Situation Summary & Tues. News


– – ’til Thursday evening.  More on river stages – see Monday post (scroll down)

New Situation Summary out.

P.26 –  “…the rate of MEQs appears moderate with 10+ events per 24 hours with a similar number of  VLP events. The rate does not appear to be increasing at this time. Code level remains at 2”


DNR has a new Situation Report (April 29 date)

There’s a big meeting tomorrow.

Forgotston has news about the Louisiana Public Records Law.

Strange Sounds – Mystery Booms and Loud Rumbling Noises in South Carolina are Related to Earthquakes – April 26 and 27

Salt Dome tid-bit – in Texas those Aussies are buying up more tracts – Australia-based oil and gas company Titan Energy has further increased its acreage holding on the eastern side of the Allen Dome oil field in Texas, US.



DOTD April Reports & Sat. News

For the month of April DOTD has  Bayou Corne inspection reports (no photos) done on April 12, April 22 and April 27. (The top list item for April hasn’t all the reports in it.)

Bayou Corne Cursory Report – April 12, 2013 –  April 22 report and on  April 27 this report.

East of Lake FUBAR on the east side of Grand Bayou at Bayou Choupique they looked at the bridge for Highway 70. MAP.

Texas Brine put out another one of their “fact” sheets. They say the west side of Lake FUBAR is stable. umm-hmmm.

Forgotston says: TO MEMBERS OF THE LSU BOARD OF SUPERVISORS: Please stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars appealing the judgment requiring you to obey the Louisiana Public Records Law. This topic is worth watching for obvious reasons!

2.8 quake Lincolnton, Georgia

2.2 quake – Mitchell, Georgia

The formula for big profits – have an “accident” at a plant  – U.S. Gulf Coast gasoline made a killing after that fire in Krotz Springs.

U.S. Gulf Gasoline Strengthens After Krotz Springs Refinery Fire


We will add a new part on the sidebar with River Level info – here is a good page from WAFB – River Stages