Gulf Current Gets Yips + News + Methane Gas Global Emergency

Study: The Gulf Stream system may already be weakening. That’s not good.

“. . .  They conclude the system has weakened to its lowest level in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland’s melting ice sheet.< Don’t look at Corexit! Don’t look at Corexit! Perhaps due to an influx of Corexit!

global warming may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system ” — how about BP may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system!

New York TimesGov. Jindal’s Implosion

Jindal has made a mess of Louisiana and wrecked his reputation in the process. His odds of becoming president of the United States have shrunk to nil.”


OK and S. Kansas having a frack-quake swarm. RSOE screen shot –



(3-26) – 2.9 quake in N. IllinoisMAP

Keeping up with methane news –

Arctic Methane Emergency: Methane released by the Gigaton! (billions of tons)


Wednesday morning – booms off the chart at Lake FUBAR


WIPP Community Meeting Tonight + Thurs. News

WIPP Round-Up

Community Update Meeting Scheduled:
for WIPP April 17 – Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway and DOE will
co‐host a weekly town hall meeting featuring updates on WIPP recovery activities.
The meetings are held every Thursday at 5:30 p.m.
Location: Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 101 N. Halagueno Street.

 Live streaming of the weekly meetings can be seen at:

Home WIPP web site:

Thanks to Walter for sending this in 😉     5:30 in N.M. is 3:30 EST.

ENE-News – Mistake at Congressional Hearing? Senator: “Radioactive releases from WIPP have been at levels that are a public health danger” — EPA: “This is a big deal” (VIDEO) < article mentions Mining Awareness 🙂

ENE-News – AP: Crews retreat after nuclear material found at WIPP — Officials: Correct to turn back, contamination was increasing — Robots brought to site for radiation levels too high for humans — ‘Significant amount of information’ will be revealed to public in next few days (VIDEOS)

A quote from Mining Awareness (scroll half way down):

While Farok Sharif of WIPP getting demoted appears good news on the surface, we must examine what he did at WIPP. He orchestrated a speed-up of moving radioactive waste. On the Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC web site it is still proudly proclaimed that Farok helped WIPP to “ramp up” from processing one to two waste shipments per week to more than 30 per week. His background is a BA in “Production and Operations Research Management” and a MBA from New Mexico State University.

A Green Road Blog – WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access

State agency:  the nuke waste is all getting backed up in the parking lot(!)

(Feb. 27) “In light of DOE’s inability to operate, they are facing storage deadlines in their parking lot and Waste Handling Building.”


The AdvocateSenate OKs bill to sidetrack suits against energy industry

Dutchsinse – Nevada Volcanoes rumbling


2.7 quake in Benton, Illinois

Friday Seismo News

A 5.5 quake down in Argentina may affect the helicorders. MAP

We don’t have so much here on Argentina but in January there was this weird item about a giant crack opening up there.  The weird event is about 800 miles by road north-by-northeast of the quake. Map of both.

New  item from the Parish Blog reports they are doing all sorts of work outside the berms.

There was BIG FLUID MOVEMENT starting around 11 p.m. Friday that went on til 1 a.m. Sat.. LA14 helicorder shows it well. It showed on others as well.


A 2.4 quake in Southern Illinois < MAP

New Madrid Fault Continues Thumping in S. Illinois

1.8 quake at Bellmont, Illinois < MAP

. . . .we are watching everything  in New Madrid zone lately!


There’s a new Situation Summary out (7-9). They have been busy bees (p. 7-8). Page 41:

There were ~12 VLP events yesterday with ~3 VLP events detected since midnight. A number of large VLP events have been observed on LA12 this morning. Seismic level is at Code 2 (7/9)”

Page 44 says they are filming bubble sites. Can we see it? Filming them abates methane leaks …. how???

Seismic Shakes Continue Saturday + Weekend News

We don’t’ know what’s going on but it sure ain’t stable!




Hang on . . .  they’re waking up!


2.3 quake in Southern Ill. < MAP

2.5 quake in Englewood, Tennessee. < MAP < near 2 rad_Y_tiny  nuke plants!

USGS Hiding New Madrid Fault Zone Quakes This Week + Gulf of Mexico Activity

and South of Gulf of Mexico has a Lot of Activity

We looked at the map on ANF today and see the 2.4 quake in eastern Illinois and some others not on the USGS map. The USGS revised “live” map doesn’t show most of these quakes!  We took this screenshot from today’s ANF map:




Six earthquakes hit north of Morrilton [Arkansas]

There’s a LOT of seismic activity to the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and on the Pacific side of Central and South America lately. Mexico 5.8 quake and Nicaragua 6.5 quake in just 2 days!



UPDATE, June 17

M5 quake along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua

UPDATE, June 18

Strong eruption with ash emissions at Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico


short link –

Wed. News – Tropical Storm Forming

First tropical storm of the season, Andrea, forms

 track misses Louisiana in early forecast

Southern Ill. quake1.9 quake in Sumner, IllinoisMAP
Helicorders continue to show constant,  large seismic activity
WBRZ – Workers repairing sinkhole berm after collapseVIDEO newscast


WAFB – Bills regulating salt domes clear La. Legislature < House Bills 493,494 & Senate Bill 139

Bills to tighten rules on salt domes after Assumption Parish sinkhole are headed to Jindal

25 years ago: Union Carbide reneges on $192 million in Bhopal relief payments