Thursday News

Big Oil’s behind-the-scenes role in LSU’s ‘legacy lawsuit’ study
David Dismukes is the associate director at the Center for Energy Studies at LSU and author of a controversial 2012 study claiming the state’s hostile legal climate has resulted in 30,000 lost jobs and about $6.8 billion in drilling revenue.

Lawsuit claims coal terminal south of New Orleans is polluting Mississippi River in Louisiana

A March 19 DNR Inspection Report

General Honore and the “Green Army” coming for Sasol hearing < see the Blogroll section on the sidebar for the Green Army link for more news about them.

Browns Ferry nuke plant in Alabama has a problem.

Florida – South Ponte Vedra Beach area has landslide problems < posted here in case it relates to ground movement

Yellowstone (Craton news) – bison on the run!


Note – added to the lower part of the Map Page is a link to the EPA radon map.