!

2:00 p.m. Activity Update from the Office of Conservation

Texas Brine has the daily update for July 29. And the letter to Conservation. . . it shows Texas Brine’s solid commitment to the residents:


July 31st  DNR Inspection Report out.  And Crosstex put out an update for July 29thThey are adding even MORE BUTANE(!). Like 10,000 barrels more. They now are storing OVER A MILLION BARRELS OF BUTANE there. 299,035 barrels x 42 gal.= 1,255,470 gal. Crosstex says they man the facility 24/7 … so how did they miss the water main break out there?

New Fly Over VIDEOS!



ENE-News – Newspaper: Giant Louisiana sinkhole now over 20 times larger than last year — It’s “taken on a volcano-like quality”

Scientific panel says BP damage to the Gulf is incalculable

Halliburton Co., Schlumberger and Baker Hughes were sued over claims they conspired to raise prices and crush oilfield service competitors in the booming U.S. market for hydraulic fracturing services.

A big seismic jump on the helicorders today at 3:15  – – –


LA11 got fixed! 🙂  Just in time to show the spike at 3:15.

Weekend News

Scroll down for the seismic activity updates.

R E M I N D E R:   Home buy out extended until July 31 … coming SOON!

DNR has a new Inspection Report dated July 25th.
DOTD has added a lot of new monitors for Highway 70 and they specify them in a July 16th Power Point file shown on this page. If you can’t view a Power Point file you can download this viewer (free). Texas Brine is supposed to be reimbursing all of the costs to DOTD. Have they paid a penny? Is anyone making them?
GOHSEP hasn’t put out a Situation Summary in over 10 days.
The Heath Dept. has no 2013 updates at all. That makes sense since they haven’t done anything all year.
Crosstex is STILL adding butane to their cavern a hair away from Lake FUBAR! They added 19,284 barrels of butane from July 15 to July 22.



  • 2.2 quake in Strawberry, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.9 quake in Due West, S.C. < MAP

Denbury fined $662,500 for [2011] Mississippi blowout

Methane report: Arctic Thaw Could Cost Trillions

“Permanently frozen ground, called permafrost, beneath the Arctic’s East Siberian Sea could belch out 50 billion tons of methane at any time, researchers said in an analysis published Thursday in the journal Nature.”

Not new – but good photos Oil Sheens Near Deepwater Horizon Spill from Sunken Rig (July 16)

The Watchers – Federal investigation started on mysterious deaths of bottlenose dolphins at Indian River Lagoon, FL.

Terror Fears Keep Toxic Plants Hidden From Public  –  who needs terrorists with these capitalists at work??


Helios have sort of calmed down. Ending a heave or loading up?

The Advocate [opinion] – Deadline murky for sinkhole suits

“Meanwhile, murky questions remain about the legal deadline to file suit for those affected by the sinkhole and the evacuation.”

Blast from the Past:

2010 – Audit says La. does insufficient job collecting payments from oil companies


No “Daily” Updates for All Involved

Some reports came out May 13 but there are many plans, reports and assessments that have no reporting for 2013. No photos in 3 weeks. The weekly fly-overs have become rare. These oil and gas companies have a directive to produce DAILY reports. Where are they? The last “daily” report by company is from May 9th.

This is typical – Tetra Tech operations “Daily Report” is six days old. Oh, and they claim  the west berm is getting replaced because it has “settled”. They are in charge of important data sampling (no hurry on that!) and cannot say what is going on at Lake FUBAR. The collapsing cavern is CAUSING EARTHQUAKES. It is NOT “settling”.

DHH is a little mixed up.  In Situation Summaries put out by GOHSEP they claim (p.20)  they are not checking well water samples. But in not-daily reports from DOW they say they are getting samples and sending them in every time. So if DEQ and DHH don’t have the sample results where are they going? Do they have the results and they just sit on them?

Why would DHH and DEQ lie about this to the public they are tasked to protect. Maybe that isn’t their task after all.

UPDATE, May 17

An update from Texas Brine for May 15th trickled in. No one else inspired to shake a leg. The update says they are putting in geo-phones. That work is showing up on seismic charts.

Wed. News

The AdvocateSinkhole commission tells crowd it needs more data

“This presentation later provoked criticism from some residents who said flatly they did not trust Texas Brine.”

WBRZ – Crack found in levee during routine check < video

SB200 passed the first hurdle today! Thanks, readers who contacted their reps about this important bill!

Senator Mills’ statement about the bill passing and the next phase.

Bill concerning expanding salt cavern at Lake Peigneur clears Senate committee < related – Sheriff: Lake Peigneur Could be Worse than Assumption Sinkhole

Lake Peigneur protection bill advances to Senate

Mills said the company has two caverns in the Jefferson Island salt dome and “each of the facilities is the size of one of the Twin Towers.”

Local paper, The Bayou Journal published  an editorial by Lonny Cavalier that says more than Texas Brine want you to know. Read it before the meeting.

The DNR put out a new Inspection Report that doesn’t mention water level drop. So maybe it all rose back : )

Texas Brine has an update (4-29) with a lot of activity listed. And a compliance letter to DNR to go with it.

The new helicorder outsourcees, Nanometrics (who don’t know how to manage an e-mail account) have a press release about Lake FUBAR – Bayou Corne Sinkhole Monitored with High Performance Seismometers

MORE here later  . . .

Friday News – What’s That Sucking Sound?

DNR has a new Inspection Report – dated Mar. 28.

“Remarks regarding the #3 Well Pad on the eastern edge of the sinkhole according to Bret Barras: “the Slough Off looks to be 60′ in depth and 90′ in length along the Northwest to Northeast side of the Oxy #3 Well Pad. The work pad extension where the excavator worked from to remove sink hole debris is completely gone. The green 8″ pipe marker at the
beginning of the work pad is gone. Approximately 15′ of the #3 Well Pad has sloughed off. This is referencing where the green 8″ pipe was located.”

Jindal’s name synonymous with “sinkhole” now – Bayou Buzz – A new Louisiana sinkhole: Jindal’s medicaid contract with CNSI

Pipeline Ruptures in Arkansas < Thanks to tip from veracity4truth – 😉


MORE video on Strange Sounds blog.

Residents – when you take a break from packing and have that FAX machine handy, send a Tremor Report to the parish!


It will be worthwhile to watch the helicorders today –  heli_button

12, 14 & 15 going off again . . .