Another Russian Sinkhole + News

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The Watchers

Giant sinkhole opens in Novokuznetsk region of Siberia, Russia

A giant sinkhole has appeared in Siberia’s Novokuznetsk region recently, some 3 500 km from other craters found in Arctic Russia in recent months. The new crater measures around 20 meters in diameter and around 25 to 30 meters in depth.

. . .  Observation from space revealed the dramatic mushrooming of the holes, believed to be caused by methane gas eruptions in melting permafrost due to climate change, scientists revealed today. A leading Russian expert sounded an alert over safety because one new Siberian crater, surrounded by at least 20 ‘baby holes’, is just six miles from a major gas production plant. 

PHOTOS of it from The Siberian Times

This has video of the nearby landslide there recently – Watch This Slow-Moving Landslide Devour a Russian Road

Earlier posts on Russian craters – 1, 2

UPDATE, April 29
Gigantic 100-metre sinkhole leaves Ukrainian villagers terrified after reports it has swallowed up homes and looks likely to get even BIGGER

. . . hope is isn’t related to thisWarming Climate May Release Massive Carbon Storehouse from Arctic Soils


The AdvocateNew safety rules since massive sinkhole prevent Texas Brine from expanding salt cavern operation; company files suit against Dow   DOW1

A 29-year-old Dow Chemical Co. salt cavern sits so close to Texas Brine’s property that new state safety regulations — created after the 2012 Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster — now prevent the Houston company from mining any new caverns on its property, a federal lawsuit alleges.

Texas Brine Co. has sued Dow and a local land company over the Dow cavern carved from the Napoleonville salt dome in Assumption Parish.

“Dow is obligated to (Texas Brine) for the value of the salt that (Texas Brine) can no longer mine, or ‘dead salt,’” the suit claims. . . .  (more)

Dow map

2013 item: Dow’s Toxic Stew Near Bayou Corne –  (not the same property)

State Seismologist says Oklahoma earthquakes are ‘very likely’ caused by oil and gas disposal wells

The Oklahoma state seismologist said disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry are ‘very likely’ responsible for the recent surge of earthquakes in Oklahoma at the recent Oklahoma Geological Survey.  < – links to report

NY TimesThe Gulf, Still at Risk

Environmentalists Warn That Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Could Be a Mirage

NOTE: See comments for Lake FUBAR agitation bits

Yellowston Updated


Breaking: Deadly Rig Fire in the Gulf

Mexico oil platform fire kills four, 300 evacuated

(Reuters) – Mexican state-run oil company Pemex said at least four people died after a fire broke out on a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico early on Wednesday, sparking the evacuation of around 300 workers.

Local emergency services said as many as 45 people were injured in the blaze, which erupted overnight on the Abkatun Permanente platform in the oil-rich Bay of Campeche.

Pemex said it was battling the flames with eight firefighting boats and that a contractor for Mexican oil services company Cotemar was one of the dead. . .

Pemex platform fire kills four workers, injures 16

more from Zero Hedge (has map)

Rummaging in BP’s Dirty Attic

From 2010


July 31, 2010: ROV Captures Violent Sea Bed Oil Eruption

In German –

LINK –    < has interesting Salt Dome graphics 3 min. in and at 6:52 min. mark it shows the fissure on the sea floor (!) – The Salt Dome graphics may be from this article: BK LimWhy is BP’s Macondo blowout so disastrous & Beyond Patch-up.

It references this 2009 document : Initial Exploration Plan Mississippi Canyon Block 252

LINK – <  Wish it had English subtitles, but you get the idea …

Let’s rummage some more … we’re finding good junk!

BP’s Macondo Disaster – A Completely Manmade Catastrophe That Never Stops Revealing Deeper Truths About Undersea Drilling

From Rense – Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment by Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Is As Large As Connecticut! < UPDATED

Strange Sounds – The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is huge!
Although it has shrunk this year, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is still the size of Connecticut! Unbelievable!


Real Coastal Warriors – Red Tide Moves Close to Florida

Biggest red tide bloom killing marine life off Florida Gulf Coast

Red Tide is threatening Florida beaches with a devastating infestation that has not been seen in almost ten years. The incoming bloom has already killed tens of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, and is closing in on the coast. Red tide is scheduled to strike the mainland in around two weeks.

Wednesday News

The 2014 Louisiana session has opened this week. The info to contact your Louisiana rep. is on the sidebar at the art graphic for LEAN. This session will be critical for preserving clean water and protecting aquifers from pollution.

LEAN has a lot of news now on their website.

Energy XXI to buy rival to take on private explorers in US Gulf
• Deal to create largest public producer focused on U.S. Gulf shelf
•Deal worth $1.53 bln

Big (gas) explosion in New York < lots of live coverage now on tv

The parish blog says they are “preparing rolls of geotextile fabric for placement on new south containment berm” … so is this some new berm south of the other new south berm?

WAFB – Texas Brine: New bubble site related to swamp gas, not giant sinkhole  < has video

The AdvocateSinkhole showing signs of stabilizing, expert says

AP version – Expert: Sinkhole showing signs of stabilizing

New Orleans area: Mid-City sinkhole doubles in size as it goes unfixed

Open Season of the Gulf of Mexico

With catastrophe around the corner the ‘gold rush’ in the Gulf continues.
Take a look at this PGS page:

MultiClient Gulf of Mexico News: Take a Risk Out of the Game with Crystal Clarity

Recall they made “pegboard” already out of the Gulf. How much more can the thin-crust, methane bloated, volcano-pocked,fissure cracked, perforated Gulf floor take??
No risk at all say the vultures!