Texas Brine Observes CODE 3




Freedomrox says:

TB’s gates have been locked since December 19th, and only Frontier, and LDNR readings were taken in the mornings, and they waited till the regular contractors went on vacation, brought in another crew on New Year’s Day, just a few days after their little announcement of the ‘Emergency Plan’, so the permits would be in place for their little coup. Very dirty dealings… Makes you wonder about that fellow at Frontier Response, Mike Taylor, who also participated in the BP coverup. Of course, you know that Mark Cartwright and Bruce Martin knew. No Safety meeting, no nothing, and did they even have insurance to cover the workers? Someone can easily get killed in this environment. Someone needs to deal with these loose cannons…
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Another Slough In + Tuesday News

. . . reported by neighbors today at N.E. corner of Lake FUBAR.

 – from Freedomrox

 The Parish Blog put out an updateit doesn’t mention the slough in but it may have gone out before. It has no time stamp. They are sticking with CODE 2.  Let’s see if they keep it that way til work tomorrow.

Crosstex has an update (2 days old).


The helicorders are still poppin’ off but not as bad as Sunday to Monday. About 11:30 A.M. something pretty big made a plunkLA17-02 got some sort of repair and is giving less alarming charts today.

Something happened at just after 11 p.m.. It showed on all the monitors. Here is LA14:


It’s even bigger on LA18

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More on Methane Migration from the Gulf Straight to Bayou Corne

Found this by our well known researcher friend – (in a 2012  comment)

Although the evidence is circumstantial, in the least, Exxon Mobil has provided us with the proof that the Methane seeps and propagation zones extend from the Macondo Wellhead blow out sites as well as the other wellheads that have shown 10,000 to 100,000 times the amount of Methane saturation in the Gulf since the Macondo blowout in 2010 leads straight to the Napoleonville Salt Dome.
If you will scroll to page 28 of the following PDF, then you shall see the migration zone that terminates roughly 10 miles North of Bayou Corne. It is therefor logical to assume that the Methane pressures have risen to such a rate that all along the “Yellow Zone” on page 28 and the graphics on page 31 explains the sinkhole effect, and the enormous pressures involved. Crude oil will soon follow and I fear it has already filled due to the breach on the western wall. If the drilling keeps up next to the Eastern walls by the Australian Drilling Operations….then a total collapse of the Eastern wall is a very high probability. Pressurized Methane Gas is the precursor of liquid oil migrating through the Yellow Seep Zone. I personally see no way to stem or stop this. This is an environmental disaster that will in one way or the other impact and empty all of the surrounding areas in the years to come. Most of the Gulf is in extreme danger!

Map on page 28:

[PDF copy is also on the Methane page]

Louisiana Sinkhole: From the Frying Pan into the Fire

The WHOLE TRUTH about what happened to collapse the salt dome at Napoleonville.


I am itching to explain the findings of the new geo-technical data that Don Marlin has so graciously provided, as well as many other findings, but at this time, another more pressing matter must be addressed for the sake of the residents who actually heeded the ‘Mandatory Evacuation’ and vacated the area over 13 months ago.

In the following video, a question is asked by Mr. Mike Schaff, and it is a most urgent and pressing question.

Mr. Schaff: “Sir, one of the stipulations for it to be safe for the evacuation to be called off, was that; the sinkhole to be stabilized, the caverns to be stabilized, and the gas within the aquifer was to be at, or below hydrostatic pressure. What I am hearing tonight is that these stipulations will change. Am I correct?”

Speaker: “That is what is being presented by these scientists, some of which are…

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How the Great Louisiana Sinkhole came to be.

By Freedomrox

How the disaster happened, geological evidence and some probable suppositions, and my rendering.

Step 1: TB mill out 1500+ psi between 2380 ft.-2480 ft. (Middle 2010) It is possible that a packer did not hold and high pressure waters also flowed into Oxy 3, over-powering the cavern’s 1,000 ft. bottom portion laying on Shale Sheath, fracturing it.

Step 2: Nascent Down thrown fault block damaged or a portion shatters due to mill out breaching the salt and shale sheath, setting off localized faults.

Step 3: Faults send seismic waves in all directions, damaging the shale sheath further, and forming a Disturbed Rock Column, (December 2010, when some seismic activity was first reported by residents)

Step 4: Bottom of Oxy 3 cavern laying upon the shale sheath fails and a geologic explosion occurs, creating the lower Disturbed Rock Column. Seismic waves intensify diverting methane to bubbling spots, until finally the two DRZ’s meet and on Aug. 3rd completed the connection, and the earth and rock gave way, thereby expressing the ‘Sinkhole’



(Disclaimer: This is an account of surface and sub-surface geology as known at the time, and the records discovered at LDNR SONRIS, as well as the testimony in writing of Mark Cartwright, and all evidence discovered to date by Mr. Don Marlin…I did not have my head stuck down 5000 ft., so no one can actually say precisely what happened. This is just an aid to get your head to wrap around it.)

Serious Questions about the Crisis at Bayou Corne – By Freedomrox

Now for the questions that can be asked by any resident to reporters, or at the conference.


  1. Although Residents were promised to be alerted to any potentially dangerous changing conditions, such as ‘burps’, ‘slough-in’s’, well blowouts, CPT/MiHPT reports, Air Monitoring by EPA, and in all ACTUALITY NOT REPORTED! WHY?
  2. Sonny Cranch has admitted to pulling brine from Oxy 3A, (which is in communication with the sinkhole, per Dr, Hecox and Don Marlin), and sent out to Oxy 2 for production. Why is this allowed considering the 3-D confirms each drawdown impacts the Western Salt Face, and exacerbates this ongoing disaster?
  3. Water infiltration of the Western Face of Salt and even shallower at where the caprock broke off in the beginning allowing trapped ‘sweet gas methane’ to release into the aquifer, yet nothing has been done to address this serious situation.
  4. Air Monitors of the sinkhole lake’s surface are not calibrated correctly, as shown by whole number round offs, and not reported correctly. Why is this allowed? EPA should be the ones to calibrate, not Texas Brine contractors, that show a lesser value than is actually detected?
  5. Why has a Forced Evacuation not been declared, especially after all the detections of gas and H2S under multiple homes?
  6. Why are amateurs able to detect changes, and alert the resident’s of possible consequences the only ones actually alerting residents by email, FB posts, off site websites, sometimes up to 24 hours before an actual event takes place, yet not a word from the World Class Scientists charged with monitoring the sophisticated telemetry and seismic geophones installed, and issuing alerts hours and even days after the events happen? Why are we met with silence, when asking these simple important questions of the Command Center?
  7. Every World Class Scientist has made predictions over the long term have been absolutely wrong, yet Mr. Chutz claims this expansion way beyond the official parameters was expected, while simultaneously stating this is an unprecedented event and cannot be predicted?
  8. Why is there no federal intervention, when the area is a major hub criss-crossed with many miles of pipelines connecting all domes in its route to the Henry Hub, since it is an Energy Resource under siege and a matter of National Security?
  9. Why does OSHA not take any complaints from Contractors and Workers wishing to file a grievance?
  10. Why is there no actual survey taken of deleterious health effects in Bayou Corne, when 75 % of all residents have various health complaints from the elderly to young children, with three residents reporting cancerous growths in the last week, and two are known malignant, and one awaiting test results, mainly female?
  11. Why are we the People of Bayou Corne ignored in every way possible by State and Federal Agencies, and just hwat will it take for Governor Jindal to declare this a Federal Disaster, so that we can move on, and not risk deleterious health effects and facing death, due to inaction and lackadaisical response efforts?
  12. Why is there a Conference going on here to lobby for more lax regulations taking place at this Hotel, while our State is about to lead the country in chemical spills, oil, gas and solution mining disasters, as well as explosions and injuries and deaths associated with these activities?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

I submit there is no firm leadership in place to address and to help the victims of the oil and gas, and solution mining disasters, and leave the burden squarely upon the shoulders of those unwittingly sitting upon these potentially life-threatening disasters in the making, yet completely ignored by our State, and Federal watchdogs that know these dangers exist, yet never warn the Public of said dangers.

Changes are needed, and needed now, not tomorrow, while rich fatcats celebrate their victories alongside State Officials living in the lap of luxury, and treated to a Conference at this Hotel, and one owned by The Hilton, while we middle class people are displaced and dying?

Only We the People can change this sorry and sad state of affairs, so will you join me, the People and Lt. General Honore to effect such changes as soon as possible? Protection is needed now! For us, for you, for our children, and for our environment. Will you join in saving this Great State of Louisiana for our future and our posterity?

Thank you!


We Want to See CORRECT Diagrams of Lake FUBAR


When will the charts in the CBI public presentations get corrected?

The illustrations of shape, depth and contents of Lake FUBAR don’t match what is playing out before our eyes. You have essentially been exposed as giving out misleading information to the public about the collapsed salt dome at Napoleonville. Was this by error?

Is it a deliberate disinfo campaign because all he11 has broken loose down below and you gotta show something ‘different’ to calm down angry residents?

Did you take over a year (instead of 2 weeks) to do a 3-D survey as a stall for litigation reasons?
Is pressure below being affected by the oil-eating, untested, genetically-modified bacteria  put in the Gulf and underground to bring more profits to oil and gas companies? Is there a way to “recall” the oil-eating, untested, gentically-modified bacteria?

Does Texas Brine pay management level oil industry careerists to troll Face Book, blogs and social media to keep “their” version of events at Bayou Corne repeated?

Does Texas Brine, Occidental Petroleum or other big oil and gas entity pressure the local business-friendly media not to question Texas Brine’s version of events at Bayou Corne?

Did the  USGS and other agencies obscure or omit important information about faults in the Gulf coast states and offshore near oil field areas to ease the drilling permit process? Did they do the same for information about dead volcanoes?

Which caverns in Assumption Parish are fully intact and which ones are compromised or failing? Are there new M.I.T. results on all of them? Did DNR tell anyone to do them?

Texas Brine brags they have “world experts” helping solve the problem at Bayou Corne. Why do these “world experts” all have career ties to Texas Brine?  And isn’t it true these are not the ‘top’ experts in the field? And isn’t it true there has been no international outreach in the science community for opinions about a solutution for the disaster? And why are only brine and oil men involved? Wouldn’t it help to bring in expertise from other fields?

If Texas Brine has confidence in their science team and the Blue Ribbons why isn’t the live cam public?

Has there been a test using dye or smoke etc. to find the source of any leaks from caverns?

If the methane is being flared off and/or vented from Bayou Corne what happened at Crawfish Stew location yesterday? Did the pressure increase or are there more methane spots appearing?

Why hasn’t anyone tested the bubbling at Lake Peigneur  to see if it has the same trouble as Bayou Corne? Ditto New Orleans area.

If that bubbling is related doesn’t this disaster need better management than Texas Brine can provide?

Why do NASA, Google Earth and Digital Globe refuse requests to show satellite imagry of the disaster? Were they told not to show it?