Weekend News


LA11 is SLOSHING. Rhythmic fluid movement shown since Friday.

Big fluid movement every 2 hours.   .   heli_button

Now we have to wait for quittin’ time to see anything. Big truck activity obscurring everything.

Central America quake swarm updated in Friday’s post with a graphic showing them all.
10 p.m. – There was LARGE FLUID MOVEMENT way down
in LA 10-03.
It could be this giant 6.3 NZ earthquake at 9:52 p.m. CST. It showed on other helicorders too.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/GQpzu5t75eM

Fuel Fix – New tests find more methane in North Texas water



Lake FUBAR has freezing temperatures Sat. morning.  30 o at dawn. It won’t warm up til midday.

WWLTV – Marsh fire near Raceland shuts down US 90 < has video   –  It is about 45 miles from Lake FUBAR to the southeast. MAP

A DNR Inspection Report is out (Jan. 17)

Seismic activity continues at LA11 — Lots of work being done there. Did it sag?  Lots of FLUID MOVEMENT at LA17-02 at 4:45 p.m. ….



Missing Time at LA11 at 2 A.M. – Easy Technology to View Below a Salt Dome



The parish blog has an update and they announce a community meeting tomorrow.


Using Augmented Reality, Inition demonstrated how Paradigm’s subsurface software can see below the surface of a salt dome:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/ocbhDCAu7GA

LA11 Says: “Trouble at the South Berm”!!

LA11 is SOUTH of the berm road!



LINK – http://youtu.be/NGZrUtow2q8

On top of that there’s a FREEZE WARNING for tonight.


Lake FUBAR is the talk of the German blog.

Study: US spewing 50% more methane than EPA says

Fox 8 News – Bayou Corne sinkhole victims call for action

Louisiana Public Broadcasting will do a show on Bayou Corne this FRIDAY night on “Louisiana The State We’re In” at  7 P.M..

Thursday News

SEE ABOVE for Geismar explosion news

Something big happened last night at LA11 between 8-9 p.m. CST.   LA11_June12pmLA14 shows the same event.

Happily, the helicorders are ‘normal’ except for LA12 which is on the fritz.

2.8 quake at Damascus, Arkansas < MAP     Dutchsinse says the quakes at Beebe / Greenbrier , Arkansas are from fracking.

Accident at Alabama nuke plant.  rad_Y_tiny Electrical issues.

A very large earthquake today in the Christmas Islands may show up on the helicorders. Walter Coin has the details.

A NEW Situation Summary is out (6-11)

Code 3 is over. They are doing lots of work and are under a Code 1 (p. 36)

La. Sinkhole Class Certified In Suit Against Texas Brine

A Louisiana federal judge on Wednesday granted class certification to a group of property owners and residents in a consolidated suit accusing Texas Brine Co. LLC and an Occidental Petroleum Corp. unit of causing a potentially dangerous sinkhole, saying the potential class members’ claims were similar enough to justify certification. . .

The case.

LaBarre et al v. Occidental Chemical Company et al

Plaintiffs:     Gustave J. LaBarre, Jr. , Andre P. V. de LaBarre , Floyd A. LaBarre , Maria de LaBarre , Mary G. de LaBarre , Pierre de LaBarre, IV , LaBarre Lands, Inc. , Gilbert J. Dupre , LPL Land Company , Ramona Talbot , Helen Shaw , Sidney Hernandez , Lizarraga Enterprises, L.L.C. , Marlene L. Folse , Anita H. Williams , Henry R. Lawes, Jr. , LeBlanc Land Company, L.L.C. , Jonsyb Minerals L.L.C. , Savoie Land Holdings, L.L.C. , Savoie-Mattingly Properties L.L.C. , Paincourtville Land Company, L.L.C. , Meraland Louisiana Partners, LLP , Hospice of Greater Baton Rouge , Augusta de la Barre Riffert , Gail D. Boudreaux , Howard J. Dupree, III , Larry Shavers, Sr. , Elizabeth Coston , Donald & Mable Savoie L.L.C. , Joie Simoneaux , Mildred W. Schmidt , Lillie Coston , Mary Coston , Jacqueline Coston , Gertrude Landry , Christopher A. Simoneaux , Cheryl D. Daigle , Lyle T. Simoneaux , Amy Simoneaux , Charles C. Savoie, Sr., L.L.C. , June Dupre Bouchereau , Simone Simoneaux-Lawson , Wayne Triche , Gerald C. Triche , Virginia Triche , Lynn Daigle , Thomas B. Triche , Vivian Solar , Paulette Achee Carline , Thomas J. Daigle , John Adolph Achee, Jr. , Charles W. Triche, III , Daniel Achee , Cynthia Doucet Murphy , Stephen W. Gilbert , Justine S. Gilbert , Renee Baxter , Joseph Baxter  and Dugas & LeBlanc, LTD.

Defendants:       Texas Brine Company, L.L.C. , Occidental Chemical Company , Miller Engineers & Associates, Inc., Adams Resources Exploration Corporation , Exxon Corporation, Browning Oil Company, Inc., Berry Petroleum Company, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Exxon Mobil Corporation and Mid-America Resources Corporation

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Is this from seismic activity? Ballpark sinkhole behind mound cancels BP in Texas (6-11) From a broken pipe.

Something happened in the cavern about 4:30 a.m. and Sunday News

Almost all the helicorders showing this –

LA11_April28_2013    <  from LA11 

LA13 konked out yesterday


Assumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extended

Amy Wold of The Advocate writes on coast erosion in Louisiana – Washed away – Locations in Plaquemines Parish disappear from latest NOAA charts

Newspaper trivializes multiple sinkholes that opened up in Zachary, Louisiana. Golf course finds more holes than 18

“BREC Golf Director Jeff Marks, who took over the post earlier this month, said heavy rains in the first part of the year exacerbated the problem.
“Because we have had so much rain, the water pools up there,” he said.
Marks said he has seen similar problems at other courses.
“I have seen it at new courses, I have seen it at old courses,” Marks said. “With new courses, after time, the land kind of settles in.”

Crosstex has not given out a “daily” update since April 17. Why not?