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At Lake FUBAR:

Sent in – Louisiana says it has a public duty to seize private land that sinks underwater. Families who have lived off that coastal marshland for 300 years say the state is using oil company research to grab millions of dollars in oil royalties from lands it failed to protect.… article: Mixing Oil and water

Erin Brockovich has a new website to map pollution and health problems from it. Users can submit info online at Community Health Book.

As the cavern fireradiation collapses in Bayou Corne let’s not forget the possibility of radioactive waste contamination. 2012 article from The Examiner explains.

Big Natural Gas Plant Explosion in Wyoming & Thurs. News

Hopefully, unrelated to Bayou Corne things ….

Tiny Wyoming Town Evacuated After Explosion at Natural Gas Plant

Fire continues at Wyoming natgas facility, disrupts supply

Friday update – Washington stateMassive gas explosion destroys buildings in North Bend

Dutchsinse says that big landslide out that way that was on the news was caused by fracking.  More items added to the Yellowstone news page.

New W.I.P.P. town meeting (video) – CAUTION: have barf bag handy!

Big power outage in Baton Rouge

A big 6.6 quake at Vancouver in Canada before midnight showed up on Lake FUBAR helicorders.

Scary: Louisiana Creating Database Of Residents Who May Be A ‘Risk To The State’

Climate Viewer – Supreme Court to set limits on suing Corporate Polluters

[snip] . . . Environmental activist Erin Brockovich and dozens of military veterans rallied outside the Supreme Court today as the justices heard arguments that an electronics company was responsible for contamination at its old plant in Asheville, North Carolina.

The case,  CTS Corporation v. Waldburger, will decide if federal environmental law preempts North Carolina’s statute of repose, which imposes a 10-year limit to file a claim.  A ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of CTS Corporation could create a climate in which corporate polluters would be “rewarded” for concealment and material misrepresentation of their environmental problems. . .


Lawsuits Multiply – Smear Campaign Begins

The most visible advocate involved with getting data against Texas Brine, DOW Chemical etc. is Erin Brockovich. Today this headline appears worldwide –

Erin Brockovich
Arrested for Drunk Driving
… a Boat!!!

This looks a LOT like the campaign ‘dirty tricks’ of the the Nixon era. In 1972 CIA-connected operatives destroyed leading presidential contender, Ed Muskie’s campaign in double pronged smear. They used fake letters and “dirty tricks” (crimes) at the end of Feb. 1972 and probably drugged him to make him break down on camera.

Recall this post anticipating this kind of spook-involved criminal activity – Does Bayer-Owned Texas Brine Employ Data Intelligence Firms to Dish Disinfo?

Ya know what, Stratfor, or whoever you are, we have grown up since Watergate. We know all-ll-ll about dirty tricks, sabotage, Karen Silkwood and all this stuff you think you can keep secret.

You can’t keep your stinkhole secret.

You can’t stop the lawsuits.

And you can’t win the lawsuits.

Erin Go! Wed. & Thurs. News

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole lawsuits now total eight filed so far

NAPOLEONVILLE — Lawyers working with environmental activist Erin Brockovich filed a lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of residents and businesses under evacuation orders for more than nine months as a result of the Assumption Parish sinkhole.

Also, Pontchartrain Natural Gas System, K/D/S Promix LLC and Acadian Gas Pipeline System — three pipeline or gas storage subsidiaries of Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners LP — separately have sued for damages over the sinkhole. . . .

. . . The suit tied to Brockovich also accuses Texas Brine and the two other named defendants, Miller Engineers and Associates and Occidental Chemical Corp., of fraud by concealing information about the cavern’s integrity since at least 2010 “in order to escape responsibility for any damages arising therefrom.” . . .

Sinkhole bills passHouse Bill 494

Sinkhole bills continue to sail through Louisiana LegislatureHouse Bills 493 &  494

VIDEO of the session is here. < some real dirty business (not Lake FUBAR)  exposed at 1 hour 30 min. mark . . .

WAFB – Residents near giant Louisiana sinkhole not happy with buyout offers

2.0 quake (frack-quake?) in Atkins, Arkansas < MAP – –  rad_Y_tiny  20 some miles from Arkansas One nuke plant.

Mar. 22 – Toxic Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana slowly swallowing up state


Density Utilities hangs residents out to dry

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) –Homeowners battling a nasty sewage problem in Assumption Parish claim they are being hung out to dry. . .

NBC 33 News – A year later, sinkhole problems still plague Bayou Corne


New Situation Summary is Out, Flash Flood Watch

Dated 5-7 – http://classic.edsuite.com/proposals/proposals_280/situation_summary_05072013_fi_635.pdf

These summaries never have ANY update on buy outs.

DNR Inspection Report dated May 8.  Texas Brine report to DNR – they are taking water samples and measurements during the Code 3.

Erin Brockovich’s website has added a Bayou Corne page with tool to send her info.

Assumption Parish has a FLASH FLOOD WATCH from Friday morning through late Saturday night.

FRIDAY UPDATE:  Assumption Parish – Severe Thunderstorm WatchAreal Flood Advisory & Flash Flood Watch

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Lightening (boxes) Added to This Map:

First Hand – E-Z Pollution Reporting

short link –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-2w0

Our Own RED Ribbon Panel of Experts

Since the DNR and friends have taken it upon themselves to name a fancy BLUE RIBBON PANEL to look into the salt dome collapse we thought we’d go ahead and get a panel too!




And on OUR panel we will pick some of our own experts: