Dioxin, Bhopal and Dow Chemical

From Solidarity

By Ursula McTaggart

[snip] . . . “IN MAY 2002, WHEN a student group protested outside Dow Chemical Corporation’s national headquarters in Midland, Michigan, participants insisted that the chemical giant face the consequences of its commitment to the bottom line. As members of a global movement to hold Dow accountable for the 1984 gas leak in Bhopal, India, the protestors questioned the sincerity of the corporation’s recently revised “Triple Bottom Line–economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and corporate social responsibility.”

The communities infested by Dow toxins, they argued, not only Bhopal but American cities like Freeport, Texas; Morrisonville, Louisiana; and Dow’s own hometown of Midland, Michigan, have yet to see more than one bottom line. The protestors further sought to remind Dow that its 2001 merger with Union Carbide carried more than economic weight.


LINK –  http://youtu.be/zZqJLIgnBpI

DOW owns the cavern that leaked in 2003 and many other facilities at Bayou Corne. DOW‘s current activities (report) there.

Some of what DOW would like to forget1967 student rise-up against chemical weapons made by DOW.

short link –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-2Ig


Situation Summary & Tues. News


– – ’til Thursday evening.  More on river stages – see Monday post (scroll down)

New Situation Summary out.

P.26 –  “…the rate of MEQs appears moderate with 10+ events per 24 hours with a similar number of  VLP events. The rate does not appear to be increasing at this time. Code level remains at 2”


DNR has a new Situation Report (April 29 date)

There’s a big meeting tomorrow.

Forgotston has news about the Louisiana Public Records Law.

Strange Sounds – Mystery Booms and Loud Rumbling Noises in South Carolina are Related to Earthquakes – April 26 and 27

Salt Dome tid-bit – in Texas those Aussies are buying up more tracts – Australia-based oil and gas company Titan Energy has further increased its acreage holding on the eastern side of the Allen Dome oil field in Texas, US.


Everybody into the Pool! Union Carbide Joins the Toxic Stew at Lake FUBAR

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Headline explained


Freedomrox says –  “UCAR, (Union Carbide Caverns) as a customer of DOW CHEMICALS, not as an Operator. These caverns are owned by DOW.”

And Behold! A Crosstex update (3 days old) They are Flaring!

Again they have butane AND propane getting stored next to the disaster.

To keep everything under control they have set up a flare. For extra safety they are putting a lot of propane next to the collapsing salt dome.

Mar. 4 update.

They have moved the butane (not all that far away) and selling some off.

More Crosstex updates for earlier  – http://dnr.louisiana.gov/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&pid=969

The other companies have newish updates (3 days old) too. Note Dow says they are doing all these water sample tests but the Situation Summary said DEQ/DHH isn’t looking at any type of samples.