“HAARP ring” confirmation – N. Central Louisiana – Dutchsinse

what the heck are they doing???

March 30, 2013 – 230pm CDT:

Severe weather (strongest part of the coming storm) heads directly to / over the pulse epicenters from March 29th 1am CT , North Central Louisiana, RADAR pulse/’HAARP ring’.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see the National Weather Service issue a tornado warning near the pulse epicenter… the ONLY spot to receive a tornado warning since last night… and the only area for hundreds of miles to have severe weather develop.

louisiana haarp ring confirmation march 30 2013 231pm ct


UPDATE :  345pm CT March 30, 2013

Additional severe thunderstorm warnings / watches issued for the ring effected area (seen in light yellow boxes) … and the NWS has also issued a 2nd tornado warning for the ring epicenter area (confirmed hail and damaging winds detected):

shreveport louisiana haarp ring confirmation march 30 2013 345pm ct


Explanation of what I believe to be occurring:


Previous RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar square events:


Most recent finds on HAARP…

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Dutchsinse on Alabama 2.7M Earthquake

Too many New Madrid Fault quakes!

RSOE info on the quake.

Today, March 1, 2013 , a 2.7M earthquake struck Alabama, not normally an earthquake prone area.


Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.7
Location 33.717°N, 87.296°W
Depth 4.9 km (3.0 miles)
Distances 11 km (6 miles) WSW of Cordova, Alabama
12 km (7 miles) S of Jasper, Alabama
39 km (24 miles) NW of Pleasant Grove, Alabama
40 km (24 miles) WNW of Forestdale, Alabama


Notice the depth.  3.0 miles deep.   If you’re a viewer of mine or have been following earthquakes in the USA for a while, you know what this means!

If you go to google earth, and look up the epicenter coordinates listed by the USGS , you’ll see one of the largest drilling…

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S. Louisiana — Plumes (methane possibly) coming from multiple Salt Dome Facilities – Dutchsinse

Verrrry Interesting . . .  From Dutchsinse

Multiple returns on RADAR (nothing visible on naked eye satellite) — meaning some kind of Gas is being emitted… NEXRAD doesn’t detect fire smoke plumes normally

viewable live here on the current feed for the next few hours  (as of 545pm CST Feb. 15, 2013):


backdated NEXRAD RADAR feed here for the LIX station in Louisiana:


or view the .gif of it here:



Click pictures to view full size:

plume 2 bayou corne feb 15 2013 final

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Dutchsinse on Bayou Corne Salt Dome Collapse

Dutchsinse collects many threads and put them together with his thoughts.

Reading some good comments on this and Bart gives a good link to a document about Gulf Coast salt domes. It is added to the Salt Dome page. It has a ton of diagrams and charts of the area including Louisiana.

Multiple miles of the Salt Dome complex in Bayou Corne are collapsing.. also several reports of higher radioactivity inside the Dome complex sink area..


here is my most recent video on the subject:


Here is the link here to climateviewer — Turn on “Bayou Corne” on the left hand side, as well as “pollution & disasters” (to see the BP oil dome information).

This will show you the size of the salt dome complex, and the number of domes we’re concerned about — also shows the oil wells, injection wells, and water wells .. AND THEIR INFORMATION !



This Diagram shows the general underground layout of the region surrounding Louisiana ..

diagram of salt dome



salt dome rupture BP large overlaya

diagram of salt domea1


mashup of the above pics into one shareable photo:

click to view full size

salt dome rupture BP large overlay


Seismic Charts for the area are here:



salt dome rupture BP large overlaya1

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S. Carolina Explosion seen on RADAR

Another explosion! Methane?

Explosion seen on RADAR .. from South Carolina — coming from an OLD GOLD MINE .

“Nott Hill Mine” shown on google earth, listed by the USGS as a “gold mine”.


view here: (timestamps are UTC and Z respectively)


archived RADAR here:



nexrad south carolina plume dec 30 2012

approximate plume coordinates:

 34°53’0.39″N ,  81°38’42.45″W


click picture to enlarge:

nott hill mine explosion south carolina dec 30 2012


information on the gold mine from the Department of Interior:



Nott Hill Mine

By: longnempty
Date: 2009-07-08

U.S. Geological Survey > Mineral Resources

Nott Hill Mine

Record 10226242 of the Mineral Resources Data System

Operation type Underground
Development status Past Producer
Ore minerals or materials
Mineral deposit model
Primary commodities Gold
Secondary commodities
Tertiary commodities

Mineral Resources > Online Spatial Data > Mineral Resources Data System

Data for 10226242

Report shows selected fields. [Full report]

Show this location using Google Earth or Google Maps

Site identification
Deposit identification…

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So. Texas Natural Gas field suddenly vents – Dutchsinse

uh, oh . . . no warning!

December 17th going into the 18th, 2012  … from KBRO  Brownsville Texas NEXRAD RADAR — we see multiple plumes, showing as heavily reflective [red/orange/yellow on RADAR] coming from around Hidalgo County Texas.

Backdated NEXRAD RADAR feed linked below : remember to use the GMT / UTZ / Z times:  This event is timestamped below in the screenshots, occurring at approximately 20:00UTC/GMT/Z



Why the sudden county wide venting?  That is a very good question to be asking right now.


click below pictures to enlarge:

texas fracking venting radar dec 18 2012


frack plumes dec 18 2012

frack plumes dec 18 2012a

frack plumes dec 18 2012bc

frack plumes dec 18 2012c

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