Something happened in the cavern about 4:30 a.m. and Sunday News

Almost all the helicorders showing this –

LA11_April28_2013    <  from LA11 

LA13 konked out yesterday


Assumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extended

Amy Wold of The Advocate writes on coast erosion in Louisiana – Washed away – Locations in Plaquemines Parish disappear from latest NOAA charts

Newspaper trivializes multiple sinkholes that opened up in Zachary, Louisiana. Golf course finds more holes than 18

“BREC Golf Director Jeff Marks, who took over the post earlier this month, said heavy rains in the first part of the year exacerbated the problem.
“Because we have had so much rain, the water pools up there,” he said.
Marks said he has seen similar problems at other courses.
“I have seen it at new courses, I have seen it at old courses,” Marks said. “With new courses, after time, the land kind of settles in.”

Crosstex has not given out a “daily” update since April 17. Why not?