New Madrid Fault Zone Activity + Tenn. Flood

Mary Greeley Reports –



Nuke ProUnusual Earthquake Activity, 2 Incoming CMEs, And Ancient Missouri Volcano, It’s All Here!


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Houston Chronicle Adding 3 miles of breakwaters at Louisiana wildlife refuge


 M 2.5 Quake12km S of New Madrid, Missouri – USGS REport

Scientists Discover How Giant Earthquakes Start

“Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have found that most moderate and large earthquakes are preceded by tiny earthquake clusters, sometimes even weeks before the main shock, according to the LA Times

So much for the ‘relieving pressure’ argument.”

Does nature warn when a big earthquake is coming?

From Strange Sounds – Reading Signs Before a Quake: Does nature warn when a big earthquake is coming?

“Does nature warn when a big earthquake is coming? Do animals hear this warning when we don’t? This post presents different possible earthquake precursors.”

1.5 Quake at New Madrid, MO (no pun intended!)

Great new MAP suggested by commenter  Mary – it will go on the sidebar under ‘Seismic Monitors’ category –

 New Madrid, MO – 11 km (7 miles) WSW (240 degrees)
Portageville, MO – 13 km (8 miles) NNE (24 degrees)
Parma, MO – 18 km (11 miles) ESE (118 degrees)
Jonesboro, AR – 123 km (76 miles) NE (51 degrees)
Coordinates     36 deg. 32.1 min. N (36.535N), 89 deg. 38.2 min. W ( 89.637W)