Current Conditions at Lake FUBAR – Rotten

Heli_ANIBig seismic activity + fuzz.


MONDAY – something happened from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – and it isn’t pretty – LA14 shows it.

Mar. 10 – The Louisiana Record Legal watchdog accuses attorneys representing class in Bayou Corne Sinkhole case of charging exorbitant legal fees

“NEW ORLEANS – Attorneys representing residents of Bayou Corne in class action litigation over environmental damage caused by a massive sinkhole in Ascenion Parish are under fire from a local legal watchdog group that alleges they racked up unrealistic and excessive legal fees.

. . . .Court documents show that attorneys representing class counsel in the case documented 8,256 hours of work on the settlement while their assistants and paralegals logged 709 hours. Together, that is a total cost of roughly $1,300 an hour.

The legal fees were granted by the court-appointed special master in the case, A. Shelby Easterly, of Denham Springs-based Easterly Law Office APLC. Easterly lauded the efforts of class counsel claiming they had squeezed over four years of effort into just two years and deserved the fee rate requested.”

NoteThe Louisiana Record has more stories on this racketeering, also see comments above (Wed.).


3.5 quake in south Kansas



Strange SoundsWell that’s really a freeky fallstreak hole floating in San Antonio’s sky in Texas!
A snake cloud? A sign of the nearby apocalypse?And they will tell us it is all natural! Lol!

Jan. video on HAARP melting Arctic methane


How Different Events Look on Helicorders at Lake FUBAR

At 1:50 a.m. today there was a pretty big, 4.8M, shallow earthquake in Mexico. It looked like this on the helicordes at Lake FUBAR:


Here is what some other past events look like:

10_02Jun10_2014Thumping Machines 





Lake FUBAR makes its own seismos

LA12_July7_2014   LA21_June162014

Something big  at Lake FUBAR






Fluid movement is the top red line.


Monday News – Big Quakes Globally

There is a big 7.2 earthquake north of New Zealand, half way to Tonga. It was at 2:20 p.m. CST.

Lake FUBAR over-reacts


Around 8:45 p.m. something splashed at the bottom of LA10 – 03! It shows even better on LA12 monitor. Another huge SLOSH at 11 p.m..

7.9 quake Alaska

Followed by

6.9 quake nearby (Alaska)

Two 7.2 quakes near each other in Tonga area.  #1   #2

Dutchsinse sees a HAARP connection.

Texas – More than a half-dozen Union Pacific tanker cars have derailed in Central Texas and some are leaking a chemical used in natural gas processing. . . .

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet. This one has a graph showing what a good job they are going with gas mitigation. They don’t mention all the earthquakes.
Yellowston Updated

 NOTE: Having great difficulty with extra slow internet Monday eve. It may be because of all these earthquakes!

New! Close Up VIDEO of Lake FUBAR

“Video Shot from The North Pad facing south across the hole, Shows the debris from the latest burp and all the crude that continues to come up on this side of The Sinkhole”


With these chunks of trees spewed all around, even where people could be standing on the well pad, you’d think they would bother to see to it that ALL the helicorders are up and working. LA 15 went out of service a little before 3 a.m. on August 1st and hasn’t been repaired !


1 Year Plus . . . Monday News

Seismic activity went way up yesterday at LA12 just after noon. Then today the helicorder went off line. LA14 did the same yesterday but is working today and looks calm. LA11 did the same. The others look calm yesterday and today.

UPDATE 7 p.m. CST – Many Seismos going off. Large seismic activity late in the day.

LA15 has been broken down since Aug. 1st.


Since it took Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal 7 months to bother to visit the giant disaster, caused in great part by state agencies granting permit after permit to over-drilled Assumption Parish players.  That means he may dawdle by next February or March (2014) to see what happened at the one year anniversary.

No government agency heads in Louisiana bothered to attend the community meeting this weekend.

There is

  • NO Science Committee 1 year evaluation
  • NO statement by Texas Brine
  • NO statement by cavern owner, Occidental Petroleum
  • NO press release from Jindal’s office
  • NO CBI 1 year summary
  • NO Blue Ribbon “path forward” blueprint blah, blah  put out on the 1 year mark – even if it a bunch of B.S.
  • NO cessation of seismic activity, oily leaks, gas build-up from Lake FUBAR