Louisiana Nuke Plant in trouble from hurricane Ida

The Yazoo Herald –

“WASHINGTON — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a nuclear power plant 25 miles west of New Orleans has declared an “unusual event″ — its lowest level of emergency — after the facility lost offsite electrical power.

The Waterford nuclear plant in Killona, La., had shut down protectively on Saturday in anticipation of Hurricane Ida. The plant has maintained safe shutdown conditions with power from emergency diesel generators, the nuclear agency said.

On Sunday night, grid operators requested that the River Bend nuclear power plant in St. Francisville, Louisiana, reduce power because of load demands. The plant is stable and operating at 35 percent power with no significant equipment issues reported, officials said.

The Grand Gulf nuclear plant in Port Gibson, Mississippi, is operating at full power with no significant weather-related issues expected from Ida. No significant flooding has been reported at any of the sites. . . “


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They downplay the impact of loss of power. Fukushima nuke plants all melted down when the backup power failed. Emergency power generation at nuke plants works just for hours.

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Grand Gulf Nuclear Station Apparently Falling Apart: Another Scram Follows “Five Unplanned Downpower Events” In Less Than One Year

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Construction of Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station begin over forty-four years ago in May of 1974, and it was commissioned in 1985 or over thirty-three years ago. Would you feel safe driving on the highway in a vehicle of this age? And, this is a nuclear power station. The ionizing radiation speeds up material degradation. Windscale, Chernobyl, and Fukushima have taught that the impacts of nuclear disasters are not limited to the immediate area. The impacts depend upon wind direction, which is variable.

On November 5th: “The NRC’s review of Grand Gulf Nuclear Station identified that the Unplanned Power Changes Per 7,000 Critical Hours performance indicator has crossed the Green-to-White threshold. The performance issues included in this performance indicator were associated with five unplanned downpower events that occurred from the fourth quarter of 2017 through the third quarter of 2018. These events included a degrading reactor recirculation pump seal…

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Watching Power Supply to Grand Gulf Nuke Plant in Bad Weather

Because nuke energy plants use conventional power only to power their control rooms it is vital the area around a nuke plant have operating power. So-called back up generators only work for an hour or so.

Alcorn State student dies when tree falls on car. . . . the historically black college which is almost literally next door to Grand Gulf

Louisiana power outage live data MAP


Nearby Communities Sunk Deeper into Poverty Since the Arrival of Grand Gulf Nuclear; Lack Emergency Resources; Nearby Jefferson Co. Need to Participate in Evacuation Planning Ignored


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Today, in Washington DC, is a relicensing hearing for Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station in Claiborne County Mississippi, 1000 miles away.
Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins, now located at Alcorn State University
Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins. The staircase is now at Alcorn State University, the first black land grant college in the USA. Both are near Grand Gulf Nuclear Reactor. Clearly the Grand Gulf Nuclear Reactor is a blight on the landscape in every sense of the word.
Grand Gulf Steam
Hurricane Evacuation map MS DOT- US DOT and Fed Hwy Adm
Hurricane Evacuation map shows Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Alcorn (ASU), Fayette, etc. and County Names: http://mdot.ms.gov/hurricanes/prepare/pdf/hurricane-evacuation-guide-2015.pdf While a hurricane would require evacuation to the north, a nuclear accident may require evacuation through Jefferson Co. Below is the size of the Chernobyl exclusion zone overlaid with Port Gibson in Claiborne County and Fayette in Jefferson County. Jefferson Co. clearly may be seriously impacted by a nuclear accident.
Greenpeace Chernobyl overlay of Port Gibson Grand Gulf Chernobyl
Greenpeace interactive map found here: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/Global/international/code/2016/chernobyl/index.html

Things appear to only have gotten worse since 2004…

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