DHH Tries to Clean Water of Brain-Eating Amoeba + POLL < Updated

WWLTV reports (with video)

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals asked 85 water systems across the state to increase their chlorine levels to 0.5 miligrams per liter as a precautionary measure to stave off a potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba.
Water systems in many metro-area parishes are affected by the increase, which the state health officer for DHH said Thursday may become permanent. . . .

DHH does some damage control – State of Louisiana’s Response to Confirmation of Rare Ameba in St. Bernard and DeSoto Parishes < they can’t even spell it!

Maybe they should try this:  New York City Opens New Ultra-Violet Drinking Water Disinfection Plant – the World’s Largest  – – found at Stuart Smith’s blog


“My son Christian Strickland died August 5th, of the deadly brain eating amoeba neaglaria fowleri. This was this was Taking about 15 hours after being admitted to the hospital, in this video he had been repeating that he had to go to the bath room but clearly he could respond to me , this is very personal as it is the last semi coherent conversation I shared with my son and is so personal I have not shared it before however with the hot summer months coming I am concerned about another child falling victim to this deadly amoeba. I want to show all of you what this looks like for your families and especially for doctors because had the doctor reported that Christian had been in fresh water and his white cell count was in the 3000 which is unusual for meningitis even for the deadliest type of meningitis, bacteria. The health dept knew it was neaglaria , a nose plug could have saved his life but sending him to a FISHING camp I had no idea he’d be in the water up to his head . As you can tell he’s in a lot of pain and it got much worse after until his brainstem herniated and he was gone and because they wouldn’t test I was unable to give another mother that miracle I prayed and pleaded so desperately for . Please protect yourselves and most of all your children”

LINK –  http://youtu.be/-G0zG-30scs

UPDATE, Oct. 14

Clumsy epidemiologist, Dr. Ratard, thinks the right place to joke about the amoeba is at a community meeting full of frightened parents

Ratard, the state epidemiologist, demonstrated where the water has to go to find a path to the brain. He said there have been no cases involving infection from water that a person drank or inhaled into the lungs.

“You have to get water all the way up here,” Ratard said, pressing the side of his hand against the very top of his nose between his eyes. “If you do, you are going to feel it because it burns.”

He stressed that it’s not contagious, then tossed out a joke that triggered scattered laughter.

“If you don’t eat the brain of the person, you will have no problems,” he said.


Mississippi worries about it – WTVA story . . .  so does Texas.

“It’s a statistical fact you’ve drank this amoeba before,” Neilson said. “We have no idea how it got in the system, but it’s in every fresh body of water in the South.”

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Louisiana State Epidemiologist, Dr. Raoult Ratard is the same guy inspecting water samples from Lake FUBAR.  Because of this latest water purity crisis we made a POLL.

Weekend News with brain-eating amoeba updates

Weather news is below.   (scroll down) News about it will get put there.

Fluid movement at Lake FUBAR at 7 a.m. this morning, CST, local time.

You can see it on the LA14 helicorder. It shows up well on LA10-03 too.  About 6:15 a.m.  LA10-02 had a big sneeze:

Reader, D.H. says the seismic activty may be from a big quake in Mexico. Maybe so.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/1rJaBYxoI-g

Louisiana Bucket Brigade – Lt. General Honore Inspires at Rising Tide

“Honore will now call the sinkhole in Bayou Corne the Texas Brine sinkhole for the industrial product-producing company who caused it.”

The Advocate Lawsuit seeks Jindal adviser’s correspondence with oil and gas industry
Activist sues for access to conversations between Jindal aide, energy industry
By Jeff Adelson

A New Orleans environmental activist is suing the state for copies of correspondence she says could shed light on conversations between Gov. Bobby Jindal’s top coastal-protection adviser and the energy industry about a local flood-protection board’s decision to file a massive lawsuit against dozens of oil and gas companies.

The suit comes in the wake of the state’s denial of a public-records request by Anne Rolfes, founding director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, seeking all correspondence to and from Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman Garret Graves since December. . . .

The Watchers – Violent eruption and series of major pyroclastic flows at Santa Maria, Guatemala


Napoleonville salt dome disaster health adviser, Dr. Raoult Ratard, who gave an early presentation to Assumption Parish residents seems to be in charge of water safety and the brain-eating amoeba(!).

WWLTV – Residents demand answers on brain-eating amoeba at meeting < VIDEO

Found on Real Coastal WarriorsBetter Left Alone: Flesh-eating Bacteria Thrive in Tarballs

(9-22) Another meeting in St. Bernard to address unanswered concerns

(10-9) Precautionary measures to reduce risk of ‘brain eating amoeba’ from the DHH

Louisiana Health “Care” – Follow the Money

Watching this French fellow in the health meeting video . . . we decided to look up some info on him.

Dr. Raoult Ratard is an expert in tropical diseases with a slew of degrees. He is also an  Adjunct Associate Professor over at LSU’s School of Public Health.

On the LSU School of Public Health page they have an interesting link “Response to Oil Spill“. Hmmm. So on that info page it tells a lot about the health effects from the Deepwater Horizon disaster getting monitored (managed) by . . . LSU’s School of Public Health through grants from the NIH. And there’s info on things like the Deepwater Horizon Research Consortium. Hmmm.

Is there a connection between collecting a lot of stats on people while offering NO AID in the BP disaster and the sinkhole disaster?

Is LSU helping Louisiana residents or helping BP and big oil?