US Army Corps of Engineers Suspends Blanket Permit for Utility Projects (Pipelines, Powerlines, etc) Amid Environmental Concerns

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US “Army Corps Suspends Blanket Permit for Utility Projects Amid Environmental Concerns By VOA News
April 23, 2020 08:58 PM
After last week’s court ruling brought to light potential environmental concerns, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers suspended a nationwide program meant to approve utility work, despite industry representatives’ warnings it could stop important infrastructure projects.

Nationwide Permit 12, a blanket permit used by utility companies to build gas and oil pipelines, powerlines and other infrastructure across wetlands and streams, was ruled illegal by U.S. District Judge Brian Morris concerning the Keystone XL pipeline’s use of the permit for water crossings without the Army Corps’ proper consideration of endangered wildlife.

From there, the judge’s findings were expanded to include any projects using Nationwide Permit 12.

The Trump administration likely will counter the court’s ruling, seeing as the original lawsuit was over the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, a…

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Some Info from the National Pipeline Mapping System

Some pipeline maps and data are available from place that works under the US Dept. of Transportation.

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