Lace Up Your Sneakers! Take Action!

Flood into Baton Rouge

a march to end corporate welfare and dump Louisiana’s troubled water on Jindal’s doorstep

It’s a big walk to Baton Rouge with rallies!

  • June 25th: Labadieville to Belle Rose
  • June 26th: Belle Rose to the Plaquemine Ferry
  • June 27th: East Bank of Plaquemine Ferry to Brightside Drive’s intersection with LA 317
  • Saturday, June 28th: The levees in Baton Rouge to Governor’s Mansion

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Those Nutty Conspiracy Theories

Crazy Conspiracy Theories Here


  • Faults in South Louisiana and in the Gulf Coast are ignored by oil and gas drilling boosters
  • Matt Simmons knew what BP was up to in the Gulf of Mexico and did not die of natural causes in a hot tub on a hot day
  • Sangita “Bobby” Jindal is beholden to oil and gas industry reps who ply him with campaign cash
  • The Louisiana DNR issues permits to drill in areas they know are risky and unsafe
  • State officials in Louisiana sometimes put their own interests ahead of public safety
  • Oil and gas interests own Baton Rouge
  • Methane seep is a problem miles away from Bayou Corne in South Louisiana
  • The Louisiana water supply is in danger of contamination from wreckless oil and gas drilling and state agencies tasked with water safety oversight have conflicts of interest and competency problems
  • Hundreds of thousands of gallons of butane being stored next to an Empire-State-Building-sized collapsed salt dome is unwise
  • Industry insurance companies do not do due diligence on oil and gas companies operating in Louisiana
  • The USGS hides man-made earthquake data to protect fracking-crazy oil and gas interests who are making earthquakes
  • Radioactive waste sludge stored underground in Assumption Parish is unaccounted for
  • The EPA has no teeth and lost lost its dentures
  • The fragile salt dome zone of the Gulf Coast is in danger of serious damage from industry practices and scientists know it and are silent
  • Scientists who know the  fragile salt dome zone of the Gulf Coast is in danger of serious damage depend 100% on government grants for their research
  • Louisiana residents do not get a fair shake from their own government in matters of oil and gas industry damage compensation

Tuesday News

Stephen Sabludowsky  at the Bayou Buzz – Busy Jindal: derailment, ammonia plant and sinkhole paradise

[snip] ” . . .  Jindal skipped a meeting of the national governors but did manage to attend another campaign stop outside the state before he preached in New Orleans to a Red State website event along with other GOP hopefuls.
But, did he make it to Lake Jindal on the one year sinkhole disaster anniversary, held this weekend?

Unusual seismic activity this morning. NOW LA12 is off line(!). LA17 shows FLUID MOVEMENT. Hang on . . . . heli_button


Sheriff Ackal says Lake Peigneur Could be Worse than Assumption Sinkhole < with VIDEO About Lake Peigneur

Bayou Corne-type disaster could happen elsewhere



1 Year Plus . . . Monday News

Seismic activity went way up yesterday at LA12 just after noon. Then today the helicorder went off line. LA14 did the same yesterday but is working today and looks calm. LA11 did the same. The others look calm yesterday and today.

UPDATE 7 p.m. CST – Many Seismos going off. Large seismic activity late in the day.

LA15 has been broken down since Aug. 1st.


Since it took Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal 7 months to bother to visit the giant disaster, caused in great part by state agencies granting permit after permit to over-drilled Assumption Parish players.  That means he may dawdle by next February or March (2014) to see what happened at the one year anniversary.

No government agency heads in Louisiana bothered to attend the community meeting this weekend.

There is

  • NO Science Committee 1 year evaluation
  • NO statement by Texas Brine
  • NO statement by cavern owner, Occidental Petroleum
  • NO press release from Jindal’s office
  • NO CBI 1 year summary
  • NO Blue Ribbon “path forward” blueprint blah, blah  put out on the 1 year mark – even if it a bunch of B.S.
  • NO cessation of seismic activity, oily leaks, gas build-up from Lake FUBAR

Chemical Train Wreck N.W. from Lake FUBAR

New Orleans Times-PicayuneDerailed train in Louisiana carrying highly toxic substances, Jindal says

“. . . three cars were leaking as of late Sunday. One is leaking lubricant oil while a second is leaking Dodecanol, a tasteless, colorless alcohol that can cause mild skin irritation. The third, however, is carrying a highly corrosive substance called caustic soda, or lye. Two other cars containing a highly toxic, flammable, and carcinogenic substance called vinyl chloride monomer have damage to their exteriors but no signs yet of apparent leaks. . . “

“Of the 23 cars that derailed Sunday, 14 contained “regulated substances” that are harmful or toxic.”

It is northwest from Lake FUBAR along I-90,  60 miles west of Baton Rouge.




Reader, Keith C. M. says

Things already look peculiar!
Espinoza said the railroad ties were renewed in 2011 and the track was inspected about three hours before the accident.

100 homes evacuated after Louisiana train derailment

Reader, David H. wonders if there is a FAULT running under there.

Louisiana Public Records Law & Holiday News, seismic activity increases

The New Orleans Times-PicayuneLouisiana government is making itself off limits to the public: Robert Mann

CNN Reports on Arkansas quakes and fracking(!)Arkansas quake swarms rattle nerves, raise questions

On this holiday weekend is anyone watching the helicorders??  We don’t think this is work trucks or drilling:

LA12 at 7:40 p.m. CST –


Hurricane center: Beware of the storm surge


LA12 is quite a bit worse today!

2013_LA12_May27Terrific seismic activity. It is not just “micro-quakes” as Texas Brine claims. And they have another deceptive “explanation” about “bulking” in the cavern in this article:

The AdvocateRock to sinkhole ratio a mystery 

David J. Mitchell – “One of the lingering questions surrounding the Assumption Parish sinkhole — raised last fall when fears of more sinkholes emerged — remains an issue of too much rock.”

“. . . . As the sinkhole has grown over the last nine months and as the 2,258-foot-tall cavern continued to fill with rock and sediment— at a rate of three feet per day.”


We-already-knew-this Dept. – Snakes in the State Capitol

Hurricane center: Beware of the storm surgeNOAA – Hurricane Preparedness < with videos

The Daily CometA $500 million lock on the Houma Navigation Canal is one of several restoration projects with a big price tag the state plans to make shovel ready in preparation for billions of dollars in oil-spill fine money.

3 Dozen Quakes Shake Arkansas —in Week <   Dutchsinse has a map of the fracking wells that caused the quakes.

2.0 quake in Plumerville, Arkansas < MAP

DOW1  Quite a bit about DOW in this Real News story – Global Protest in 300 Cities Will Take Aim on Monsanto


US weather satellite GOES-13 fails few days before start of Atlantic hurricane season

The NOAA has new storm surge indicators all ready for the 2013 hurricane season. Here’s the announcement. We will add The US Weather Service channel to our You Tube links on the sidebar.


short link –