Texas Brine Upbeat about Salt Dome Disaster + Sunday News

WAFB – [Louisiana] Residents urged to pre-apply for disaster food aid – For Hurricane Season

The AdvocateBayou Corne camp occupants bring sinkhole lawsuit

East Baton Rouge and Livingston parish residents who own or lease camps in the Bayou Corne-area have joined the growing list of businesses, residents and landowners headed to court over the Assumption Parish sinkhole..
. . .Attorney Mark Brown said Friday his clients are seeking damages for lost property value and loss of use of their camps since an evacuation order was issued Aug. 3, hours after the swampland sinkhole was found.
Brown said if the problems linger, the plaintiffs’ claims for monetary damages could mount for the defendants.“Right now it is loss of use,” Brown said. “
If Texas Brine does not get their act together and resolve the problem, it may be for permanent deprivation.”

Whistling in the Dark- Stability indicators show near sinkhole

[John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security ] said that cavern depth measurements going back to last fall have shown the rock had risen inside the cavern, on average, about 3 feet per day.
But, on Friday, Texas Brine measured a 29-foot drop during one week. Boudreaux added that never before had the level of rock slumped inside the cavern since the sinkhole emerged. . .
. . .  Texas Brine officials speculated Friday the drop could be an early sign that an awaited point of equilibrium is happening.” <Dream on!

The Watchers – Landsat 8 high resolution satellite imagery now available free of charge –  The viewer – You can zoom in on Assumption Parish and get an image from April 29 of Lake FUBAR. But it didn’t go close enough to see the berm roads on our try.

Rotten Egg Smell Reported Near Baton Rouge

Louisiana Bucket Brigade – “Chemical Odor That’s Causing Headache” in Standard Heights < see third report – “I smelled something yesterday, more of a rotten egg type smell and I really didn’t see anything.  And I’m currently smelling gas in my house and I had it checked and I have yet to get reported that I have a gas leak.”

DEQ has water data for May 2nd. < xls file

They’re a little slow to put out salinity reports etc. They have nothing for June yet.

Danger at Lake FUBAR due to FUBAR ‘minders’ . . . Who’s Minding the Store?

A respected contributor here writes:

No one is minding the store and things are falling apart!

There is a serious breakdown in management, safety, and proper maintenance at the sinkhole, and it would not surprise me at all if just one thing breaks down…that the whole shebang will grind to a halt.

The ‘Officals’ are not doing their jobs and safety is not a concern.

When workers have to find out about a ‘Code 3′ slough in on the internet, and that it did not all occur this morning but started last night, then serious problems exist when it comes to worker safety.


Vent Wells are shut in and flares are turned off. This just as Thunderstorms roll through, and a 7.2 earthquake again sets the earth and the sinkhole ringing like a bell.

Someone needs to take control of maintenance, and safety down there now!

Where the devil is OEP? Who is enforcing the Code 3 shutdowns? Shouldn’t that be John B? Think you could do a little bit more than just film the trees falling in, and do your job? Just because the level is now down to a Code 2 does not excuse your actions yesterday morning. Shame on you!
There is no over-sight, and safety is being sacrificed because the whole shebang is being run by the very criminal that perpetrated the crime. Texas Brine, LDNR, and Occidental Chemical Corporation!

Monday News


The parish blog put out an explanation of the Code Levels.

We removed the post about huge seismic activity because Freedomrox says they are doing work there in spite of what the parish blog says about ‘Code 3’.  He also says:

This one is the Story! LA 15! It is showing hydraulic Communications all the way into the Salt to Crosstex. This can only mean there is a FRACTURE containing a liquid flowing somewhere under the Caprock. Look at where LA 15 is at.


This chart shows work going on . . . 


QUESTION IS: Why are they working during a ‘CODE 3‘????

. . . AND why are officials lying to The Advocate?

The AdvocateSinkhole work stops as tremors increase

[snip] . . . . . “John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said Monday the halt in work is done in an abundance of caution based on past experience with the tremors.

Upticks in tremor frequency have sometimes been followed by burps of gas, oil and debris and edge collapses in the sinkhole.” . . .

“halt in work” ??  Really, John Boudreaux ??

Then what made those charts go OFF the charts AFTER your ‘Code 3‘ ?? Was that your 33 foot tall giant bunny rabbit thumping around, tied by a pink  ribbon to the Assumption Parish Police Jury lollipop tree?

Center for Public Integrity – Louisiana sinkhole shatters calm, prompts buyouts on the bayou

[snip] “. . .  Residents living on the fence-line face long odds in their quest to escape. Few communities flex political power, their voices faint against big-muscled industry or slow moving government. . . “

Thanks to Simply for this tip  – 😉

Claims Journal – Louisiana Lawmakers Seek Better Oversight of Salt Mines

Lawmakers are looking to prevent a repeat of the massive Assumption Parish sinkhole that officials say was caused by a collapsed underground salt cavern – and make sure prospective property owners know what may lie beneath the ground before they buy.

The proposed laws filed by four legislators whose districts include the sinkhole area would halt permits for new salt mining operations; limit the reuse of storage caverns after a disaster, such as the development of a sinkhole; mandate regular mapping and monitoring of sites; and impose stiffer fines for noncompliance. . . .

GOHSEP put out the Situation Summary – dated 4-12 – (we forget if we already posted this)

From Idahopicker – on the ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’

LINK – http://youtu.be/jBXXGv712XE


Timeline of the Pegasus pipeline rupture in Ark.  – Exxon Didn’t Know Its Pipeline Ruptured Until Called by Arkansas Authorities. Or Did It?

New Hampshire –  Exxon Mobil must pay $236 mn in pollution case

CONCORD –  A jury found Exxon Mobil liable today in a long-running lawsuit over groundwater contamination by the gasoline additive MTBE, and ordered the oil giant to pay USD 236 million to New Hampshire to clean it up.

The jurors reached their verdicts in less than 90 minutes, after sitting through nearly three months of testimony in the longest state trial in New Hampshire history. The state seeks USD 236 million to monitor and remediate groundwater contaminated by MTBE, which travels farther and faster in groundwater than gasoline without the additive. . . .

MORE here later . . . we got a feeling the pecking chicken pecking for news art clip isn’t going to be needed today 🙂

Late Monday News – New Photos from DNR – Monitors not Monitored

Conservation Dept. a new advisory on the parish blog today –

The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that the Oxy 3/sinkhole monitoring alert status has been raised to Code 2 – requiring all work directly in and over the sinkhole to cease until further notice. . .  (more)

DNR inspection photos from Mar. 29. Photos – (‘as is’ art is from DNR not us)

Notice the oily patches . . . it seems to be what they are pointing out.

April 1 Inspection Report

Friday’s post with news about the broken oil pipeline in Arkansas was updated  with a short video of it.

The Advocate Tremors cause work stoppage at sinkhole

And with all that is going on no one is watching the monitors full-time

“John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said he was working on the sinkhole Monday morning and saw on its north side water movement known to indicate the tremors.

A later check of seismic monitors by experts working for the state Office of Conservation found the tremors were increasing, leading to the halt in work at about 11:30 a.m., Boudreaux said.”

so . . . they check the monitors AFTER they happen to see water movement?? Because NO ONE IS WATCHING THE MONITORS 24/7!

DNR Has Inspection Report for Today + GOSHEP Situation Summary + New Slough In


Feb. 27 Inspection Report from DNR   . . . they have Feb. 26 also – on the main page.

AND . . .  New Situation Summary is out.

No company updates since Feb. 21(!) . . .

Lake FUBAR is bubbling in the center and trees fell in admits GOSHEP

Story in The AdvocateSinkhole activities halt work nearby

( NOTE: Original article title in the url: “tremors-detected-sinkhole-work-suspended” )

[snip] . . .  John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said about five to six trees that had been leaning over for the past week along the northeast side of the sinkhole fell in Tuesday morning and that small bubbling spots also have re-emerged in the sinkhole.

“They do have a section in the center of the sinkhole that has that bubbling,”. . .


They claim a 5 foot berm made  of dirt will hold it all back!

“The first phase of an earthen berm surrounding a 71-acre area that encompasses the sinkhole was finished Saturday, providing complete containment of the brine-filled hole. Another phase to bring the berm to a height of 5 feet above ground level is planned.” . . . .  71 acre area” may be a TYPO. It is probably 7.1  — visible in the photo. (70 acres would be 7 miles)

“Work on the sinkhole will be suspended until the subsurface activity slows again, officials said Tuesday. About 80 percent of the failed cavern is now filled, according to the latest estimate from early February.”

More Gas Measuring + New Community Meeting on Sat.

Community meeting is at 10 a.m. Saturday

The Advocate

Geo-probes planned for land near sinkhole

BAYOU CORNE — Assumption Parish authorities dealing with a growing, 4-acre sinkhole in the Bayou Corne area scheduled a community meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday to provide information on planned natural gas venting and positioning of geo-probes on private property.

John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said Thursday officials hope to show the public a photograph of such probes, which he said do take up some space.

The probes, which are polyvinyl chloride pipes driven about 50 to 60 feet into the ground with landowners’ consent, are being used to monitor for subsurface natural gas in the vicinity of Bayou Corne. . . .