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Breaking: ANOTHER EXPLOSION in Ascension Parish!!! CF Industries’ FERTIZILER Plant Explosion!!

WBRZ News has it –  Another plant explosion reported in Ascension Parish

It is in Donaldsonville, Louisiana ….

The AdvocateExplosion at Donaldsonville plant kills one, injures others

WAFB – One killed, eight injured in Donaldsonville plant blast
WBRZ – One confirmed dead after second plant explosion in as many days

What they make there FERTILIZER (no one calling it a ‘fertilizer plant explosion’)!


SEE ALSO –  Donaldsonville, Louisiana, Fertilizer Plant Nexus, is LESS THAN 15 Miles from Napoleonville < has MAP

And this video by Idahopicker shows how close it is even better –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Ge66CU1zJxk

That same fertilizer plant BLEW UP in 2000 :

LINK –   http://youtu.be/ii_Pw5LWZ-w

The video says the plant has an emergency siren. Did it go off yesterday?

Monday News


The parish blog put out an explanation of the Code Levels.

We removed the post about huge seismic activity because Freedomrox says they are doing work there in spite of what the parish blog says about ‘Code 3’.  He also says:

This one is the Story! LA 15! It is showing hydraulic Communications all the way into the Salt to Crosstex. This can only mean there is a FRACTURE containing a liquid flowing somewhere under the Caprock. Look at where LA 15 is at.


This chart shows work going on . . . 


QUESTION IS: Why are they working during a ‘CODE 3‘????

. . . AND why are officials lying to The Advocate?

The AdvocateSinkhole work stops as tremors increase

[snip] . . . . . “John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said Monday the halt in work is done in an abundance of caution based on past experience with the tremors.

Upticks in tremor frequency have sometimes been followed by burps of gas, oil and debris and edge collapses in the sinkhole.” . . .

“halt in work” ??  Really, John Boudreaux ??

Then what made those charts go OFF the charts AFTER your ‘Code 3‘ ?? Was that your 33 foot tall giant bunny rabbit thumping around, tied by a pink  ribbon to the Assumption Parish Police Jury lollipop tree?

Center for Public Integrity – Louisiana sinkhole shatters calm, prompts buyouts on the bayou

[snip] “. . .  Residents living on the fence-line face long odds in their quest to escape. Few communities flex political power, their voices faint against big-muscled industry or slow moving government. . . “

Thanks to Simply for this tip  – 😉

Claims Journal – Louisiana Lawmakers Seek Better Oversight of Salt Mines

Lawmakers are looking to prevent a repeat of the massive Assumption Parish sinkhole that officials say was caused by a collapsed underground salt cavern – and make sure prospective property owners know what may lie beneath the ground before they buy.

The proposed laws filed by four legislators whose districts include the sinkhole area would halt permits for new salt mining operations; limit the reuse of storage caverns after a disaster, such as the development of a sinkhole; mandate regular mapping and monitoring of sites; and impose stiffer fines for noncompliance. . . .

GOHSEP put out the Situation Summary – dated 4-12 – (we forget if we already posted this)

From Idahopicker – on the ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’

LINK – http://youtu.be/jBXXGv712XE


Timeline of the Pegasus pipeline rupture in Ark.  – Exxon Didn’t Know Its Pipeline Ruptured Until Called by Arkansas Authorities. Or Did It?

New Hampshire –  Exxon Mobil must pay $236 mn in pollution case

CONCORD –  A jury found Exxon Mobil liable today in a long-running lawsuit over groundwater contamination by the gasoline additive MTBE, and ordered the oil giant to pay USD 236 million to New Hampshire to clean it up.

The jurors reached their verdicts in less than 90 minutes, after sitting through nearly three months of testimony in the longest state trial in New Hampshire history. The state seeks USD 236 million to monitor and remediate groundwater contaminated by MTBE, which travels farther and faster in groundwater than gasoline without the additive. . . .

MORE here later . . . we got a feeling the pecking chicken pecking for news art clip isn’t going to be needed today 🙂

Monday News + Video Chex Mix

Catastrophe Map – Assumption Parish Sinkhole Grows, Air Quality Alert Increased

Louisiana WeeklySinkhole at 300 ft. is Superdome-sized

By J. Kojo Livingston

The Bayou Corne sinkhole is grow­ing…faster.

The sinkhole that was a grave concern when it was the size of a football field is now the size of the Superdome in New Orleans.

The sinkhole that caused explosions and odors and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents had now expanded by 12 acres in the course of a weekend to the tune of rumblings, tremors and giant smelly gas bubbles coming from underground. The escaping gas is being burnt to avoid a massive explosion. . . .

. . . . You see this kind of closing down of information on the part of Texas Brine, the company responsible for creating the sinkhole. . . .

Related – This 2010 story is interesting – Human rights in ‘Cancer Alley’

Five years ago a group of residents from the rural community of Mossville in Louisiana came to Washington DC to file a human rights complaint against their own government. They alleged that the United States was not protecting their right to live in a healthy environment. . . .

. . . .”It is the first environmental case coming out of the United States to go to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

2.5 quake Plum Branch, South Carolina < MAP

A 6-minute interview podcast with Sonny Cranch on WJBO radio this morning. He discusses sinkhole depth, floor rise, failed integrity, future plans:

•Sonny Cranch – 1150 WJBO 

– thanks Guerrera Zorra for mentioning this interview and Keith  M. for finding it – 🙂

Public discussion planned about sinkhole

BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) – A special group will meet Friday to discuss public safety concerns around the growing sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Public Safety will meet on April 5th at the LSU Energy, Coast and Environment Building in the Woods Auditorium. The meeting is open to the public. . .


Strange SoundsUnderground explosion followed by fire near Lacles Landing St-Louis Missouri (VIDEO)


Idahopicker points out the floor of the cavern has risen almost 300 feet since the beginning of the disaster. It has filled in with falling rock.

Residents – he offers to help anyone with alternative home evaluation as he has the home building expertise.  He says Texas Brine may low-ball home values.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/o5JyTEyP8U8

Mysterious Loud Booms; Pensacola, FL plus some on New Madrid Fault Zone quakes –

LINK – http://youtu.be/xEqCRtSZ96k

Crazy weather so far in 2013 – (note – China has same flimsy ground as Florida. A lot of limestone that causes sinkholes. )

LINK –  http://youtu.be/5ksyQiNTdpE

Door Point Volcano Buried In SE Louisiana near BAYOU CORNE SINKHOLE! It has BP OIL worried. . .

LINK –  http://youtu.be/zTrao_82dtI

Related – Door Point: A Buried Volcano In Southeast Louisiana – A Paper Written in 1976

We missed this NPR report on the sinkhole.

New Madrid Fault

Walter Coin found a lot of information on the New Madrid Fault with a lot of good photos explaining the geology of the area. Additional info with MAPS.

On the Edge blog – Sand Blows and the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Christian Chex Mix

We had a message from this fellow, Mark Brander, with his ideas about the sinkhole. Many other sites have this theme so just posting here as a courtesy.


shortlink – http://wp.me/p2GNDM-2iu

New Sorcha Faal Hoax

. . . reposting HERE because Dutchsinse and Idahopicker are repeating this phoney story.
It took less than 15 minutes to fact-check it. They are very lax.
And this hoax-repeating is hurtful to crime victims who are used by Faal.

flying cuttlefish picayune

Some very poor bloggers are doing no fact checking when it comes to rumors about spree killers.

Lately this idiotic web rumor by hoaxer, Sorcha Faal, is bouncing around the net. A fake Photoshop image of a map of Gotham from a new Batman movie is convincing uncritical readers that ‘Sandy Hook’ is on the map.

It isn’t.It wasn’t. It is a hoax.

Faal has moved on to telling a new tale about Hunger Games and the Conn. massacre. These big movie titles insure the ‘bots’ that check for headlines will automatically grab his fake stories for repeat.

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Cavern Floor Rises 15 Feet + Thursday News

Texas Brine says the cavern floor has risen another 15 feet.

And they give details about how they have tried and tried to comply with the Nov. 12 deadline to get things done but it’s a swamp, darn it! Boo-Hoo.


Idahopicker explains where the new seismic monitors are (LA10 & LA11) –

LINK – http://youtu.be/aXzo91hBl1w

LINK – http://youtu.be/mkwCLMvg3Tg

NEW! From the parish blog – a sinkhole profile  and   they posted all the graphics from the residents’ meeting. But they put important information in invisible yellow text on the image. Nearly unreadable even with big magnification. The Photo of the sinkhole presented to residents withe the data was from   Nov. 9 (!!) and the data labeled on it was taken Dec. 10 & 12! So they didn’t even bother with most recent data! ENE-News noticed it too!

ENE-News‘Small blips’ of Hydrogen Sulfide detected in aquifer near giant sinkhole

GOHSEP has put out a new situation summary.

Weather watch:  Storms giving way to colder weather < FREEZING WEATHER EXPECTED TONIGHT

As sinkhole spreads . . . never mind the massive amount of butane stored nearby! The sinkhole is threatening the casino on Highway 70! Photo.

MORE here later . . . .