FLORIDA- Massive sinkhole swallows 215 million gallons of radioactive water

The Big WobbleMassive sinkhole that swallowed 215 million gallons of radioactive water drained into the aquifer system which supplies drinking water to millions of Americanshas photo

rad_Y94. . . The sinkhole, which measures 45 feet in diameter and is 300 feet deep, opened up beneath a pile of waste material at Mosaic, the world’s largest supplier of phosphate.
The Daily Mail reported a storage pond containing 215 million gallons of radioactive water sat atop the waste mineral pile and drained into the aquifer system, which supplies drinking water to millions of residents. . . “
” . . .The Floridian aquifer, one of the highest producing in the world, is the principal source of groundwater for most of the state, and extends into southern Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. . . “


Weekend News


Something sloshed at 2:30 Saturday –

LA12 shows it.

Maybe it was this big 5.9 Mexico quake. It is on the Pacific side.

We haven’t had anything recently about The Shaw Group (aka CB&I ) lately. Here’s something – They are Fukushima contractors –
[VID ]   LINK –  http://youtu.be/14M4oWTFR8s

Aug. 27 – Trial Lawyer Group – Louisiana residents receive $48 million in class action settlement after they were forced to evacuate homes due to salt dome mine sinkhole

This Florida sinkhole news story has interesting video that shows aerial survey over Bayou Corne (first video in the set).

Aug. 29 – Growing Chinese appetite ignites U.S. methanol renaissance

” . . .  Louisiana will soon become home to two Methanex units, capable of producing 1 million metric tons of methanol each per year. The units are being taken apart apart in Chile and moved to Louisiana, where they will be reassembled and re-started. One is slated to come online at the end of this year while another should start operations in 2016, Nash said.
LyondellBasell in January said it restarted a Gulf Coast methanol plant, which had been shut down a decade earlier because natural gas prices were too high. Now that gas prices have fallen again, LyondellBasell jumped at the opportunity to add new capacity at a much lower price than building a new plant, company officials said.
The plant, capable of producing 780,000 tons of methanol per year, added 24 new jobs to the company’s complex in Channelview. . . . ”   (Maybe this price info explains why Crosstex keeps adding butane to their cavern. )

USA seems to be rushing to dig its own grave in these help-China deals – FC


2.4 quake in Texas, near Dallas just before 6 a.m. CST.

After midnight –  DNR has a chance to demonstrate they are indeed monitoring Bayou Corne by fixing the surface LA1o helicorder that konked out Friday afternoon. If they leave it broken/disconnected today (day 4 of outage) we’ll all know their compliance with the Emergency Declaration from “who cares?” Jindal is bunk.

Some Seismic Activity Monday

It started a little before 5:30 a.m. – seen here on LA12.

At 9:54 CST there was a huge 6.8  quake off Fiji. It was very deep so maybe it is the shallow ones that shake up the helicorders from far away. It doesn’t show on helicorders at Bayou Corne. Then before noon all the helicorders had an outage for about an hour and a half. Looks like some tech issue.


Strange Sounds – Loud Boom: Increasing Number Of Mystery Booms Around The World – July 2014

Florida has a giant new sinkhole threatening homes – see comments.

Thursday News

Lots of seismic activity at Lake FUBAR but it may be drilling or machines. The helicorders look all fuzzy and they have returned to work on the berms in the day (Code 1).


WBRZ – Sinkhole reveals possible tax evasion

BAYOU CORNE – The sinkhole in Assumption Parish uncovered some possible tax evasion, according to the parish assessor.

An audit revealed some companies in the parish may not be reporting all the taxable assets. Parish assessor Wayne Blanchard, along with the parish, decided to audit the companies on the dome to see if they were hiding something. . .

The AdvocateAssessor: Assumption salt dome companies owe millions

“. . . .At least nine companies own and/or operate the 53 storage and brine caverns in the 1-mile by 3-mile salt deposit under the swamps of Assumption’s northern end.

The largest owner and operator by far is Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources but others include operator Texas Brine Co., owner Occidental Chemical Corp., Pontchartrain Natural Gas System, Chevron Pipeline Co., Crosstex Processing Services and KDS Promix.

Some operators, like Texas Brine, mine other companies’ caverns for the salt, which is sold to petrochemical plants on the Mississippi River. . . . “


“A single cavern, which can be taller than all but the highest skyscrapers, can have values between $100 million and $150 million, according to lawsuits over a 2003 cavern incident on the dome.”

Assumption assessor: salt dome caverns & contents may be worth $6M in parish property taxes

. . . and speaking of taxes – this was sent in – Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC  [who now threaten Lake Peigneur] does not want to pay the taxes they owe to Louisiana! Judicial Review article.

Feds cite Houston firm, contractors in fatal Gulf blast

HOUSTON – The federal government slapped Houston-based Black Elk Energy and three contractors with 41 citations Wednesday, alleging they failed to ensure safe welding on a Gulf of Mexico production platform where an explosion killed three workers last year.

The agency that led a federal investigation into the explosion said the citations, called “incidents of non-compliance,” could lead to civil penalties for Black Elk and contractors Wood Group PSN of Aberdeen, Scotland; Compass Engineering & Consultants of Lafayette, La.; and Grand Isle Shipyard of Galliano, La. . . . “

2 houses likely lost because of Florida sinkhole – not salt dome related, just Florida . . .

Chevron pipeline explodes, burns in rural Texas – near Dallas

A frack-quake in N. Texas – Another Earthquake in Tarrant County? Yawn!

(11-12) New Orleans Times-PicayuneLouisiana refineries and associated chemical plants had higher air emissions from accidents in 2012, new report says

Extra large Florida sinkhole today

We try not to post every bit of sinkhole news around the country as many open up periodically and more seem to happen with the oil rush on these days. We want readers here to understand the Bayou Corne sinkhole is different. It is a collapsed salt dome, not a traditional sinkhole. However, . . . .


Sinking Florida resort villa evacuated

CNN – Florida sinkhole swallows parts of resort near Disney World

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Tij9fwSif2k

And last week a huge (as yet unexplained) sinkhole opened in west Kansas

Giant Sinkhole Draws Visitors to Western Kansas


[back on Aug. 3rd it looked like this:]

LINK –  http://youtu.be/-AYl85tLTHs

Thanks to tip from Harriette – 😉

Weekend Chex-Mix as News Blackout Continues on Lake FUBAR

Reminder – they continue berm repairs at Lake FUBAR and it is making the helicorders jump. But they are jumping by themselves overnight!

Something has happened at LA10-02 Sat. night.

Before It’s News – La. Sinkhole: Salt Dome Cavern Dropped 31 Feet

“Aside from those reports, silence of late about the status of the expanding emergency area has been as eery as Cajun bayous the energy companies have spoiled.”

First 8 min. of this video has to do with the salt dome collapse. Then it’s yadda yadda….

LINK –  http://youtu.be/hr-VkNRZE-A

BP Earth Watch on the new, improved Lake FUBAR –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/FC9otpdp9ac

Strange blobs found near Chauvin, Louisiana are animals called bryozoans. (map)

The weekly SONRIS Report (p. 3) shows that DNR is letting Gulf South drill away in Napoleonville even as the berm road crumbles away.

LEAN – Community still evacuated, ground still sinking, buy-outs inadequate; will Bayou Corne residents find justice in court?

In Florida, where other non-salt-dome caused sinkholes form under hapless homeowners’ feet the insurance industry invented an ‘out’ for themselves. Is the Neutral Evaluation Process actually helping Florida homeowners? A lot more Florida sinkhole stories today are here.

Also in Florida a big sinkhole opened in Tampa. We were going to not cover all the sinkholes in Florida as they aren’t from salt domes but this spate of big home-eating sinkholes in different west Florida communities seems to indicate something is up. Probably oil and gas industry related.

HBO will show the documentary on fracking, “Gasland Part 2“, on July 8th at 9 p.m.

Fracking operation set to break ground after the state of Tennessee passes new regulation on Hydraulic Fracturing
What do you know? David DeGraw on Mental Slavery – Conditioned Consciousness

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Oq9A14xfU88

“Please sign the petition, found at


  . . . calling for an end to the use of toxic chemical dispersants, a part of the National Contingency Plan regarding oil spills in the United States.”

Crazy Ants update – they eat electronics(!). Will they eat the helicorders if they get to Louisiana? They are nearby in Louisiana.

More Strange Earth Activities in Florida

The man-swallowing sinkhole in Florida over the weekend was roughly near Tampa on the west side of the state. Now there is odd news from quite a bit away in Florida on the west side but lower on the coast near The Everglades.

Now Strange Sounds reports Second Sinkhole Forms In Seffner, Florida – Two Miles From One That Swallowed Jeff Bush (VIDEO)  and – Unexplained loud booming noises around Naples in Collier County, Florida – March 3 2013

These events may be unrelated but something is weird about all these booms the Strange Sounds blog reports on.

  • A is  Marco Is. that has booms
  • B is Seffner, new sinkhole location 2 miles from the man-killing one

A very, very interesting MAP of liquified gas fields in Florida. They are in the west side of Lake Okeechobee . . .   far inland.  Florida Map with Glades County.

A USGS explanation of Florida sinkholes (short video).